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Secrets Smart Students Know is an e-book that will show you how to get better grades by studying less. You'll learn the secrets that outstanding students use to become masters of their academic domains.

Author Cody Blair is an experienced teacher who has worked with students at all levels. He says that the best students don't study night after night; instead, they use techniques that help them grasp more by studying for the same amount of time as other students. In short, they work smarter, not harder.

Secrets Smart Students Know will teach you how to take better notes by writing less and learning more, how to avoid mistakes most students make, how to avoid procrastinating, how to overcome test anxiety and much more.

In addition to Secrets Smart Students Know, you'll get one month of free access to Cody Blair's StudyProf web site where you can find latest information on scholarships and grants.

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If you aren't naturally intelligent, you need this
Frieda Clark (from Globe, USA) posted this review on April 10, 2013

This guide taught me that not all “smart” students are actually born intelligent. Some smart students only know how to work around their lack of natural intelligence, and that’s what I’ve badly wanted since I was a kid. Now that I’m in college, Secrets Smart Students Know helped me cope. I didn’t get a scholarship because I’m not that smart, but I’m a working student now, and don’t have much time to study. With the help of this book, I’m able to have good grades even if I only got a few hours a day for schoolwork.

The tips are really helpful
posted this review on February 10, 2013

My daughter’s on her first year in high school, and I saw how stressed out she was. She had good grades before, and she’s even more pressured now because she really wants to get into a good university. As a mom, I’m very happy that my daughter is showing that much interest in studying, but I also feel sorry for her because  I see how anxious she gets before exams and when there are difficult lessons in school. Also, she’s a very good swimmer, and I let her train from time to time, so I see how difficult everything is for her.

I got her Secrets Smart Students Know  and told her to try it and see if there’s useful information in it. After a week, she commented on how much more time he has left for other things because of applying the time management techniques in the book. She also said that she retains more information now and she doesn’t have to read her lessons over and over again because she gets everything more easily. I’m really happy that Secrets Smart Students Know  was able to help my daughter. I highly recommend it to all moms out there.

I get high grades without having to study too much
posted this review on September 20, 2012

I did get better grades from this! I got one A+ and the lowest I got is a B, so it’s not that bad. I also do not study that much because I have violin classes after school, so it’s really quite surprising that I get good grades, and I don’t feel too beat up everyday.


This is what I liked the most

I never was in a class where I learned how to study. How to summarize what I need, how to remember later even what I read in a magazine 5 min ago. This is what I liked the most. Something I can use for anything. It was something I needed and I didn't know I needed.

Giselle M.

I was able to read faster

I'll be able to read my textbooks a lot faster and actually know the material.

Sergio L.

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