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RightWriter is unique software that will help turn you into a better writer. It analyzes your grammar so you can be sure your writing will be more polished and professional.

RightWriter checks your writing for grammar mistakes, but it doesn't stop there. It also tells you if it determines your writing style is weak and will teach you how to improve the weak areas. Through the SmartGrammar analysis engine, this software can perform advanced context-based checks for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. This software also includes a syntax checker, a punctutation checker, an advanced spelling checker and other tools. Whether you're aiming for a grade of A+, hoping to land a good job or trying to get more people to visit your blog site and read what you have to say, you can certainly improve your writing and make it more impressive if you use RightWriter.

Even if you don't understand grammar rules, you can use this easy-to-use tool to fix your writing. RightWriter works with any text or document application and it's perfect for any written communication. You'll receive the Elements of Style e-book and a video tutorial if you purchase this software.

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The best autocorrect software
posted this review on September 3, 2012

I’ve had a lot of autocorrect software before, but none of them worked as great as this one. All of the free ones I tried sucked, so I started on a buying spree in search for the perfect autocorrect software. I’m sure you know that there isn’t a single autocorrect software out there that works like a grammarian, but this is good enough for me. It’s my partner now for my reports and all sorts of papers my professors ask from me. It’s a must-have for all students out there I think. It’s been a big plus for me since I got it. As for the usability, it’s quite easy to use if you’ve basic knowledge about computers. Installation and setup is a breeze. Also, it’s light on the computer, so you won’t have to worry if you got an old beat up lappy like mine.

Makes writing so much easier
Charry Gorkin (from Fairfield, USA) posted this review on July 28, 2012

This is so much better than most autocorrect software out there, even MS Word’s autocorrect system. I usually write articles for my online business, and although I know that quantity is important to get noticed, I still want some good quality posts to contribute to the Internet community. This software helps me deliver that with ease, even if I am no naturally talented in writing.

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