Secrets of Studying

by George Tee,

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Secrets of Studying is a 150-page eBook that teaches regular students how to study effectively, and get better scores in exams. It does not require above average intelligence to get high test scores. All it takes is the drive to do well, and mastery of the techniques and strategies presented in the e-course. If you’ve been struggling to ace exams for a long time, Secrets of Studying might be the help you’ve been waiting for.

With the help of Secrets of Studying, you will develop the right kind of mindset for a top performer in school. It also has detailed lessons on the things that you should do once you develop the attitude of an A+ student. Some shortcut techniques included in this eBook are developing a photographic memory, and reading quickly. These two essential skills are important for you to be able to manage the little time you have for studying. The course also discusses how you can organize the information you have gathered, without the need for writing notes. Plus, you will get topnotch tips on how to dissect test questions, especially the tricky ones.

Aside from the e-course, George Tee, author of Secrets of Studying, included 6 other bonus resources to help you get better grades. These materials give you step-by-step instructions on how to get prepared for a test, what to do while taking the exam, how to effectively cope with stress, and how to feel positive even in tough situations.

Every diligent student deserves the guidance of Secrets of Studying. This affordable investment works even better than one-on-one tutorials, since it focuses on studying techniques, instead of individual lessons. The skills you will learn from this course will surely help you when taking any kind of test for years to come.

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I learned a lot of valuable stuff from here
posted this review on July 29, 2014

Secrets of Studying definitely helps me manage my time better and become a better student. I get to have more free time because I finish my schoolwork very early. My mom was surprised when I was able to help her mow the lawn after working on my studies and attending soccer practice. I think I’m now able to make the most out of my time because of Secrets of Studying. My grades have improved too even if I don’t spend much time studying anymore. I’ve invited some friends over a few weeks ago and I shared with them my printed copy of Secrets of Studying, and they’re now sending me messages of thanks because of how helpful the program has been for them. I think teachers should recommend this to their students because it helps a lot. They only teach information, but they never teach strategies for learning, and I think that’s unfair. If they truly want us to learn, they should teach us how to learn on our own. I think that’s what I got from Secrets of Studying. What I learned from here is probably going to be more useful for me in the long run than any other stuff I learned from school. This surely is the real thing!

I struck a good balance because of this
posted this review on June 23, 2014

I just got back to school the other month and the changes I’m going through when it comes to time management and my routine are really driving me crazy. Having to check out lessons every now and then adds to the stress. It’s great that I got Secrets of Studying because the time management ideas here are amazing. I learned how to make my own schedule for my school duties and for my work. I think I got the perfect balance through the tips that I learned from this guide. Another thing that I like about this is that it’s so simple. Everything’s explained in simple language. When I first got this guide, I didn’t expect it to be so informative and so well-written because it’s just an online guide. But if you will read it, you’ll see just how helpful it can be. Of course, you need to follow the ideas in the guide if you want to see results in your grades. This has made my life as a working student a lot easier. I am confident that I will pass my subjects, maybe some with flying colors. I have already recommended this guide to a lot of my friends because I know how helpful it will be for them too. I highly recommend Secrets of Studying to anyone and everyone who wants to improve their performance in school.

School has become so much more manageable for my daughter
posted this review on March 24, 2014

Secrets of Studying helped my daughter a lot. She was struggling with her studies because she’s also part of the cheerleading team. I told her that just because she’s a cheerleader doesn’t mean she can be dumb. So I always get involved in her studies. This guide has been helpful for her in terms of time management. There are also some memorization techniques and others that can be greatly helpful for busy youngsters. Since she started practicing the techniques here, school has become a lot more manageable for her.

