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by Jeff Staniforth
(31 votes)
Sculptor 3 affirmations software was develop by a metaphysical scientist Jeff Staniforth. It uses 7 different processes (like affirmations, visualization, sentence completion and subliminal technology) to help you change your life and reach your...
by Aine Belton
(14 votes)
Belief Buster Kit will help you identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs. It contains over 20 exercises and techniques that will enable you to reshape your view of the world and yourself. You’ll start off by learning what your inner...
by Mystic X
(22 votes)
Discover how you can create your own reality and destiny using real magick in Mystic X's Magick Power course. Through this course and the power of real magick, you can control and influence everything in your life and achieve whatever it is you...
by Rachel Evans
(8 votes)
The Essential Guide to Autism features valuable information that enables to diagnose and manage autism.  These proven techniques allow you to maximize the potential of someone with autism and help them live a fulfilling, productive and happy...
(26 votes)
Instant Hypnosis com offers a large selection of instantly downloadable hypnosis sessions. They have almost 300 hypnosis titles, which are available in mp3 as well as CD versions. Additionally, Instant Hypnosis com provides a series of hypnosis...
by Shannon Panzo & Richard Welch
(47 votes)
An average person uses only about 2% of his brain. Unwilling to be satisfied with this statistic, people at ZOX have devoted 33 years of research into activating the dormant part of the brain - the remaining 98%. After combining all of their...
by Stanley Lyndon
(30 votes)
Stanley Lyndon, a respected Hollywood comedian who has written punch lines for such sitcoms as Will and Grace and Friends, has released an e-book called How to be Funny. How to be Funny is not just a book full of punch lines you can memorize and...
by Bradley Thompson
(16 votes)
The Absolute Secret is a collection of eight inspiring books that reveal different aspects of the Secret. These books will help you discover the true nature of the Secret and show you how you can use it to materialize health, love and financial...