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Real Time Physique (RTP) Transformation System was developed by Adam Waters, a NESTA certified personal trainer and an RTP transformation expert. This system, tagged as the world's first real-time body transformation system, has gained international media attention and has transformed the lives (and bodies) of 130 people from different countries. It was designed to help men and women transform their physique the fast and inexpensive way.

If you want to lose fat, achieve a toned body, increase your energy and confidence, then the 7-step system that the Real Time Physique Transformation System introduces will help you achieve your goal. It includes 7 core modules, an 84-day training plan, a customized nutrition plan and accountability logs. This course covers subjects such as motivation, goal setting, exercise, nutrition and others. The RTP Transformation System also includes one month of free access to the Shreddersphere 2.0 online accountability and support community.

You'll get all these tools and benefits if you purchase the Real Time Physique Transformation System basic package, including a bonus journal for $9.95. You can also upgrade to the RTP system platinum package for $97 and get 12 months of membership to Shreddersphere 2.0 and a bonus book.

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You can't go wrong with this system!
Marc Kernel (from Crisfield, USA) posted this review on June 29, 2014

This is a great workout program because it’s quick to bring results! I was surprised when I first got into this, and I saw just how effective it can be. There are other workout systems out there that I’ve also checked out, but they didn’t have the power this workout program had on me. It’s just amazing when you look at your body each day and see changes every now and then. The feeling of losing weight is just heavenly! It’s like being able to take your crush out to dinner the first time, and what comes after included. I cannot thank the entire team enough for everything they have done for my body. It’s not just about this system initially, but also about the support they gave me. They always answer questions especially on nutrition. For me the nutrition part is the hardest because I’m very busy at work and I don’t have anyone to prepare meals for me. I am actually thinking of getting married for that purpose. Kidding aside, the entire team has been very accommodating regarding my diet related questions. Another thing that I like so much about this guide is that it has access to Shreddersphere, which is like an online community where you will meet other health conscious people you can exchange health ideas as well as goals with. It’s a great community with a lot of helpful people. You sure can’t go wrong with Real Time Physique Transformation System.

2 thumbs up for this!
posted this review on June 23, 2014

This is called The Real Time Physique Transformation System for a good reason. It definitely works hard to transform your body in real time. You see results as you go, so there’s a bigger chance that you will stay motivated and stick to the program. The great thing about this is that it brings fast fat loss and body toning together. You don’t need a separate fat loss and then a separate body toning program anymore. You get everything you need in one package. The entire program lasts for 84 days, so it’s longer than most other programs you will see online. Within those 84 days, you should see amazing improvements in your physique and your energy level. I was a victim of sluggishness for years before I found The Real Time  Physique Transformation System. When I found this, I knew right away that I was onto something amazing! Simply looking at the program made me see right away the details and concepts that set it apart from other similar fitness programs. I am glad I chose this over going to the gym and hiring a trainer. That would have cost me so much money. Here, I get to save a lot and still get the results that I want. 2 thumbs up for The Real Physique Transformation System!

This really helped me fix my body!
Gary Grayson (from Dwight, USA) posted this review on February 17, 2014

This isn’t just a bodybuilding system, it’s a physique transformation system because your body will really change. You’ll have muscles just where you need them and you can also work on your body’s proportion. Some people think that forgetting leg day makes them look bulky on top and then thin at the bottom part of their body’s but I think even if you don’t forget leg days, if you don’t have a system that will really transform your body, you’re bound to look disproportionate. This system helped me fix my body. I used to work out in the gym alone because I couldn’t afford a trainer. I grew on top but my legs remained thin. I found out later that some people are just naturally disproportional, and that in my case, what I need is a system that can help me work on my body’s proportions. That’s when Real Time Physique Transformation System came along. Now, I’m happier with the way I look. I’ve also grown my legs and toned down my upper body a bit. It looks more natural this way. I highly recommend RTP for anyone who wants to work out alone. I found out the hard way that winging it usually leads to disasters.

