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Downloadable (Digital) Products

Most of our products are digital, which means that they are available for immediate download. After the purchase you are taken to a special download page, from where you are able to download and save the product to your computer (this is true in most cases; some products are sent to you via e-mail or are on membership-based websites). Don't worry, if you are not very tech savvy - the downloading process is straight-forward and easy to follow.

What Are E-books?

E-book is a book that comes in the digital format. It can be printed out, read on the computer screen or on a special hardware device, called an e-book reader.

The first e-books were written mainly for technological readers. They included different manuals, essays, scientific reports, and so on. Since then, the popularity of e-books have grown considerably. Nowadays, you can get e-books from every aspect of life and many printed books come with an e-version. In many instances (especially if the book is sold online), there is only an e-version of the book available.

E-Book Formats

Historically, e-books came in many formats. Some books were made by scanning an existing hard-copy book. Currently the most popular format is Adobe Acrobat Reader. Its popularity is mainly due to the fact that this software product is freely available and many users already have it installed on their computer.

E-Book Readers

Dedicated e-Book readers are special devices that are used to display and read e-books. They offer several advantages over reading an e-book on a usual computer screen or other personal data assistants. They are portable, have a long battery life, and enable reading in the bright sunlight as a result of a new technology, called e-ink.

Each reader has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some are very small and weigh next to nothing; others have larger screens that enable easy and comfortable reading.

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-Books

E-books have several advantages over the printed books. If you buy a book online, you will have no shipping and handling costs and no waiting time when the book in question is in e-format. E-books are also easier for carrying around since one e-book reader can store for up to several thousands e-books at a time. Readers enable non-permanent highlighting and annotation and automatically remember the last page that you read (so you don't have to worry about bookmarks any more). E-book allows you to adjust font size and font faces to suit your reading preferences. They are also more economical and environmentally friendly then traditional books since they don't require any ink or paper for their production.

On the other hand, some people still prefer to hold a printed book in their hand. Then there is also the danger that your e-book reader gets lots or damaged, and you loose all the books on the device at once. Some e-book readers don't support all formats, which means that you have to be careful in which formats you buy your e-books.