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The NLP Secret is an audio course that allows you to achieve change in any area of your life. The course is based on a technique, called neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and reveals a little known way of using this technique to get almost instant results.

The NLP Secret CD contains full introduction to neuro-linguistic programming, everything you need to know to effectively use the NLP Secret, and three unique NLP exercises. As you listen to this audio, you will learn how to get rid of any fear and release the issues that you might have. The NLP Secret will help you develop greater confidence, feel better within minutes, and enjoy a positive attitude towards life in general.

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I have become a completely different person in a good way
posted this review on October 23, 2014

NLP Secret really helped me change my life. Everything has become a lot better for me. It all started when I was struggling almost 3 years ago. I had no idea what to do with my life, but NLP Secret came along and helped me start over. With NLP Secret, I now have more charisma, and more control over my life. I have more friends at work, my home is more harmonious. To think I started out as a nobody. I was just a geeky introvert who did not have too many friends. I couldn’t even talk to my children without worrying about messing up. Now I am closer to my 2 sons, and we go camping and playing basketball. My wife says I have become a completely different person, but in a good way.

It can help you deal with any issue you have
posted this review on February 25, 2013

NLP Secret is awesome because it addresses different issues in your life at the same time. It’s perfect for people with anxiety or panic disorders or for those who have problems with their social skills, such as confidence issues and self-esteem issues. I was a quiet and shy guy before and I couldn’t hold presentations in the office. it was the only thing that was keeping me from getting a promotion, my boss told me so. I secretly played with NLP, and that’s how I found out about NLP Secret. I’ve tried others too like subliminal messaging, affirmations, other law of attraction stuff, but NLP seemed most appealing to me. I was right about getting NLP Secret. It’s really changed my life, and the way I look at it and the way I deal with other people. It’s changed me so much, and I’m really thankful. I’m pretty sure it can do the same for you so if you have problems in yourself, any problem at all, I highly recommend this.

It can really reprogram the way you think
posted this review on February 18, 2013

NLP Secret is something NLP newbies should try. It features complete explanations on what NLP is and how it works. You will also learn a lot of practical uses for NLP in this guidebook. I just got a promotion at work and my life was totally out of balance. My fear of failing suddenly resurfaced when I thought I’ve lost it years ago after graduating from college. NLP Secret managed to kill that fear once and for all. I spend a few minutes a day for the exercises and monitored myself for changes. I’m now happy with where I am. I’m not scared of the challenges anymore. In fact, facing challenges makes me feel excited. There are a lot more reasons to try NLP Secret. I’m sure whatever troubles you have in your life, NLP Secret can help you solve them.

Can change your life
posted this review on January 4, 2013

NLP Secret is THE NLP course for beginners. It’s very basic, and here you’ll learn why NLP is so popular. Why a lot of people say it helped change their lives. It can also do the same for you, like it did for me and a lot other people all over the world. Here, you will learn both theory and practice. You’ll find out how to use NLP to improve your life, and you’ll also get to practice on them a lot! The effects aren’t overnight. They’re not instant effects. You’ll need to give it some time and keep listening to the audios.

You'll be encouraged to move forward in life
posted this review on October 17, 2012

I wasn’t a believer of NLP before I found this little gem. I previously read a lot about these mind mastery programs, but never got to understand any of them fully. It’s only after I downloaded this that I realized just how helpful NLP can be in achieving my goals. I’ve been practicing NLP for 3 months now, and I’ve already gotten the promotion I never thought I’d get. I think it’s all about setting your mind on something and not accepting defeat. I also got the courage and the heart to finally talk to my ex-wife, and discuss with he how we can help each other raise our children even if we’re apart. Being able to get rid of that blockage in my life has opened so many new doors for me. I’m hoping to get married again by the middle of next year after I get the arrangements fixed with my ex-wife. Letting NLP get rid of your biggest fears will help you take several steps forward in your life.

Very happy with this purchase
posted this review on October 8, 2012

I love this NLP course! I’ve purchased another NLP course before after reading some good reviews on the positive effects on NLP, but that was totally crappy. This is my second NLP course, and I’ve been happy with the results so far. I’m a total newbie to NLP so most of the information here are new to me. I don’t know if more advanced NLP enthusiasts have seen the information before, but for me they’re entirely new, so the course is worth spending for. I’ve already noticed results in as early as 2 weeks into the program. I’ve become a positive thinker and I’ve been experiencing less stress at work. That’s great considering that I work 9-hour nightshifts until Saturdays. I don’t get as cranky now as before and I even finish work faster. I’m confident that it’s the effect of NLP because it’s the only new stuff I tried.

You'll see results if you're patient
posted this review on August 14, 2012

I got results from this product more quickly than other NLP resources. It would still be better to learn from a real practitioner, of course, but if you are on a budget, and you want to learn NLP, this is a good product to start with. However, you need to be cooperative. You need to do as the program says, and try them first before judging them. I think some people purchase these resources and have something in mind they want to see or hear, and if those expectations aren’t met, they just drop the idea altogether. It’s not good to do it that way. These things take a while to take effect and you need to be patient. It’s true that the descriptions get blown up in some way, but if you maintain a realistic mind while you’re at it, I’m sure you’ll see results in the long run.

A good buy
kenneth (from tulsa, usa) posted this review on July 7, 2012

I’m a newbie to NLP, and I’m quite pleased with this product. I learned a lot from it, and I never purchased another NLP product after. I think as long as you know the basics on this you can be on your own. This helped me get started, but now I’m learning on my own. And for the price it’s a good buy.

Information is rubbish, refund offered but none given
mariazoey (from Grandview, usa) posted this review on July 31, 2010

I ordered this product because with all its astounding claims for personal breakthrough it had a money-back guarantee. It was useless, told you how to conquer your fears by using by using better posture. (Out of respect for anyone promoting NLP who is actually well-educated, perhaps the problem was in the presenting style. If it had been administered by a therapist instead of a cd there is a chance it could have been useful.) Unimpressed, I asked for a refund. I got no response the first time; the second time they gave me an address to return the cd to. I did. I never heard from them again and they still have my money.

great product, two cds
JimDerby (from Derbyshire, UK) posted this review on December 13, 2009

very nice program for quickly changing your mindset by manipulating your physiology. comes with a bonus cd all about adopting a "genius mindset" in minutes.

really love these nlp techniques, excellent. i'd recommend this to friends.

the NLP Secret Scam!!
doobido (from Brenham, USA) posted this review on July 3, 2009

I purchased the NLP Secret only to find out that it was a copy of Michael Norman's product. I returned the product to the WCCL network and they received it on 6/19 (tracked by the post office). Today is 7/4 and they keep giving me the runaround about my refund. Please if you are interested in a product like this check out Michael Norman's (I am not an affiliate) and then google the ripoff report on the NLP Secret.


Amazing technique

I was one of the few to originally discover the NLP Secret. I've been using it for years to improve my life - in less than ten minutes. An amazing technique that will change the life of all that encounter it.

Hale Carlton

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