Starting a Day Care Center Start-Up Guide Kit

by Vanessa Rasmussen,

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If you're considering starting and running a day care center, then Vanessa Rasumssen's Starting a Day Care Center Start-Up Guide Kit will give you all the information you need to be successful in the child care business.

This e-book is easy to download, and it explains everything you need to know about running a day care center. You'll learn how to start, organize, run and market your day care center. You'll get tips on how to manage your business, plus information on record keeping, insurance and taxes. Starting a Day Care Center Start-Up Guide Kit also includes tips about curriculum development and policies and procedures.

You'll get forms, business letters and a complete plan you can use as well. Not only will this guide teach you how to start your business, it will also give you tips on how to keep it going and growing.




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Everything here is so easy to follow!
posted this review on July 22, 2014

Starting a Day Care Center Start-Up Guide Kit is so easy to follow! I definitely learned so much from this kit. We don’t have a reputable day care center near my place yet, so I used that as an opportunity to setup one. Mine is doing great now and that’s simply by following the tips and tricks in Starting a Day Care Center Start-Up Guide Kit. Everything I needed for the business was in this kit including all the forms and all the instructions for setting it up.

Wish me lots of luck!
posted this review on March 24, 2014

I got Starting a Day Care Center Start-Up Guide Kit 2 weeks ago, and now, I’m already in the process of starting mine. I noticed that there is no daycare center near my place. There was one before but it shut down for some reason, and now working moms are going crazy about where to put their babies. I resigned about a year ago after getting married, and I’m still childless, so I decided that this is the perfect opportunity for me. The book has been amazingly helpful throughout the decision and planning stage. I learned so much, and I’m really looking forward to growing this business. It’s my very first business venture, so wish me lots of luck!

So helpful!
Lucinda Gomez (from Los Angeles, USA) posted this review on January 12, 2014

Starting a Day Care Center Start-Up Guide Kit is amazing! I never thought starting a day care center would be this easy. The thing is that when I got started with daycare, I wasn’t really thinking about all the management stuff. I was just interested in kids and I thought that was enough to run a day care successfully. Soon, everything was in chaos, I didn’t know what to do. I had to ask my sister for help because I couldn’t even get an assistant. I had no idea how to hire one, what qualities to look for, and what application process to setup. Starting a Day Care Center Start-Up Guide Kit helped me get all the management stuff ready. I learned here how to run the business, and it’s not just about taking care of kids and teaching them. There are also so many other things to consider, like in any other kind of business. The curriculum tips here are also excellent. I was stuck before because I didn’t know how to reinvent things to make them more interesting both for the kids and for their parents, but using the ideas here, I got a curriculum that’s effective and uniquely mine.

Very helpful
posted this review on December 23, 2013

My wife and I started a daycare to solve our own baby problems. 2 years ago, we were blessed with twins, Jannica and Joseph. My wife was working for a construction company back then, and we had no idea what to do with the kids. We tried bringing them to the daycare but it was out of the way, inaccessible, and a bit untidy. My wife decided to resign, but her losing her job had a big impact on our finances. Then a neighbor urged her to setup a daycare because there are a lot of working moms in our area. It was difficult and for a while we struggled. Last year, my wife found Starting a Day Care Center Start-Up Guide Kit. It really helped a lot. We repaired our daycare and our procedures to perfection, got our files and records more organized and hired 2 assistants. Our daycare has gotten more clients now. We got some clients from other neighborhoods now. I’m seeing a really good future for our business, and we’re now ready for a third child!

The business is growing
posted this review on April 26, 2013

Starting and managing my daycare center has become easier with this guide. I don’t have any experience running a business, but I love children. The difficult part for me here is the management part. I don’t know much about paper works and client management, and advertising too. It was quite tough the first few months, but I just followed the tips here, and got used to everything. I have an assistant. She’s a high school student and she does really well too. I have a lot of loyal clients now, and the business is growing.

Most of the marketing methods here have been very helpful, but I also got another marketing book I found from this website. It’s purely about marketing on Google maps. You should check that out too. That’s also helped people in my area find me.

My business is half part luck and half part this book
Janine Easton (from Huntsville, USA) posted this review on February 3, 2013

The best daycare center in our area closed down a few months ago, and that gave me the idea to pick up where they left off. A lot of parents were really hit by them shutting down, and I figured out that it’s a good opportunity to start a business like the one they lost. Starting a Day Care Center Start-Up Guide Kit helped me setup mine, and it’s still helping me manage it now. It’s a very clear and complete book. You’ll really know what you should do step-by-step. How you can cut down on start up costs, how you can market your services, how you should price your services, how to keep clients happy, and all that. Most of the advice are related to the daycare industry, so you get the most value for your money. It’s better than buying general business books because here you will really know what you should do and how you should do them. My business is doing good now, and I’m planning to branch out when my boyfriend comes home so he can help me manage it.

My daycare center just keeps getting bigger and better
Noemy Banks (from Houlton, USA) posted this review on September 11, 2012

The daycare management tips in this guide are very helpful. I was already running a small daycare center when I found this guide. Back then, I was planning to shut it down because I had problems managing and marketing it. I couldn’t get an assistant yet at that time because I wasn’t earning that much. I had only a few customers who are close neighbors, and I needed more clients to keep the business alive. Using the marketing and management tips and tricks in this wonderful book, I was able to get my business through that tough time, and I managed to acquire new clients from other neighborhoods. I’m now earning enough to pay an assistant. My daycare center has grown significantly since I applied the techniques from this book, and it’s  still growing until now.

I'm finally earning from my love for children
posted this review on August 6, 2012

I love children and being single lets me take care of all of the children I want, for a price of course. I’ve been planning to set up a daycare business for quite a while, but I didn’t have any idea on how to do it. Luckily, I found this start-up kit. It’s really got everything I needed to get the business up and running. I’m not good at research, so I chose to purchase a complete package, instead of waste time in front of the computer and spend even more time piecing information together. This one is cheap after all, and it’s so much worth the time I saved. My daycare business has regular customers now, and I’ve already hired an assistant to help me with the children. Great business kit here!

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