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This is the second version of a popular e-book Rousing the Lion. It’s an instruction manual that teaches women how to attract and seduce a man, and how to keep him interested, inspire him, and motivate him, so he can become the best he can be.

Since men think and feel differently than women, most women have no idea how to talk to a man in a language that he’ll understand. Rousing the Lion will teach you how to do this. You’ll learn how to mesmerize a man, how to get through his reflexive resistance and really connect to him. This way you’ll be able to guide him to do, feel, and say the things you want – things that will not only be more satisfying to you, but to him as well.

This 145 pages long e-book is meant for all women. If you’re still single, you’ll be able to use these techniques to attract the man that you want. And if you’re already in a relationship, Rousing the Lion will show you how to bring back the lost chemistry. Your relationship will become more passionate, more loving, and more satisfying for both of you. Your man will cherish you and you’ll be able to inspire him to reach his full potential.

The full name of this second version is: Rousing the Lion, v2.1 - How to Attract, Motivate, and Inspire Any Man. As a free bonus you'll also receive 4 just-released audio programs that will help you get the relationship results you desire. These audios come free of charge with every order of Rousing the Lion e-book.

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Rousing the Lion's been very helpful for us
posted this review on July 21, 2014

My boyfriend and I started having problems when he lost his job and started feeling insecure. I’ve been promoted twice the past year, while he was struggling setting up a business after losing his job. He was always irritable, and he kept on trying to find reasons to fight or argue with me. It was tough and I thought I was going to lose him. My love for him kept me hanging on through that tough time. When I found Rousing the Lion, I was skeptical about trying it but I had no other option, so I just had to do it. Surprisingly, the methods here worked for us, and he’s become so much sweeter now, and so much better than before. I think I’ve successfully given him a confidence boost because he’s so much more positive about his business now, and generally, he’s becoming more and more the man that I loved when we were just starting out. Rousing the Lion was indeed helpful.

This has been extremely helpful for me
posted this review on July 14, 2014

My man and I have become a lot closer to each other since I tried the techniques on Rousing The Lion. We are now very happy with each other, and I’m sure this love will be forever. I have never felt this in love and this loved before. Rousing The Lion has been extremely helpful for me, and I definitely recommend this to everyone.

I'm so happy that I've pushed my bf to be a better man
posted this review on April 18, 2014

Rousing the Lion is one of my favorite relationship books because of the emphasis it puts on boosting your man’s ego. I had problems with my boyfriend before because I was stepping on his ego. I had no idea I was doing that. I thought I was just being the cool, smart, and go-getter girl I was when he fell in love with me. Little did I know, I was already crushing his ego with every success that I get. He almost broke up with me. I thought it was another woman but when I got Rousing the Lion, I had the idea that it could be because of my being more successful than he is. I can’t possibly leave my job, so I just had to learn some good tips and tricks on how to boost his ego, and make him feel bigger than he is. It’s just like encouraging a child to keep studying, but it’s also not as simple as praising his every move. It’s a complex mind manipulation strategy that will not only be good for your relationship but also for your man’s self-esteem. I got him all fired up, and he’s now looking for a better job than what he has now. I feel so accomplished now that I’ve pushed him to be a better man.

Love the book!
posted this review on March 11, 2014

I like this book because it’s not like others that are like teenage stuff that are filled with cheesy, yet useless stuff. I’ve been married for 3 years, and this is helping me make our relationship a lot better. My hubby says he loves how I’m making him feel. Love this book a lot even if it’s quite short and even if it doesn’t come in a print format. Very helpful!

It helped me form a stronger and deeper bond with my husband
posted this review on February 25, 2014

My husband and I got closer to each other because of the methods I learned from Rousing the Lion. He became much more open to me. He started sharing with me his secrets and his passions. It’s so touching hearing him talk the way he did when we were just dating. Rousing the Lion is so simple, yet the effects it will have on your relationship are amazing. I definitely recommend this to all wives and girlfriends who want to form a stronger and deeper bond with their men.

Got the best advice from this book
Marvin Glico (from Dixmont, USA) posted this review on January 21, 2014

Rousing the Lion has given me the best advice when my husband and I were having marital problems. We almost went through counseling because of our differences. He just seemed so bored with our relationship and with our life and it broke my heart every time I’d see him drinking beer at night and sleeping on the couch because “he wanted to watch TV.” We have 2 kids and they’re both going to school, so this should be the time that we enjoy each other and basically just do things that normal couples do. But for some reason, he drifted away from me. He was always on Facebook looking at photos of old friends. There were times when our friends’d invite us to dinner and he’d refuse because of some lame excuse, but I knew that he was ashamed of what our life had become.

