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Everyone’s dreaming of having a fantastic sexual and social life. However, few people really know how to make that dream a reality. If you want to have a rocking social and sex life, you need the help of Social Life-Hacking by Distant Light. Distant’s life didn’t start out very good. He lived in one of the worst neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York. He managed to get into college, but dropped out after that, and his life was a mess for a long time. However, he got out of that mess and discovered topnotch strategies to living the life he wanted. He’s now surrounded by beautiful women, and he’s always present in the most rocking parties in his neighborhood.

In Social Life-Hacking, Distant Light will teach you everything about the foundations of a socially and sexually awesome lifestyle. He will teach you exactly how to change your entire viewpoint about dating and socializing. All of your mental barriers will be broken down, so you will have more freedom when you’re partying. Most importantly, you will learn topnotch methods for boosting confidence. With sky-high confidence, anything is possible, and Social Life Hacking will teach you exactly how to achieve that. Some other important lessons you will learn from this course are about the way women think, deconstruction of what Distant calls 10 lifestyle processes, and so much more.

Social Life Hacking is exactly what you need if you want a life that’s filled with non-stop fearless partying! This course will not just help you develop your confidence, it will also help you meet a lot of beautiful women, and become popular with the people in your circle.

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I decided to start living a life I enjoy after a tough breakup with my ex, a little less than two years ago, dropped out of uni in Montreal and moved back to France. The idea was to farm and watch beautiful baby carrots coming out of mother earth. That did not happen. I had realized that it was going to be too much labour. Fast forward a few months, after living in Lyon for a few months and working in a traditional restaurant. I am now in Paris, working at a vegan/superfood restaurant. A few months ago through a friend told me about Distant Light's philosophy and the way he lives. I liked the ideas and it seemed more organic/natural than what I had been taught in bootcamps and from videos on rsdnation. It's been a couple of months now since I've read Social Life-Hacking. It feels awesome. The more I trust myself to be where I want, the faster and the closer I get to my ideals. The life I want and enjoy is happening, most of the time, and the thing is, I'm not chasing it, it's offering itself to me! (I never though it could be so easy!) I am posting in the Athenaeum because things seem much more serious when they're written and seems to offer more depth. What I mean here is that I will use this forum to keep track of my life, sometimes it's awesome and at others it can be less awesome.

25 years old,
Paris, France

This flipped my reality!
On-Site Review

I'm a teacher and a tennis coach that runs a small online business on the side. I was your intellectual in your head type of guy before Social Life-Hacking flipped my reality. Since those lessons, things are insane and continue to grow. I just need to press play more.

31 years old,
Adelaide, Australia

Yeah! Distant Light is cool!
On-Site Review

One of my female friend asked to chill with her tonight, told her i had to go somewhere and i said ill call her back but didnt really return the call since i promise to go out with my cousin. So we go in the club just pretty much dance like a male stripper i find this really fun and i talk to girls if i find them fun, then one point of night some girl pulled me and i was pretty confuse and she was pointing at the wall i didnt understand so she pushed me against the wall coz she wanted to grinded me really hard i was biting her neck while she was grinding with her female friend then eventually made out with her then pull her friend in, thanks to you distant light haha finally my first double make out, she asked for my number coz they had to leave i know shes really into me but not gonna chase her night was still pretty young. yeah so getting pretty late i had early improv class and work so haha decided to head to smoke up with my boy but i thought the night was over, we were just gonna grab food at mcdees then i saw girls my boy told me to talk to them so i talk to them lol turns out they were strippers they loved us one of the cuter stripper asked for my number she wanted to chill i thought that was pretty sick since i usually tell them to take my number but this time she just asked for it, in my mind "she's a stripper", ask them to smoke up but they her friend wanted to go home so didn't decided to plow but haha looking back i should've done it but recently i may have been too caught having fun but im really trying my best to avoid chasing habits oh well there's always a next time. went home smoke up what a great night ! I don't wanna get too excited about this too much since ive only recently applied the non chasing-mindset/im a fascinating man when going out my nights were a lot better. but i know it only gets better from here. Yeah shoutout to Distant Light really for the double make out and stripper asking for my number!

21 years old,
Vancouver, Canada

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