Shed weight, build muscles, look awesome!
posted this review on February 2, 2014

Real Time Physique Transformation System isn’t all about shedding weight and building muscles. It’s about rebuilding your body entirely. With this system, you will be building muscles in all the right places, so you won’t have to worry about looking like you skipped leg day or having a bloated tummy despite your nice arms and legs. Real Time Physique Transformation System is made to help you remedy your physical problems and help make you look more proportional. It takes a lot of work, but in the end, when you see the results, you’ll surely thank yourself for trying it. If you look at the website, you’ll see a lot of transformation stories and before and after pics, they’re all real. You can add me to that list because I also experienced the greatness of Real Time Physique Transformation System. I also like the way they motivate people. You’ll learn how to motivate yourself even if you don’t have a trainer. I was able to dig deep into me to find my motivation, and that helped me stick to the program a lot easier. Just check out the awesome transformations on the website, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be tempted to try it. With a bit of discipline and self-control, you can achieve the same results these people have achieved.

I've proven the effectiveness myself!
Jerry Burke (from Mcville, USA) posted this review on January 21, 2014

Real Time Physique Transformation System has been proven effective in our gym many times. In this gym I’ve joined, it’s so expensive to hire trainers, so we work out on our own and we just share stories and techniques on how to achieve the body that we want. As old-timers in the gym we feel that it’s our responsibility to help newbies. My 2 buddies and I have achieved amazing results through Real Time Physique Transformation System, so now we recommend it to every new guy that enters the gym. It’s true that all bodies are different and that we might respond differently to different workout programs, but so far, this has worked for about 7 or 8 people that I know of including myself. That’s a pretty impressive achievement, considering that this is just an internet product. Some people work with trainers but don’t get the same success that we’ve had from this guide. And another important lesson that I’ve learned from Real Time Physique Transformation System is that there’s no magic pill, no magic formula to achieving the body that you want. You can have instructions but the work will still come from you. I take no supplements, no shakes, but I still look awesome and it’s all thanks to Real Time Physique Transformation System.

Satisfactory results
posted this review on October 17, 2013

I think some of the success stories are fabricated, but this is showing me some really good results right now. It’s my first ever weight loss program, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I expected it to be too fast, and was initially disappointed with my results. But my friend who’s in the fitness industry told me that my results are better than average. Some of my muscles that have been hidden in fat for a few years now are starting to resurface. I was pretty buff when I was younger, so it’s awesome that I’m starting to have that kind of body again.

If it worked for me, it's gonna work for everyone
Gina Lawson (from Garden Grove, USA) posted this review on July 23, 2012

I’m not so fat, but my body isn’t great either. My arms and legs are too large for the rest of my body. Real Time Physique Transformation System gave me the kind of body I’ve been dreaming of since I was 20 yrs. old. I’m in my 30s now, but I’ve never looked this good. I’m a mommy of two girls, a master of 3 dogs, and a wife of one wonderful husband, but I still managed to find time for this system. It’s definitely effective, and I recommend it to everyone.


The RTP-TS Modules are extremely powerful tools.

From the outset, it was obvious that if one could harness powerful enough emotions, and attach them to one's goals, the opportunity for complete transformation really did exist. The Truth Discovery Processes of taking ownership of my past, cleansing my mind by using forgiveness, getting a dose of reality by taking stock of my present condition and then taking responsibility for my results, whilst rather depressing at the time, became incredible driving forces in my mission I was responsible.

Adam's entire RTP-TS has been extremely well thought out, and tested in the real world, and coming up with the worlds first accountability blog showed exceptional foresight the positive pressure that came from having to be accountable, in real time, on a daily basis, in front of hundreds of other people from all over the world.

Sharon Harris,
Tamworth, Australia


The RTP Transformation System and the ShredderSphere community have helped me to change my life! I was overweight, having health issues, and really wondering how to turn things around. The RTP Transformation System is a well thought-out, proven system combining a 12-week physical training regimen, a nutrition plan that supports the high level of physical work being done, and a powerful mental training system to help discover and address those mental blocks that can so easily derail your efforts.

In my first 12 weeks, I lost 43 lbs of fat and my BF% went from 34% to 23%. I am very pleased with these results and look forward to starting my second mission soon.

Eric Dalkenberg

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