Move From Grief To Joy

by Brittany Watkins,

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Professional life coach and author Brittany Watkins shares with others her experience and knowledge on how to effectively deal with grief and loss in Move From Grief To Joy. If you have lost someone and you want to get over grief, get your life back, and experience true joy again, then this program is perfect for you.

In Move From Grief To Joy, you will discover the best grief resolution techniques of experts around the world. This program will teach you proven techniques for overcoming grief and loss. It focuses on these 6 exercises guaranteed to make you feel better: Sad To Glad in 30 Seconds; Making Peace With The Past; Writing For Resolution; 6-Steps To Eliminate Pain From Bad Memories; Use Your Mind To Transform Grief Into Joy; Guided Grief Relief Meditation.

Through step-by-step video instructions, Move From Grief To Joy will show you how to release your fear and sadness, maintain the good memories of your lost love, overcome limiting beliefs, break free from victim mentality and negativity, let go of hurt, feel happy, and more. The author will guide you every step of the way; it's like having one-on-one coaching with her. The videos also come with worksheets so you'll know how to do it yourself.

Just apply the techniques from Move From Grief To Joy, and you'll experience relief in no time. This program will not only transform your emotions, but also your whole life.

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Hard work gone into this, but sadly missed the point
posted this review on January 11, 2012


Having purchased this project to assist me in my work as a Spiritualist Medium, it was a dissapointment to say the least.

I believe  the intention to provide such a resource for those grieving the loss of a loved one was honourable, but the whole thing missed the point completely.

Having lost my own mum in October 2011, suddenly and unexpectedly, some months after I purchased this programme, I did not and have not reffered to it, and I have not used it as a resource for my clients either.

My clients are seeking some form of re-assurance, comfort, healing and evidence that their loved one is still very much in their days and in their lives.

I believe that your programme is asking too much, too soon and set much higher than a grieving person can think or function at, no matter the time span in their loss.

I do believe its a lost investment in my work with the those that are grieving, but I had to see it, had to find out if it could help those that I come into contact with each and every day, and sadly I have removed the video link and thrown away the printed hard copy of the programme.

There is no move from grief to joy, there is a move from grief to acceptance and understanding,

With every good wish for future projects,

This one is not for my clients and myself.



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