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StyleEase is a software solution that makes writing in standard styles much easier. The software has different versions for APA Style (Mac and PC version), Chicago/Turabian Style, MLA Style, and a version, customized for seminary students.

Style Ease automatically formats academic papers in the appropriate style. You can start new documents directly from the Windows Start menu (or Mac Word Project Gallery - only APA version). StyleEase enables you to effortlessly insert references and citations. The software database stores all created references and allows you to use the same references in later documents. StyleEase also makes it easy to add figures, tables, new pages and chapters. When you are finished with the document, the references get automatically sorted according to the required standard; table of contents, list of tables, and list of figures are updated.

StyleEase software comes with free updates each time that the style format of the software is changed.

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Don't Waste Your Money!!
posted this review on August 25, 2015

I purchased StyleEase because I neeed to wite a paper using Chicago Formating with in reference Citing. There are some major issues with the software. 

1) when you set up your paper as I did for intext citation it functions until you save it and turn your computer off. When the program reboots it defaults into footnotes and there is no way to correct it. So what do you do, start a new paper!!! What a waste of effort. 

Oh! I submitted a ticket for Customer Service with a high priority and if they ever get back with me I will let you know, but other post said it was never figured out. 

2) My school requires a web address for all references. The database is not set up to allow other fields, what you see is what you get. 

3) I would love to demand a refund, but once again - they say no refunds. I should have been weary when there were no contact numbers or company address. 

I am extremely disappointed with this software and feel that I have wasted money, I know I have wasted time. Having to rewrite a paper is not fun, especially when you are facing a deadline. 

StyleEase, good companies do not worry about refunds when there is a fault in thier software. Shame on you!

I welcome your company contacting me, but I won't hold my breathe. 

I find it really helpful
posted this review on October 15, 2013

StyleEase Software for Students PC version has been very helpful for me so far. I’m not very good at writing and formatting papers, so this is something that’s worth investing in. It makes everything easier for me, like citations and other requirements for different sorts of paper. The free access to WorldCat is also great. I didn’t know anything about it until I got my StyleEase. Now, I can’t finish my papers without it. Another great thing about this is that you can keep all your formats in the software. It kind of remembers what you want it to do, so the more you use it, the faster it will be in determining what you need. It remembers stuff I can’t remember, so it’s really made report writing so much easier for me. As for usability, I’d say it’s ok for average computer users. If you can use MS Word, and other software like that, this should be a breeze to learn. Took me just a few minutes for setup and configuration. The instructions are really clear too, even if you most likely won’t need them anymore.

This is the best software I have
posted this review on September 22, 2013

StyleEase Software is better than another similar piece of software that I’ve tried. They’re within the same price range, so I think this deserves a really good review from me. I have 2 versions of this, and they both work well for me. When it comes to updated, this is pretty good too. It updates every once in a while. I’m still on the lookout for better software, but for now, this seems to be the one among what I have.

I like it...
posted this review on June 23, 2013

I like the software I got from this website. I got their Chicago Style Software and it really made my life a whole lot easier. It’s just tricky to use at first but once you get past that stage, you will see how helpful the software really is. And it’s cheaper than others too.

I don't see any problems in the software
posted this review on June 7, 2013

StyleEase Software really made writing easier for me. It comes in different styles, and I’ve got both the Chicago and the APA software. They’re both very easy to use.

This is so easy to use
posted this review on May 6, 2013

This is definitely the easiest to use among all of the software that I’ve tried. Only the initial setup is a challenge. The software itself is easy to learn.

The setup part is a pain
posted this review on March 17, 2013

I got StyleEase Software because I couldn’t find another software within the price range. I agree that it’s quite difficult to work with initially. I thought it wasn’t going to work on my computer, but I’m very stupid with computers so that’s understandable. I emailed the support for instructions, and they helped me through email. I wish they offer phone support. That will be better because you’ll be able to troubleshoot faster. It was quite irritating having to wait for the email and checking from time to time. I also think they should include step-by-step instructions on how to setup the product. It does have instructions but it’s not as complete as it should be. It’s irritating having to email support just to get help in setting this up.

Once I got this setup, everything worked more smoothly, and it does serve the purpose, so it’s still a good product for the price.

