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by Anthony Mychal,

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Skinny-Fat Solution is a unique fitness program for men who want to build a muscular physique the healthy way. Anthony Mychal, the genius behind this program, has written for Elite FTS,,, and a lot other health and fitness resources. Before becoming the fitness expert that he is now, he also suffered from being a skinny-fat guy. He had man boobs and he was nowhere near the hot fitness instructor he is now. He worked on this program for 6 years, and now he’s making it available for other men who are suffering from the same problem.

Skinny-Fat Solution comes in 3 packages. The first one, the Standard package, contains Solution and Lifestyle Guide, Nutrition Nuggets Guide, X Physique Training Primer, X Physique Training Program, and Lifestyle and Kitchen Hacks Manual. The next one is the Skinny-Fat Solution Hyper Pack, which contains everything in the Standard Pack plus Dissecting the Great Eight Pack, Perfecting the Pull-up Manual, Leveling Up the Upper Chest Guide, and Stubborn Body Fat Guide. Lastly, you can opt for Skinny-Fat Solution School, which has everything in the Standard and Hyper Packs plus coaching call or regular email exchange to help you personalize your fitness routine. Full descriptions of these manuals are available on the website. All of these come in eBook formats that you can access on any device that supports PDF files.

Time to say goodbye to your embarrassing skinny-fat body. With Anthony Mychal’s Skinny-Fat Solution you can finally have the muscular and healthy kind of body you’ve always wanted.

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I owe so much to anthony
On-Site Review

Years ago, when I started training, everything I did was more or less the exact opposite of what Anthony teaches. In the few years I had been training I only made small gains relative to how much effort, time and energy I was pumping into my workouts! Before long my skinny fat body was only ever so slightly more muscular and a hell of a lot fatter. This drove me to quit working out and just giving up.

I was out of the gym for close on 4 years and had become very overweight, very weak and very very unhappy. I decided enough was enough. Doing some research lead me to a number of websites, Anthony’s being one of them. I instantly enjoyed reading his articles and the theory made sense to me. Before too long I was pumped to get started again.

I implemented his eating style, his diet tips and his training protocols. Now, a year later, I’m down 65 lbs, about 3 times stronger then when I started, and much much happier. Anthony’s help and teachings are a huge part of what got me to where I am now, and his helpful nature was very greatly appreciated.

Anthony is one of the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure to talk with. He is a seriously knowledgeable man in this field and is more then happy to share it with everyone. Even if you have a specific question and email him looking for help, he will reply. This is something that is very rare in this industry, even for “Personal” trainers that you meet in person.

I owe so much to what he has thought me, its changed my life forever. I have no doubt that he can do the same for you.

Shane Carberry

Things just started to click!
On-Site Review

The “before” pictures here were taken before I found Anthony. I was able to lose some fat with “traditional” bodybuilding methods — frequent meals, no alcohol, etc. But I spent years bulking and cutting, only to get no where. It was SO frustrating.

Enter Anthony and his abundance of Skinny-Fat information, and I was able to stay stay pretty lean, gain strength, and gain muscle. I FINALLY feel like I’m making real progress, and Anthony has BY FAR been the biggest positive influence in that regard.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention one more BIG thing. I was one of the biggest offenders of program hopping. There are soooo many resources out there, that are so different, and claim to be the best. I think I tried everything under the sun!

Once I adopted Anthony’s policy to stick to a program, practice the Great Eight, and gauge my progress…things started to click!

Mike Gage

I trust Anthony Mychal
On-Site Review

Anthony Mychal is one of the few people whose advice I trust implicitly, and it wouldn’t be hyperbolic to say his teaching has changed my life.

As a former skinny-fat (physically, at least!) looking to add muscle after reaching my solid base, his articles, and the TSFS / Chaos Bulk resources in particular, address my situation perfectly. He doesn’t just prescribe boilerplate sets of lifts, but also tackles the nutrition; lifestyle; and, importantly, the psychological baggage that comes with this body type.

I was lucky enough to jump on the Skinny-Fat Solution charter group membership, and being part of the Skinny Fat Solution coaching group has allowed me a privileged position where Anthony is on hand to offer advice and answer students’ specific questions and concerns. He is always exceptionally supportive, celebrating our achievements with us, without being afraid to dish out a bit of “tough love” where necessary (something I’ve benefited from on more than one occasion!).

In short, I am proud to call him my mentor, and hope to be able to do so for many years to come.

Dajve Green

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