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You can create your own audio library of subliminal Mp3’s and CDs by using the Subliminal Recording System by Subliminal Recorder – leading subliminal software developer since 2002. Instead of purchasing subliminal CDs, now you can make your own subliminal recordings with your own choice of messages, music or background instantly. This software allows you to have a personalized recording studio right inside your home!

With Subliminal Recording System, you have never-ending possibilities. You can choose the type of subliminal messages and recordings to create and at the same time achieve remarkable changes in your life. You can have traditional subliminal masking, still subliminal messages, hypnosis recordings, reverse masking, and even subliminal ringtones for your mobile phone.

This state-of-the-art SRS 9.0 software possesses many features and functionalities to make subliminal recording simple and fast. Compared to other available recording systems, Subliminal Recording System has the most comprehensive capability.

  • Built in Mp3 encoder,
  • Brain wave generators,
  • Audio editor (with 14 effects such as reverse, echo, band pass etc),
  • Equalizer,
  • Text messages to audio conversion via its SAPI 5 feature.
  • … Plus other new exciting features incorporated inside this most advanced subliminal recording system.

Download the SRS software today and get the ‘subliminal visualizer’ bonus, free lifetime access to and lifetime upgrades. Truth is it’s easy to take over your life and reap every wonderful potential your life has to offer when you know the proper tools to use in order to attain it.

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Be wary of the positive reviews on this program
posted this review on March 5, 2015

I give this program and the company a 1 out of 10 (1 point for the fact that it was operational). There are NO instructions given, NO replies given to emails from the "company."  It's a very poorly-created program.

Those writing the positive reviews are most likely the ones who created this piece of software junk. Buyer beware! It's absolutely not worth the money they're charging.


So many effects, music, and other components to mix and match
posted this review on July 8, 2014

Subliminal Recording System has been very helpful for me. I now get to record my own subliminal messages, which work better than ordinary subliminal messages because I get to communicate with myself instead of getting the information from other people. I am also sure of what gets inside my brain. Subliminal Recording System has so many effects that can be mixed and matched to achieve the best results. Even the bonuses here are fantastic! I’ve recommended this to a lot of my friends who are into subliminal messaging and I know that it won’t disappoint them either.

Creating your own subliminal messages has so many advantages
Martha Krisba (from Boise, USA) posted this review on May 17, 2014

Subliminal Recording System is a very professional recording system. The look and feel of using the software is amazing. It’s so user-friendly. You get all the features right in front of you. You can see how the software looks on their webpage. It’s like a real recording software but it comes with premade clips that you can put together to create your own subliminal messages.

There are so many advantages of putting together your own subliminal messaging system. I have already proven custom-made subliminal messages to be much more powerful than premade ones because you really get what you want from the messages. Also, it’s much safer because you’re sure of what gets into your mind. I’ve heard of subliminal messages being interlaced with satanic teachings or whatever, so since then, I decided to make my own subliminal messages. I started with another software, but it wasn’t that easy to use, so I tried this one and this has been perfect for me since. Everything’s automatic here, even the frequencies. You can play around with your voice and play it in different frequencies.

I really cannot express just how much I love Subliminal Recording System. I’ve also made some subliminal messages to help my husband stop smoking and drinking. He’s already stopped drinking. It’s been a few months now. He still smokes but a lot less and this is the first time he’s actually shown genuine interest in quitting smoking, so that’s a huge leap forward.

Wouldn't open, company won't issue refund
posted this review on April 6, 2014

I downloaded the x1 software and my OS is supposed to be compatible with it, but when I tried to run it, the software wouldn't open and displayed a "run time error". From what I could find out about this, the software is outdated/needs to be fixed. I wrote the company asking for a refund, they responded and told me to update my sound drivers, which I did and I was still getting the same error. I emailed them back asking again for a refund since the program won't work, and I haven't heard from them since and never got a refund.  Buyer beware, this software is poorly made and you really don't even need it, there are plenty of other basic recording softwares out there that will let you control the volume of your voice. Search around, this software/company is no good.