The quality is good for the price
Jorge Canyon (from Dwight, USA) posted this review on February 10, 2013

StyleEase Software worked great for me, so I’m not exactly sure why it’s getting bad reviews from the users. Setup can be quite tricky, so I just followed roboverde’s instructions, and had no problems anymore. If you’re techie, you should have no problems setting it up. After the setup, I was able to use it without problems. It has different styles available, and you can even customize them.  It’s also good that you can store information in the software for easy retrieval if you want to use them for other documents. Isn’t that neat? It’s made everything almost fully-automated for me. Another thing I like about it is the price. It’s cheaper than most other software like it. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t give it a chance.

Needs a bit of improvement but it's ok with me
posted this review on December 17, 2012

StyleEase Software does its job well. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s the best you can get for this price range. It’s recommended if you only need it for a few tasks. I’m not entirely sure if this is an old software because my old machine runs it well. It’s probably why some newer machines see some problems with it. I did the instructions of the other commenter too when using the software, and it worked pretty well for me. there are just some minor problems but I think that is to be expected because it’s really cheap. I also don’t like how customer support responds so slowly, but they respond. I’m just not sure how they react to refund requests because I don’t plan to return one. I’ve searched online for similar products  but I didn’t find useful ones, so I’m sticking with this.

Can be improved, but good enough for me
posted this review on December 9, 2012

Just like other commenters here, I find that the program could use some improvement, but if you’re just looking for a cheap software you can work with, then this should do the trick. If you only need it for a few simple tasks, then why purchase a more expensive software right? For me it’s good enough because it does the formatting right, and it’s got this database where all citations and other references are stored, so I don’t have to put them in over and over again. It does make the job a lot easier. I’ve tried quite a number of formatting software, but StyleEase Software  is the easiest to work with, probably because it’s the most simple. It’s also got regular updates that you don’t have to pay for, so you can still use it even if you upgrade your machine.

Difficult to setup at first...
posted this review on November 11, 2012

It was a pain to setup at first, but once it’s up and running, it gets easy to use. I’m not techie so that’s what made it more difficult for me. More tech savvy people may not find the same problems I found. I tried what the other commenter suggested to disable all protection and used what email address I used the first time, and it worked. I only had to use it a couple of times, so I didn’t go and purchase the upgrade. I just use the basic 5 it came with. I’m not sure if they’re any different, but I’m assuming that the other one works better because it’s more expensive. I’m not sure. For basic editing this is a must-have, but for more complicated ones, I suggest using more expensive software.

I suggest trying this out and comparing it to others
posted this review on August 11, 2012

This product is really good for $35. I’ve tried another one before, and this is better and cheaper. I think you just have to learn how to make it work for you. I never got another software like it after getting it, so I guess I’m pretty satisfied. You guys should check it out for yourselves before judging it. Check it out while there’s still guarantee.

Easy to use, does what it says it would
posted this review on July 3, 2012

I find this a simple piece of software to work with. It isn’t perfect, but it makes my task much easier, and it does what it says it would. It’s very user-friendly, and the fact that it works for both Mac and PC is quite a great deal to me. I also did not encounter any problems with download and installation. Everything is running smoothly until now.

Don't even consider this product
posted this review on March 6, 2012

I purchased this product and thought it sounded great according to the website.  Well, was I ever wrong!  After paying for a 'lifetime' update, and purchasing the product for a second computer, I began to have problems with it.  Everytime I opened a new document and set it up for Parenthetical citations and FN's, then saved the document, it would automatically default back to footnotes only. I have all the add-ins and word setting set up correctly.

At that point when I tried to add a resource, I would only get the option to add it as a footnote.  The software wouldn't give me any other options to change any resource!

After spending a week trying to get tech support to respond and finding out they only respond in the evening and rarely every day, I went ahead and purchased a competitor's product called "Eazypaper".  It worked first time and has continued to work every time.  Tech support is very responsive.

I have asked for a refund for the product, but of course, they are saying they can't replicate the problem, so I'm out of luck.

It would seem like they would try to help me resolve this issue, but they haven't even given me any suggestions about what to do!



Buyer Beware
posted this review on January 27, 2012

I tried the APA free trial version, and it seemed to be working out great. When I started getting messages that I would only be able to open my document five times; I decided to check out the paid version. What caught my attention when I opened the website, was a notice that a third party? was no longer providing technical support; this was the first red flag. The first thing I preview when buying products or services online is whether I can contact someone by phone. I do not like having to wait for someone to get back with me by email, or carrier pigeon; especially if I am having problems that I need solved within a resonable amount of time.

