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by Sharda Baker
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Do you love your dog but hate the mess he or she makes? Are you tired of cleaning up after your best friend? Do you want to potty train your dog in less than a week? If you answered "yes" to these questions, then The Quick & Easy...
by Sharda Baker
(4 votes)
Discover the easy, fun, inexpensive and earth-friendly way of grooming your dog in The Secrets To Easy Dog Grooming. This e-book, by dog owner Sharda Baker, contains top-notch dog grooming information that will help you save time and money. With The...
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There are a number of reasons why breeding rabbits can be beneficial. They are warm and cuddly, so they make great pets. If you have no interest in keeping them as pets, their meat is healthy and a great source of protein. In addition, breeding...
by Jamieson Thomas Vale
(7 votes)
Angelfish Revealed is an e-book that contains a wealth of information on how to properly care for angelfish so they can live long, healthy lives. Even if you've never kept fish before, this step-by-step guide will teach you exactly how to turn your...
by Ellen Langton
(4 votes)
How To Train Your Dog In One Evening is an e-book that will give you 80 dog training tips. There are tips for every type of dog problem imaginable. Author Ellen Langton says she used the training techniques in this book to successfully train her dog...
by Lance Okimura
(9 votes)
If you're a cat owner, you know how difficult it is to get rid of cat urine odor and stains. Just when you think there's no effective way to deal with this unpleasant mess, along comes 3 Step Cat Urine Remover Recipe. This 3-step instruction guide...
by Robert Khaw
(14 votes)
Robert Khaw's Arowana Secrets Revealed contains simple yet effective techniques for rearing and keeping Asian Arowanas successfully. This e-book contains the information that champion breeders don't want others to know. If you are an Arowana...
by Jonathan Bass
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Jonathan Bass, a dog expert and dog training manuals author, released his new e-book How to Potty Train Your Puppy to serve as a manual to new puppy owners on potty training their pup. Jonathan will teach you simple potty training steps that take...