My Dog Tutor

by Jacob Manerson,

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Do you have a disobedient, aggressive dog? Learn how you can transform your misbehaving pooch into a gentle, obedient, happy and healthy dog in My Dog Tutor. This comprehensive /e-book written by professional dog trainer Jacob Manerson will teach you proven dog training methods that professional trainers use.

My Dog Tutor contains 186 pages of tips, tricks and other valuable information that works for all dog breeds and sizes. You'll learn the vital things you need to consider before getting a dog, the top 5 dog trainer secrets, ways to puppy- or dog-proof your house and the 6 most basic commands every dog needs to learn. You'll also learn tips, methods and techniques to put a stop to other bad behaviors such as digging in the backyard, chewing things, barking and jealousy.

With Jacob Manerson's My Dog Tutor, you'll also learn about dog food and nutrition, health care, grooming and much more. It will help you become a more responsible owner and ensure you'll have a better relationship with your precious pet.

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I would recommend the ebook to everyone.
On-Site Review

I adopted a dog from the local shelter and I had a terrible time trying to house break him. Whenever he was left alone, he would make a real mess.

I purchased this ebook and learned how to correct his behavior. It was great to see him learning. He's a really smart dog.

I would recommend the ebook to everyone. Coming home and finding things just where you left them (and not all over the floor) is worth the price alone.

San Francisco, California

Within 3 weeks I saw a very noticeable difference!
On-Site Review

My dog was quite aggressive around other animals and sometimes would bite me and other members of the family. Worse yet, he would be terrible to control once on a leash and especially if other dogs happened to be in proximity.

My Dog Tutor ebook really helped me out. I wish I'd purchased it earlier so that I would have enjoyed the company of my dog sooner.

I punished his bad behaviors with the methods in the book and rewarded the way Jacob said I should. It worked. Within 3 weeks I saw a very noticeable difference. I treated his anxiety and it really made a difference.

Nick C.,
Austin, Texas

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