There was no phone support, only support via email, and you wouldn't be able to get a response for 24hrs; 2nd SERIOUS red flag. I noticed that they accepted paypal, and I know from experience that if you have a problem with a product that you bought thru paypal; they will ensure you are reimbursed if the seller does not hold up to his/her side of the agreement. Well I decided to just go ahead and purchase the product. I completed the the form to purchase, and I kept getting an error message to confirm my email address, mind you the email address had already been entered into the field. After the third time of typing my "confirmation" email into the field; I decided to go out to the web to see if I could find any reviews for this product.

I thank God I found this site, because it just confirmed my suspicion that it would by a bad consumer choice to buy this product. I immediately went to my document that I was working on using the free trial version (which by the way is due in two days) I did a cut and paste of the information that I had already completed into a regular word document. I will just have to take the extra time to ensure my formatting is correct before I submit for a grade. Thanks for the reviews and I hope this one will help anyone thinking of purchasing this product. Buyer Beware!

Too many APA errors
posted this review on January 4, 2012

I have been docked on papers because of Style Ease APA eoors in spacing and formatting, especially references. Not please, would like a refund, but recognize that won't happen.

Great product, But.....
posted this review on November 28, 2011

Admittidly I had a tough time installing this at first. I want to say up front that the product is GREAT! But here are a few helpful tips in case you have trouble getting the system to accept your Product Code:

1st - Disable your fire wall. If you have a coorporate computer you may have difficulty convincing your IT staff to disable this. But if you can, you need to. 

2nd - Enable Macro's. I'm not a "techy" but the system wont work if they're not enabled. 

3rd - Disable any Internet Protection you have. Firewall and INet Protection may NOT be the same. Verify that with someone who knows your system.

And 4th - For the love of all things God created, USE THE EMAIL YOU SIGNED UP WITH!!! 

Once you've followed the steps above and re-enter your code & email it should take like 3seconds to load. And that's with dial-up! -just kidding- 

Now that it's loaded, you'll love it. 

Style ease for MLA format
posted this review on October 28, 2011

I bought this software in hopes of it helping me complete a writing project. OMG......... I have $10.00 games that have better set up than this POS. All you really get is a big read me file that looks like it was written by the Government. I spent $45.00 on this ? In my opinion it's an absolutly DO NOT BUY. I still don't have it running.

posted this review on October 21, 2011

This is the first company that I have dealt with where there is no contact information, you wait for an email response for 24 hours, you go back and forth and back and forth. I have asked for a refund. The product is useless. No refund. They quickly take your money but you cannot speak to anyone to get your money back. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!! You can get the same downloadable format for FREE, with a little research and effort. Will not ever get my money back probably, but will not ever recommend this product either. They want your contact information, but you have no way to contact this LEGITIMATE company. HA.

StyleEase (Mac or PC)
posted this review on September 16, 2011

I own the product for both formats.  I can say there is great potential for the product, especially with the ability to insert various format sections and the table of contents after completion of the paper.  The biggest issue is the technical support team, and these words are used very loosely.  I have submitted several issues to the technical team, with little to no response from them on resolving issues.  There are simply style problems that do not follow the APA style guide, in addition to a few bugs in the system that must be addressed.  The product manager for support probably needs to be replaced, along with the team for the lack of responsiveness.  When customers take the time to document COMPLETELY what the problems are, they should appreciate the time spent and strive to resolve issues.

No data base in Chicago style
rebounds (from La Quinta, USA) posted this review on March 29, 2011

I bought both the APA and Chicago versions. Apa worked fine. But the Chicago style had no mechanism for correcting mistakes in citations because unlike the APA version, the Chicago style has no data base. I was not told that in the promotion. When I contacted Stylease and waited a week for an answer on how to fix the problem, I was finally told there was no data base and when I told them that the program could not help me, I was informed I was not eligible for a refund. I would not recommend any purchases from this company.

Worst Product Ever!!!
Che posted this review on February 23, 2011

This product doesnt work and Technical support is very slow to respond if at all. IT IS A GOOD IDEA TO SEEK OTHER PRODUCTS OTHER THAN STYLEASE SOFTWARE.


Saved much time and effort

I've used StyleEase to write a number of papers over the last two and a half years, and it has saved me much time and effort.

chris W.

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