Rousing the Lion helped me pump confidence back into his system again. I wasn’t expecting so much change in him just through following instructions in a book, but oh good Lord, he’s changing into the man he was when I first met him. He’s become a lot sweeter now, he’s back in our bedroom, and he’s not afraid to see our old friends anymore. It’s like magic! I now realize that men are soooo dependent on women. You just have to know how to play with their ego to turn them into the man that you love. They say that women have to be owned by men to be happy, but I think it’s the other way around. Men have to feel loved and adored by their women for them to feel good about themselves.

The coolest relationship book I've ever read
posted this review on September 28, 2013

Rousing the Lion is great because it’s beneficial for both men and women. Men need women to help them feel confident. Women, on the other hand, need men that they can smother with love, inspire, and depend on for protection. Rousing the Lion helps women create that kind of partnership in any relationship. Sometimes, couples don’t understand the individual roles they need to play in the relationship. They also sometimes don’t know what they want. In Rousing the Lion, I realized what I really want from my man, and what he probably wants from me. Right now, our relationship is a work in progress. I’m trying to rouse the alpha male within him. He’s always been the shy, quiet guy. I’ve always found that adorable, but now that we’re a couple I need something more from him. I now know that I need him for security and stability. On the other hand, I’m trying to be the sweet and loving girl he needs to protect. I can see that he likes that feeling. He enjoys knowing that he’s needed, and that he’s got the final say in decisions. In some ways, I’ve learned to influence him, while making him think that everything was his idea. This is a psychological book that’s based on hypnosis, so you can expect a lot of mind tricks from it.

All in all, I enjoyed reading Rousing the Lion, and I really picked up a lot of effective relationship tips and tricks from it. As for my boyfriend, he seems to like the woman I’ve been trying to be these past few months.

I helped my husband using the techniques here
Lila F. (from Brewer, USA) posted this review on July 9, 2013

My husband lost his job the other month, and he was down, and he was also always grumpy and grouchy and just very disagreeable. Instead of nagging, I tried to be an understanding wife. I got Rousing the Lion, v2.1, and studied it by heart. I applied the techniques on my husband, encouraging him, making him feel sexy. Now, he’s back up on his feet, and he’s become so much sweeter than before. He kept on saying that he would never be able to live without his sweet wife.

The techniques in this book really work!
posted this review on May 13, 2013

Rousing the Lion is excellent. It helped me learn a lot about how men think. I got a new boyfriend, and  I wanted to be closer to him. He’s very timid, mysterious type. Using the techniques in Rousing the Lion, I’m getting him to open up a little bit. We’re becoming more intimate now, and I feel that he’s more in love with me now. A lot more than he was before I used these methods on him. He’s also become more talkative when we’re together, he also cracks jokes a lot!

It's effective because it's a form of hypnosis
posted this review on May 11, 2013

This is hypnotic meaning that it works on your man’s brain. I’ve seen the effects on my guy, an he’s really addicted to me now. He used to be a womanizing freak, but not anymore. He says he doesn’t have to do that anymore to feel manly because he feels great loving and protecting me.

Three benefits in one
posted this review on April 18, 2013

There are many good reasons to use the techniques in rousing the lion on your guy. First, you will have a better relationship with him because you’ll learn how to feed his ego. Second, he will be more aggressive and confident. Lastly, you will have more fun in bed! That’s the perfect side effect of the program for me and my guy.

My boyfriend is more protective of me now
posted this review on April 15, 2013

My relationship with my boyfriend improved a lot after I used the techniques in Rousing the Lion. He’s more open to communication now, and he’s very sweet, like the manly kind of sweet, not the sickening kind. He’s also become more protective of me. I get so giddy when he acts that way. He wasn’t like that before, he was an ok boyfriend then, but now he’s great, and I feel fulfilled because I helped him become that way.

