How to Pick Your Baby’s Gender

by Rebecca Washburn,

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How to Pick Your Baby's Gender is an e-book about how to select your baby's sex before conception. Author Rebecca Washburn wanted to balance out her family, but didn't want to go to fertility clinics and spend tens of thousands of dollars on something that's not guaranteed. After extensive research, she developed her own natural program that helped her choose the sex of her baby.

In How to Pick Your Baby's Gender, Washburn will teach you about the biology of conception, dietary changes you can make that will increase your chances of having a baby of a certain sex, sex positions that influence gender and other ways of boosting fertility for either a male or female child.

The methods in this e-book are completely safe. You won't have to use any so-called herbal remedies or any medications. This program is easy to follow and you can do it in the privacy of your own home. Best of all, it will help you create the family of your dreams.

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This and prayers gave me a baby girl
posted this review on February 3, 2013

I consulted my OB about the methods in this book, and she said it’s safe to try them, so my husband and I tried them. We wanted a girl so badly because our first child is a boy. We want just two kids with the economic problems and all. I really prayed for a girl plus we did the methods in this book, and my wish was granted. 2 months ago, I gave birth to a lovely and healthy baby girl. The methods here are 100% natural and they don’t harm the body at all, so I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t try them.

The methods have worked for me twice
posted this review on January 21, 2013

Believe it or not, this has worked for me twice. I also asked my OB about this and she said it’s possible but you really have to stick to what’s stated here. It’s more on adjusting the woman’s body. So yep, most of the work will come from the mom. I got one boy and one girl because of this, and now I don’t have to have another baby anymore! It’s worth trying.

No withcraft, just scientific information
posted this review on December 23, 2012

This has worked for me twice. I just found out last month. I bought this when we were trying for our first baby. I wanted my first to be a girl, so I got this guide from online and used the methods here. They’re pretty simple methods, changes in diet and in lifestyle. Nothing too complicated. And then after I got my baby girl, of course, I wanted a boy. I tried the techniques here again, and they gave me a boy! I was really careful with it, and I followed it strictly because it’s about the body’s chemistry, and a simple mistake can change it completely. How to Pick Your Baby’s Gender is the real thing! After being successful with it twice, I now have full confidence in it so I’m recommending it. This is must-read for your dream family.

Finally a girl, after 12 years of trying
posted this review on December 9, 2012

Yes, it can be done! My husband and I wanted a baby girl so much. After 3 boys, we were about to give up. We considered adoption so that it’s sure to get a girl, but we’re scared it might cause problems in the future. Especially since the 3 boys would know that the child is adopted. We dropped the idea and did a little bit of research. I consulted my OB and she said that some people say there are effective ways, but she refused to go in detail. She said just to try for another healthy baby, and hope that it’s a girl this time. My OB's ’words inspired me in some way, so I got How to Pick Your Baby’s Gender right away. It’s a really detailed book, and it’s got all the scientific explanations needed to convince me. And so my husband and I followed everything in the book. 2 weeks ago, I found out that I’m having a baby girl. I was so ecstatic, I just had to leave this comment here.

It's all about your body's chemistry
Charisse Springer (from Neversink, USA) posted this review on November 3, 2012

I’ve had 3 girls before my husband and I decided to try this method to get a boy. He badly wants to have a little boy, so even if we only planned to have 3 children, he asked for another try. I agreed, but I told him we’d consult the OB to know if it’s possible to ensure a boy this time. When we asked our OB for options, we were told that we couldn’t do anything about the baby’s gender, so we researched online, and got this book.

The methods in the book aim to change your body’s chemistry, so that you will get the gender that you want. I cannot explain the whole process here, or why you need to change your body’s chemistry but when you read the book, you will see what I mean. I suggest doing all of your research first before trying to conceive. I also suggest monitoring closely whether or not you are pregnant. For us, this worked, but we had to really follow everything. All’s worth it when we found out on the 7th month that we got a little boy! I’m giving birth next month, and we’re crossing our fingers for a Christmas baby.