A great start on smart study habits
E. Bretner (from Lagrange, USA) posted this review on September 10, 2013

Secrets of Studying is amazing! I have never had this much time on my hands. Since I got into college, I was always too busy. I couldn’t go out with friends or practice futsal, which is my sport, because of school and my part-time job. When I discovered Secrets of Studying, my life literally changed. I got so much time on my hands now because I finish my work so quickly. I don’t have to spend hours on my homework and lessons anymore. I finish studying in 45 minutes. I usually time myself. Before, I used to spend about 3 hours a day on my lessons. Imagine how much time I save now! I also spend only 2 hours on Saturdays and 1 hour on Sundays reviewing. I absorb information so quickly, like a sponge, using the techniques I learned from this guide. I highly recommend this to all students. The earlier you start on good study habits, the better. If only  I had found this back in high school, I would have gotten better grades and I would have gotten better opportunities.

Studying is so much easier now
posted this review on July 18, 2013

I like studying a lot better now. It’s not as difficult as it was before. When I learned about Secrets of Studying, I immediately downloaded it. My friends in school were talking about this and that’s how I found out that it works. They were getting better grades, so I decided to follow their lead. I belong to the drama club, so I really need to split my time. It helped me a lot. I’m not getting straight As yet but at least I’m not flunking anything, and I only study for a couple of hours when I need to. I told my boyfriend to give this a go too and I think it’s working for him too.

This sure helps a lot
Carla Faver (from Electra, USA) posted this review on May 3, 2013

Smart students can do well in class without exerting extra effort, but average students usually have to sacrifice so much to get good grades. I’ve always been average, back when I was in middle school, I struggled and studied hard. I sucked at Math, and wasn’t that good in science too. I get all stressed out because I’m really dying for a college scholarship. It’s so difficult to get that even if you’re smart, what more if you’re just average like me? I’m in junior year right now, and this really helps me a lot with my studies. I’m quite positive now that I can get a college scholarship. I’ll be fine even if it’s just in a simple school cos a scholarship is a scholarship. If I keep it like this through senior year, I won’t be too far from my dreams.

It helps me finish schoolwork faster so I have some time to enjo
posted this review on February 25, 2013

When it comes to school, it’s not just the brainpower that matters. More often than not, it’s the studious ones who succeed. I’m not very smart but I have goals in life and I study hard as I can. I used to spend almost all my time on school stuff. Studying, doing homework, and a lot more. But college is an altogether different thing from high school. There are a lot of distractions and temptations in college. Sometimes I miss my study time, and it really frustrates me. I also get disappointed when I don’t perform well in school. Good thing Secrets of Studying came along. It’s got a lot of awesome tips and it really made studying easier for me. I get to finish schoolwork faster now, so I get plenty of time to spend enjoying college. I think I always get the upper hand when the boys and I go out to party because I always finish schoolwork before going out. They tend to neglect them because they find studying time consuming.

Really helps me make the most of my time
posted this review on December 27, 2012

Secrets of Studying helped me manage my time better, and it also taught me on the things I should focus on when studying. The techniques are very helpful in squeezing the most out of what little time you have. I’ve got nasty study habits, but college forced me to really strive to study harder. The whole family’s contributing to send me to college, and it’s like I’m the hope of the family or something like that, so I really had to study hard. Good thing I found this guide. It sure has made my life easier!


Effective Strategy

The most rewarding portion of the book for me is an explanation of how the brain learns; this is the key to how you yourself can tap into the brain’s potential for learning chunks of information in the best way that the brain can retain it.

The strategy of power reading has assisted me not only in my studies but also in a professional capacity.

Developing a critical attitude to the material is one of the aspects that were extremely helpful; it developed the process of both troubleshooting and problem solving.

The book notes on how to engage the whole brain when making effective notes further refined that skill.

Mature Graduate Student in Psychology,
Open University, Milton Kenes in UK

Made Studying Much Easier

I wish I had known all that I have recently learnt from George before, then my life of studying would have been so much easier. But thankfully George’s studying techniques came in good time.


I'm glad to say that I had gotten A+ in my exams

I'm glad to say that I had gotten A+ in my exams. But I only got B+ for physics and math. I got A+ only by the instructions you gave me.

Swetha S Nair

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