It's only been a few months, and the results are already showing
Pia Elhard (from Pico Rivera, USA) posted this review on April 14, 2013

My man has always been quiet, an introvert. I loved him as he is that way, but lately, I’ve been noticing him withdrawing more and more into his shell, avoiding others and living with a low self-esteem. I got worried and read up about male confidence and self-esteem and how to boost it, and this is what I found that really helped. This is actually made to help you make your man love you more or become more interested in you, but it’s also meant to help you boost your man’s self-esteem and help him become an “alpha male” as what they call it. I’m already seeing and feeling the changes in our relationship. He’s become sweeter and more open to me, and I can see him socializing again, and feeling great about himself. He goes on nights out with the boys on Friday nights like normal men do, and he has even become more aggressive in bed. I also like how open he has become to me. He used to keep mum when he doesn’t like something and wait for me to feel that there’s a problem, but now he already talks to me about the things he wants and he doesn’t want. I’ve only been using the techniques here for  a few months, and there has already been so many improvements!

You'll learn how to awaken the macho in your man =)
posted this review on March 11, 2013

Rousing the Lion is more than just your average seduction or attraction book because the primary goal is to have your man feeling awesome, make him feel motivated and inspired and to help him get his ass moving towards his goals. I bet you won’t find the same thing in other attraction books. Here, the approach is purely psychological. I think the author has spent years learning how the “lion” in each man can be awakened, so no matter how dorky or shy or weak your darling is, you’ll be able to make him fiercer and more macho. The side effect? Your man will be addicted to you like, as Edward from Twilight says, his own personal brand of heroin. And he won’t even notice that you’re manipulating him to be the man you want him to be. Read the sales page. There’s something hypnotic going on in here, and it worked for me and my husband. You can now feel like a fairytale princess and your man your unwitting prince.

It's what I call deep flirting
Mae Gross (from Elridge, USA) posted this review on February 11, 2013

Rousing the Lion is an entertaining read with a lot of effective techniques for awakening the “lion” inside any man you want. These men will feel the need to dominate you, without knowing that it’s you who’s really gained power over them. Rousing the Lion is the perfect first step to becoming a man magnet. Once you learn how to awaken the lion inside your man, you will not just make him more attracted to you, you will also be able to mold him into the kind of man you want him to be. I was able to attract the guy I’ve long been crushing on using the techniques in Rousing the Lion. Now, we’re still together, and I can still feel him head over heels in love with me. I also love the fact that rousing the lion also thinks about the wellbeing of your partner. You will learn how to make him more confident and boost his self-esteem too. It’s not just a shallow book like other guides you will find on the internet.

It's almost like hypnosis
posted this review on October 16, 2012

If your man is like mine, one who’s got low self-esteem, and a generally bland look at life, I highly suggest reading this book. It’s going to do tons of good things for you and your man. You will not just be able to help him live a better life that’s full of zest, you will also be able to strengthen your bond with him. My husband’s had low self-esteem since his woodworking business failed. It was about 5 years ago. He spent a few years blaming himself, and not wanting to try anything new for fear of failure. I read this book and tried the techniques on him. This is more than an attraction book, it’s a connection book, one that allows you to almost hypnotize your man and make him think he is whatever you want him to be. I think this same technique has been used by courtesans and geishas centuries ago, and that’s how they manage to keep men chained to them. This worked great for my husband. In just a few days, I was able to convince him to check out a new location for his woodworking business. I even convinced him to apply for a loan, so we can get it back up. I’ve never seen my husband this happy and satisfied with himself in years!

So many new techniques here!
MsTeen (from Lafayette, USA) posted this review on August 11, 2012

Being an all time flirt, I’d say this book taught me some new techniques in snagging the men that I want. I’ve been nicknamed boy crazy back in high school, so I never expected to learn new moves from this book. Flirting is an art, and this adds a lot of new skills to my arsenal. It’s so much fun trying out the techniques here. When I finally decide to have a real relationship, I’ll try the relationship techniques in this book. For now I’ll be enjoying the tips for single ladies like me. You really gotta read this! Whether or not you are a natural flirty like me or someone who’s still learning to spread her wings just give this a shot! Having boys going crazy over you is amaaaazing! Once you try that, you’ll always keep wanting more.

I am now flirting like a teenage girl
posted this review on July 4, 2012

This book made me more confident in interacting with men, and that includes flirting with them. I used to be overweight, and even after shedding off those extra pounds, I remained a bit shy. I’m always afraid to approach men because they might think I’m making a move, and feel disgusted. With this book I got the courage back to be myself when I’m around men. I’m still single now, but I’m enjoying dating like a teenage girl.


Great info

Convinced my man to go for a new job, FAST!
Need I say more? A++

Chicago, IL

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