It probably works
posted this review on November 2, 2012

We followed the suggested lifestyle in the book, as well as the diet changes and sexual techniques for having a baby girl. My sister also used this before and it gave her a baby girl as well, so we decided to try it. I just had my checkup the other day and we found out that we’re having a girl too, so I’m dropping this comment just to share that it most probably works!

Worked for us
Trisha Rowles (from Vernon Rockville, USA) posted this review on October 17, 2012

I’ve always wanted a girl, but after getting 2 boys, I was losing hope. We wanted just two kids, but we decided to try for a girl one alst time. I used this book, and although my husband thought it’s not gonna work, he just followed my lead. I just had my ultrasound 2 days ago and it’s a girl!

I got my baby boy!
posted this review on October 15, 2012

My husband and I wanted so much to have a boy for our first baby. We did the techniques in this book, and our wish was granted. I wouldn’t say this would be 100% accurate for all people because we have different bodies, and I’ve only tried it once, so I wouldn’t say it’s 100%, but if you really want to have your best shot at picking your baby’s gender, I’m sure it won’t hurt to get this book. It’s just $47 anyway, and the reward is priceless. If it works for you too please leave a comment so other parents will be aware that this works. Good luck on getting pregnant!

Miracle or not, it's worth trying
posted this review on October 9, 2012

I couldn’t believe it was possible either. After 3 girls, my husband and I badly wanted a boy, so we resorted to trying these gender picking systems. My mom said it’s only witchcraft that can help, but I thought since it’s already the 21st century, then maybe science has already got something going for couples like us. I’m 42 now, and even my chances of having a baby are quite low, what more to choose the child’s gender. Anyway, I went ahead and did as this book said to do. Exactly what it said to do, and I was surprised that 2 months after, I got pregnant. I just had my ultrasound yesterday, and it’s a boy! I was so ecstatic, I cried in the doctor’s room. Oh, my goodness! I still can’t get over the fact that I’m gonna have a son. I’m not being paid to write this or anything, I just want to share with you that it’s true and that you should at least try it. Miracle or not, as long as it works, then I think it should be good enough.

Got me my dream baby!
Fiona Bynes (from Centennial, USA) posted this review on August 21, 2012

Before getting married, my husband and I have always talked about having only one girl and one boy. After having our baby girl 5 years ago, we decided to have our second baby. We wanted a boy this time, so I did a bit of research in gender selection. I’ve already heard about it being effective for some couples, and I thought of giving it a chance instead of leaving it all up to chance. We got this book and tried everything it said to do, and it’s been effective for us! Our son was born early this year. It could have been just a coincidence, but then I told my sister to try it too when she was going after a girl, and it worked for her too so now I’m leaving this comment for everyone to give this book a try.

I have a baby girl now!
posted this review on July 13, 2012

I never thought it was possible to choose my baby’s gender, but after having 2 boys in a row, and wanting a girl badly, I thought I’d give it a shot. We originally planned to have only two babies, a boy and a girl, but then since we had 2 boys, we’re forced to try for a girl once more. My husband and I agreed that whatever the gender of the baby we’ll have, we’ll stop at that. I knew I couldn’t just leave it to fate this time, so I read this book and my husband and I followed the advice. I was surprised when I got the results of my ultrasound and found out that it was a girl! If not for this book, I wouldn’t have had Juliana!


The program works for us: it gave us a baby boy...

My husband and I had both done some research and decided we couldn’t afford any of the "non-natural" gender selection methods. It just seemed crazy to mortgage our home if we didn’t have to. So I figured we didn’t have anything to lose by trying this method since we had been foolishly relying on pure luck up until now!

We studied and learned how to predict my ovulation just like you said. Then we went for it! And it worked! And I know it works too because there are not a lot of boys in either of our families.

Erin Maginnis,

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