This system helped saved my life
posted this review on November 11, 2013

Subliminal Recording System helped saved my life. I had a good job before in another country but I was fired because then bastard boss felt threatened by my skills and my abilities in handling people. I was fired for multiple counts of insubordination but I didn’t really do anything. After that, I became a borderline alcoholic, and I wasn’t really doing well in life. My children aged 13 and 16 both hated me but my wife was beside me the entire time. She was the one who discovered Subliminal Recording System. She recorded my first few subliminal messages. At first I refused to listen to them, but my wife pleaded for me to try, and I did. It made me feel so much better. I got more and more used to listening to subliminal messages until one time I decided to record my own messages. It’s so much better when the messages come directly from you. The effects are much stronger. I’ve pretty much bounced back now and Subliminal Recording System has a big contribution to my improvement. My wife and I have a lot of different subliminal messages in store now to help us get through any trouble, in finances, in relationships, and just about any kind of problem you can think of.

Helpful software
posted this review on November 10, 2013

If you’re into subliminal messaging, and you’re serious about it, you should record your own. This will help you ensure that your brain gets only high quality subliminal messages and no trash. Subliminal Recording System will be very helpful for that even if you don’t have any background in recording at all or even if you’re not that good at technical stuff. I’ve recorded about 17 subliminal messages for different aspects of my life through this.

It's of high quality and there are a lot of systems in one
posted this review on April 6, 2013

I have checked out two other subliminal recording studios and this is the best one so far in terms of quality of the clips and usability. The studio has a large database of high quality clips you can play around with. It’s the most complete among all of those I’ve tried as there are really a lot of features. It’s packed with everything you need to get your subliminal studio going. The best part is that you’re gonna get a API 5 Text to Speech Recorder, which makes the entire process a lot easier. With this you can make subliminal recordings that are customized so you can really communicate what you want to say to your subconscious. There are a lot other reasons why Subliminal Recording System is better than others but you really need to check it out for yourself.

It's a 2-in-1 deal
posted this review on February 24, 2013

Subliminal Recording System is great. I’ve already recorded my own subliminal messages using it. It’s very easy to use and the quality of the included materials is high. You will learn how to make your own subliminal messages here too if you’re new to this thing. It’s like a tool and a course in one.

This recording system is the best!
posted this review on February 1, 2013

I used to buy subliminal audios before, but after a while, they became boring, and they weren’t as effective anymore. I also tried subliminal software, but that didn’t work for me either. When I found out that I can actually make my own subliminal recordings, I immediately grabbed the chance. With my own subliminal audios, I can include whatever I want to communicate and say to my subconscious. I can also edit old scripts that worked for me, and add more messages in them. I’ve learned a lot from Subliminal Recording System, and the software is also complete with everything I need to create a complete subliminal audio. There are a lot of premade components in it that are easy to manipulate and edit. There are a lot other exciting feature in this recording system. You’ll learn more as you practice!

Awesome Program
posted this review on August 25, 2012

Its obvious the first review doesnt know anything about computers!! I have used this software for years always get my free upgrades and is simply amazing. I have used this myself with wonderful results and think everyone should have this as a safe and powerful self help program. I have even made cd's to sell on ebay and have had great success with that. So I suggest this to anyone wanting to help themselves or family members or even as a business selling your cd's.

Keep up the great work on this awesome program !!!


Don't get taken in by false reviews THIS PRODUCT IS A SCAM!
posted this review on April 18, 2012

Don't get taken in by false reviews, this product is absolute rubbish.  After purchase and installation you will be presented with a program that will slow your system to a crawl, and the interface of which quickly reveals a very low standard of programming, also be aware that this software will interfere with other programs, possibly revealing the presence of spyware.  When you remove it you may well find yourself spending hours fixing the damage done by the program or having to take your computer to an IT professional to have its system repaired.

If you attempt to use the product you will find that each step of the process in creating a subliminal program is poorly implemented and not intergrated in any way whatsoever, each step has to be created seperately with the expectation of then loading each of the saved files in at the end where it will be mixed together. When setting up the mixing the file cannot even be saved, so if you want to change the settings and come back to it latter you can't.  In addition if you are creating (for example) a one hour long program you are expected to wait for the full length of time for the program to "mix" the components into a file (it's done in real time).

The program itself is absolute rubbish, it is NOT the professional program it is presented as.  The company in addition does NOT stand behind its product and will NOT provide refunds  They have not updated the program since 2007.  They don't even respond to emails.

In essence.


Stay away.


Awesome program!

After getting your program I'll never buy another self-help cd again. Now that I make my own my friends even want them! Awesome program!

Sam T. McCollum

This system is simply wonderful!

I can finally create powerful Subliminal Recordings and actually know what’s in them! This system is simply wonderful! Great work!

R. Tildson

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