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by Craig Parish
(21 votes)
Horse Training Secrets Revealed is a program that will teach you the secrets and techniques of legendary horsemen and horse trainers. It is a compilation of valuable, long-lost manuscripts discovered by author Craig Parish. This program provides...
by Morten Egtvedt and Cecilie Koeste
(11 votes)
Clickertraining: 4 Secrets of Becoming a Supertrainer, comes from a Norwegian dog training team, Morten Egtvedt and Cecilie Koeste. The authors are among top Scandinavian competitors in obedience and tracking. In their book, Clickertraining: 4...
by Paula Robb
(6 votes)
Complete Cat Training is an e-book that will help you fix cat’s behavior problems and teach you the basics of cat obedience training. The guide also includes facts on nutrition and care that will enable you to have a healthy and long-lived cat...
by Andrew Grey
(15 votes)
If you're interested in raising swans either as a hobby or for profit, you'll find The Essential Beginners Guide To Raising Swans helpful. In this e-book, author Andrew Grey provides all the information you need to raise and breed swans. The...
by Mike Worthington
(6 votes)
One of the most popular fish to own is the Betta splendens. Bettas are colorful fish that can beautify any tank, but they require special care. Mike Worthington's e-book Betta Fish Secrets tells you everything you need to know about properly caring...
by Justin Bryce
(20 votes)
180 Delicious Gourmet Dog Food Recipes is a must-read if you want to cook your best friend natural, healthy, nourishing and delicious food! Author Justin Bryce gathered 180 recipes for making different dog foods and put them together in a four-book...
by Maggie Rhines
(14 votes)
Going Rawr! Dog Lover's Compendium covers everything you need to know about the raw dog food diet that can help your dog live a longer and healthier life. You'll learn the truth about commercial pet foods and the secrets to raising healthier,...
by Dr. Chris, DVM
(3 votes)
Solutions To Cat Behavior Problems will teach you how to quickly and easily put an end to your cat's aggressiveness and other problems like biting and not using the litter box. Inside Solutions To Cat Behavior Problems, you'll discover the major...