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Subliminal Power 2 is subliminal messages software that allows you to quickly and effortlessly achieve anything you want in your life. The software works by flashing subliminal messages on your computer screen. These messages are completely unobtrusive, so they don't disrupt your work in any way. Your subconscious, however, sees them as commands and starts reprogramming your mind towards achieving your goals.

Subliminal Power is extremely easy to use. After you install the software, all you need to do is choose the subliminal programs you want to run. The software includes 22 subliminal programs with more than 250 affirmations. If you, however, can't find the program for your specific needs, you are free to create your own. For this purpose, Subliminal Power comes with a free guide on creating your own powerful affirmation commands.

The Subliminal Power software is available in downloadable format as well as CD version.

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Truly lucky and happy for finding this
posted this review on July 29, 2014

Subliminal Power is the most helpful subliminal messaging system for me. I have tried so many others during my search for the perfect subliminal messaging system, and this is the only one that delivered what I truly needed. I am happy that I got Subliminal Power and I highly recommend it to everyone!

My positivity soared!
posted this review on May 13, 2014

My sister recommended this to me because I was suffering from a bit of anxiety and depression. I was working with a shrink then, but his techniques were a bit questionable, and I was scared that I’d go even crazier with what he was doing. That’s why I checked out Subliminal Power 2. My sister had been telling me to try this for a few months before I gave it a go. She said she used the program to boost her self-esteem after her divorce. I couldn’t believe at first that something from the Internet would really help, but when I felt the effects of this course on my mind, I really changed. I listened to the subliminal messages every single day, and I felt my self-esteem improving with every day. My positivity also soared. I came to the office one day, and they were surprised when they saw me all dolled up and humming tunes to myself, and being so radiant. That’s just the initial effect. After a few weeks, you will feel yourself becoming more focused and wanting more out of life. There are so many subliminal messages to choose from here depending on what you want to achieve from life. I’ve already tried a lot of them, and it’s true that they have different results. Subliminal Power 2 saved my life, and I’m leaving this comment to help you make the decision to give this a chance like I did. There is a reason this is being recommended in seminars and other self-confidence and mind improvement exercises.

The most powerful subliminal messaging program ever
posted this review on April 14, 2014

Subliminal Power 2 is the most powerful subliminal messaging program I’ve seen to date. There are others that I’ve checked out but they didn’t help much. With Subliminal Power 2, I was able to absorb my goals so quickly and work hard on them. No doubt Dr. Joe Vitale recommends this.

Now, here’s my story. Almost 6 months ago, I broke up with my boyfriend. We were supposed to get married this December, but he found someone else, and I was left in total wreck. I thought I was gonna go through severe depression because I already had suicidal thoughts back then. Only my grip on the Lord made me stay in this world. When I was on the road to recovery, I got into subliminal messaging because it was suggested by my friend who had the same problem. I didn’t like all other subliminal systems because they didn’t seem to work. Subliminal Power 2 is the only one that actually showed results. I felt different right after using the program. I felt empowered and excited to face the challenges of the day. I made it an everyday thing. Before I knew it, I had already recovered and I’m now so much better than I was before the relationship ended. Unlike before, I have goals now, and I already know what I want in my life. Subliminal Power 2 is definitely something I’d recommend to those who want to bring about positive changes in their lives. Your life will never be the same once you get this in your hands.

You won't see it running, but you will feel the effects
posted this review on November 15, 2012

I don’t know how they manage to do that. The software runs smoothly in the background and I don’t see anything flashing like that. At first I thought it wasn’t working, so I emailed support and they told me it’s really supposed to work that way. I just notice the results afterwards. Before it takes me half a day to finish my reports but when I started with this, I’m done in 1-2 hours. Isn’t that amazing? I’ve yet to see the longterm effects. I’ll update you guys on that.

More powerful than NLP and hypnosis
posted this review on November 4, 2012

I like this better than watching subliminal videos because I can just run it while I work, and it doesn’t disrupt anything. I’m a busy bee, so setting aside 15-30 minutes of my day watching videos is definitely a no-no! The messages do not bother me at all, but I feel so much better now even after an entire day’s work. I work in the computer all the time, and before, I’d feel stressed out right away with painful eyes, headache, backache, and all other imaginary pains caused by stress. When I started with this, I don’t feel those anymore. Also, I’ve managed to stop impulsive spending using this program. I’ve got better control of my finances now – something I’ve been trying to achieve using NLP and hypnosis before. This is powerful stuff I’d recommend to everyone.

You will just learn which subliminal messages work for you as yo
posted this review on August 13, 2012

There are so many software like this out in the market, and I thought they were all just the same until I got this one. It’s a good thing the previous one I’ve been using made my computer run horribly slow, so I was able to try this. I don’t really see the subliminals flash onscreen, but the feeling is just better than that other one. I don’t know if it’s just in my head, but my finances seem lighter now that I’m on this program. It’s quite difficult to explain, and I guess you just gotta have to try it for yourself.

The best thing about this is that it lets me make my own subliminal messages. I write in there the stuff I want to communicate to my inner self, and just observe what happens to me. Once you get to try it, you will be able to assess which subliminal messages work best for you, and start from there.

Really powerful
Grace M. (from Corpus Christi, USA) posted this review on July 5, 2012

This is a great idea for subliminal messaging. It works so good. I installed it in my computer without having any problems, and while doing my office tasks, I keep it running, and I’ve been feeling great since I started. I started with The Zone, which is perfect for people who have a lot of work to do. It’s about being able to concentrate on your task. I needed that for work. Now I’m alternating among the different Brain Power programs to really get my mind running on the maximum.

I’ve told my husband about this too, and he says the same thing. He has this on his office computer, and we also have it at home. Although we do not let the kids touch it, since we don’t know yet how it will affect them.

awesome tool
JimDerby (from Derbyshire, UK) posted this review on December 13, 2009

heard about this thru a seminar speaker, who wasn't even connected to the company. decided to try it out myself, amazed at the results.

more energy, greater confidence, better health + way more.

shame it doesn't work on my Mac in work, but try Brain Bullet if yr on a Mac, does similar job.


Amplified my results 100+fold

I'm so glad I bought this program! I have been actively using EFT and the Universal Law of Attraction techniques for the last year, with some success. This program has amplified my results 100+ fold. I tested it with an affirmation setup I created about housework, as I really needed to do a though job, but had not had the energy or inclination to do so in months, after a long illness. I did my e-mails and read all my group posts for an hour with the program running and when I got up from the computer I was singing and going about all those nasty household chores like it was heaven to be doing them. That sold me. I immediately did an affirmation series on health and my perfect weight. I lost 5 lbs this week with no problem or suffering. This is a major breakthrough for me!

Joy Sones,

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