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by James Tan
(29 votes)
It's a sad but true fact that leopard geckos have a very short lifespan. Most of them die within their first 24 months of existence and the deaths are often caused by the owners themselves. If you own a leopard gecko and want your dear pet to live a...
by Ben Harper
(12 votes)
Ragdoll Cat Secrets is an e-book that has everything you need to know about breed-specific care and training of your ragdoll cats. Does your ragdoll have aggressive tendencies or bad behavior? Does it have trouble using the litter box? Is your...
by Sara Rooney
(8 votes)
Heal Your Dog Naturally is an e-book written by Sara Rooney, a naturopathic physician, research scientist and zoologist. It reveals information you won't find anywhere else about how to treat any dog disease without the use of drugs and what you...
by Hjalti F. Kristinsson
(3 votes)
How To Train, Care And Build Trust With Your Pet Rabbit will help you care for your beloved pet. This comprehensive guide contains information and photos that will teach you to train and take care of a healthy, happy rabbit. You'll learn how much...
by Tho Le
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Learn how to successfully breed beautiful and healthy betta fish from Tho Le's Taking The Mystery Out Of Betta Breeding. This e-book is packed with important information, secrets, tips and tricks about betta fish care and breeding. With Taking The...
by Paul Bryan
(5 votes)
Turtle Guide Book contains a wealth of information about turtles and how to care for them properly. Author Paul Bryan has owned turtles for the past 10 years, and through this guidebook, he shares his experience and knowledge with other turtle...
by Linda Kajda
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Discover the natural solution for dog skin problems in Dog Skin Solutions by Linda Kajda. This e-book reveals the author's knowledge about dog skin care and the home remedies she discovered that helped her cure her dog, Pebbles', skin...
by Nancy Wigal
(15 votes)
18 Ways to Stop Cat Urine Odor Problems is an electronic manual that presents 18 effective ways to get rid of cat urine odor once and for all. If you have long been frustrated over cleaning cat urine puddles and trying to get the smell out of your...