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Are you looking for a way to overcome your social anxiety? Discover how emotional freedom techniques or EFT can help you permanently free yourself of this disorder without forcefully facing your fears in Social Confidence System by social anxiety disorder specialist Sebastiaan van der Schrier. This multimedia system will reveal to you the secrets to beat your social anxiety, feel naturally confident, and build fulfilling relationships and friendships.

With Social Confidence System, you will learn how to apply EFT the right way to finally release your social anxiety. The complete system consists of more than 30 EFT tapping videos, over 60 EFT audios, nearly 50 articles, and an instruction manual, which outlines the 14 steps to social confidence. It covers Using The Most Effective Technique, The Right Understanding, Overcoming Resistance, and The Roadmap to Social Confidence. Just use the tools that will be provided to you, follow the instructions, complete the exercises, and start tapping using the EFT techniques. These tools and info shall help you focus on your issues, release your negative emotions, feel better, and get positive results fast.

There are numerous benefits that you can definitely gain from Social Confidence System. With it, you will be able to eliminate your social anxiety the most efficient, effective, and comfortable way possible. You will feel more confident and connected, finally enjoy socializing, destroy your fear of rejection, create great friendships, take on any area of interest, achieve and maintain emotional health, and live a social, happier, more satisfying life.

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I'm glad this helped changed me
posted this review on January 10, 2014

Being confident around people is really important if you want to be successful in life. I used to suffer from mild social anxiety, at least that’s what the doctor said I was suffering from.  I was scared of being around people too much. I even resigned from work because I was too uncomfortable conversing with people too much. It was difficult for me having to do small talk. It was a real pain for me. And then I found out about the Social Confidence System from one of my very few childhood friends. We were the quiet ones in the group back then, and it was really tough for the both of us being around people. He changed because of this system so he urged me to try it. I really wanted to be a new person, a different one, so I gave it a shot. Social Confidence System really helped me become more comfortable being around people. It was something unexpected for me. I’m still a work in progress. I still get those emotional jitters, especially when around new people, but I’m slowly getting there. I’m finding myself more and more interested in meeting people now. =)

Feels great being able to enjoy other people
posted this review on October 10, 2013

Feels great having cured my social anxiety. I was crippled by it for a really long time. I’ve missed many chances because of my social anxiety, and I’ve also let go of a lot of great people. It’s really sad. When I found Social Confidence System, I tried it right away out of desperation. I wasn’t expecting much because even the therapy I had before didn’t work all that great. Social Confidence System, however, really proved itself. It helped me pinpoint my triggers and really take them head on. Now I can stand people so much more than before. I’m not perfectly well yet, but I’ve eliminated most of my triggers and with a bit more work, I feel that I will be completely back to normal.

I’ve made more headway in a few months using this...
On-Site Review

I’ve spent most of my teens and twenties looking for *the* social anxiety cure, if such a thing actually existed. After a 10+ year search (& plenty of snake oil salesmen), I stumbled over the psychological equivalent of the holy grail: EFT & Sebastiaan’s EFT-based Social Confidence System. I’ve made more headway in a few months using the SCS than the previous 10+ years of talk therapy, cog-behavioral therapy, hypnosis & affirmations combined. Seriously.


I solved 95% my social anxiety
On-Site Review

My trigger situations were getting less and less and my confidence to speak out was rising and now when I think about certain situations that would normally make me anxious I can’t make myself feel anxious. I solved 95% my social anxiety… an amazing life changing feeling. I feel like a different person.


I really feel changes already...
On-Site Review

I’m excited because I really feel changes already. I feel lighter and am even starting to interact with people at work who I never could talk with much before. And this is without really trying and pushing myself to.


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