Procrastination Cure Club

by Wendy Joy Hart,

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Do you get overwhelmed with your day to day life? Do you struggle with inactivity and unproductivity? Is procrastination affecting your life and the lives of those around you? Are you looking for a cure for procrastination so you can get unstuck and get a bigger life?

If you answered 'yes' to those questions, then the Procrastination Cure Club by America's procrastination coach Wendy Joy Hart can be a great resource for you. With this membership club/site, you will get access to the information, tools, and support that you need to cure your procrastination.

As a member of the Procrastination Cure Club, you will get access to three short videos per month, with each video containing a potent tool of the procrastination cure and other never before released powerful information. Every 10 days, you shall receive a link to your new video tip. You will also get downloadable audio clips for each of the tips. These clips will serve as the “coach in your pocket,” as you can load them onto your MP3 player and listen to them whenever you need a boost. You will also be emailed every time a new audio clip is available. As a member, you will also be part of the private Facebook forum, where you get to read and be inspired by the posts and lives of other members.

Your Procrastination Cure Club membership also entitles you to a free live call with Wendy every month. Just watch the videos and listen to the audios, and you will likely gain the results that you desire. This club could change your life forever.

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I get better work quality and less stress
posted this review on June 2, 2014

Procrastination Cure Club is so helpful for me. I used to get stressed out just before my deadline because I couldn’t push myself to work when I know that I have a lot of time left. But with the help of this “therapy,” I learned how to manage my time better and how to push myself to take things little by little. Wendy is more than just an Internet entrepreneur. She served as my personal coach the entire time. She always answers questions, and checks on my progress from time to time. With her help, I get better work quality now and less stress at work. I have gotten a few commendations the past month for my exemplary performance at work.

Wendy's a wonderful coach!
posted this review on September 7, 2013

I used to have really bad procrastination issues. There was a time when I’d have so many things to do that I’d choose to lie down and stare at the ceiling instead. I tried many different cures like hypnosis programs and NLP, none of them worked. I’ve been in trouble so many times because of procrastination. I work in the advertising sector, and deadlines are pretty strict. I almost lost my job twice for failing to produce materials for presentations within the deadline. I was monitored for 3 months on the 2nd instance. While being monitored, I did a bit better, but as soon as I was left on my own, work became a struggle again. I felt so useless and inefficient. There were times when I was so frustrated with myself that I just have to sleep to forget it, and that made my problem much worse.

When I found Procrastination Cure Club and saw that a real therapist is behind it, I got really hopeful. I joined the club and followed Wendy’s suggestions. Wendy’s a wonderful coach. She’s very understanding, and she doesn’t pressure me into doing anything I cannot do. I had no idea that my procrastination was caused by deep-seated issues I’ve accumulated over the years. Wendy’s ideas worked gradually. It is just like rehab for drug addiction, only it’s for procrastination. Through Wendy’s support, I am recovering now, and they’ve already noticed in the office how much I’ve improved.

It’s just been phenomenal...
On-Site Review

I highly recommend the Cure! The biggest business gain I got was my increased level of confidence; it’s just been phenomenal and that’s what has enabled me to go out and increase my activity and my sales volume.

Mary Calvillo,
Kansas City

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