The Missing Ingredient For Good Health

by Lee Euler,

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The Missing Ingredient For Good Health is special report that will tell you about a nutrient missing from your diet. It's a nutrient that can prevent cancer, arthritis, heart disease and other serious medical conditions.

Author Lee Euler believes this nutritional deficiency may be responsible for the soaring rate of serious health problems in our society. Our ancient ancestors regularly consumed this nutrient and never suffered from today's common health issues. 

Most of the foods we eat today are cooked or processed, and modern methods of food preparation destroy this essential nutrient. The Missing Ingredient For Good Health will show you how to increase the concentration of this nutrient by eating the right foods or by taking certain supplements.

The information in this report is so effective that you will start to feel the results in a day or so. By taking in this nutrient and others, you will be able to get rid of some health problems permanently.

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It helps me ensure good nutrition for the family
posted this review on November 2, 2013

The Missing Ingredient For Good Health made me realize that what I’m feeding my family isn’t as healthy as I thought. I was into the health and fitness thingy before I got married and had children. I thought my idea about eating healthy was right but with The Missing Ingredient For Good Health, I realized that eating for weight loss is different from eating for health. Now I’m sure that I’m feeding my family the best way possible.

no harm in trying
posted this review on September 25, 2013

I discovered this after serious research to help my sister. My nephew has leaky gut syndrome, so we do our best to give him the best nutrition. The Missing Ingredient For Good Health seems to be working. My nephew’s gaining weight these days, and he seems to be so much more energetic. Since we saw the result in my nephew, we also decided to practice the methods here for ourselves. I think there is no harm in sticking to a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle in general.

It's working very well for my daughter's neuroblastoma
posted this review on August 13, 2013

My daughter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, which is a form of childhood cancer. I was devastated when I found that she has to go through several cycles of chemotherapy. It was a tough choice because we didn’t want to see her suffer, but we didn’t want to lose her either. We considered natural medicine right after reading this book and a few others. It was a tough choice for us because we knew that whatever happened to her would be based on our decision. But we really didn’t want chemotherapy for her because we were given a list of all the side effects she could suffer. Some of them as extreme as going deaf, or being dwarfed. We were so scared that we thought it would have to be natural, or we’d just let her go.

The Missing Ingredient For Good Health is just one of the books we used when cooking up a natural treatment program for her. I wouldn’t recommend experimenting the way we did if your child still has a high chance of survival. In our case, our girl really had a low chance of survival, so we felt that it’d be better to try other, more experimental methods. Right now, the doctor said the tumors have shrunk considerably. He said that it’s quite miraculous, but for us, we know that it’s simply the miracle of nature.

This seems to work for different illnesses and body types
posted this review on July 5, 2013

The Missing Ingredient For Good Health is definitely a very informative resource. As a mother of 3 kids, one of them with autism, I feel that it’s my responsibility to ensure that they get the best nutrition. I have read a lot of books on health and healthy eating, and so far, this has been the most logical and easy to carry out. I am currently doing my best to introduce this missing ingredient to my children’s diet. I noticed how my child with autism has gotten more responsive since I put them on this new diet. His mind seems less foggy and he seems healthier in general. I also asked my husband to monitor himself, and he told me that his energy level increased after maybe a week or two on our new diet. As for me, I noticed less joint pain. I used to suffer from really bad joint pain, which might be arthritis, but it’s not as severe now as before. I’d just feel a bit of throbbing in there, and it would go away in a few minutes. I think the “missing ingredient” works wonders for all sorts of illnesses and all body types.

The swelling in my lymph nodes subsided in a week
posted this review on May 20, 2013

Late last year, I had a lot of lumps growing on my face and my body. They seemed to be lymph nodes getting swollen. I wasn’t diagnosed of any infection in my body, so I was shocked to see them all swelling. I also had a bit of trouble walking because my hip was painful. I went to the doctor and was bombarded by different tests and different hunches, I thought I was gonna die. My wife found The Missing Ingredient For Good Health, and she changed my diet right away. In a week, the swelling lymph nodes subsided, and I was able to walk straight again. I many not have gotten a diagnosis, but I feel so much better than before now. My whole family is following this diet now, and we’re all healthier than ever. My youngest daughter’s pimples dried up too. She had that acne for 2 years, and The Missing Ingredient For Good Health is the only one that managed to get rid of it. It’s amazing!

It isn't what I expected, but good info
posted this review on April 25, 2013

It’s not what I expected it to be, but the information is good. The secret ingredient for good health and how it can be found as well as scientific evidence backing the claims are all here. I have been on this healthy program for 3 weeks now. I feel energized, but I’m still waiting for better results.

I noticed a lot of improvements in my health
posted this review on April 22, 2013

The missing ingredient they’re talking about here can be found in natural ways like from the food you eat and a lot more. You will be able to experience a lot of good things through this “ingredient.” Some of the things that I noticed through this are a better energy level, better stress management, and I’ve also noticed better resistance from sicknesses. I used to be sick every now and then, but not anymore. I don’t take other supplements aside from following the natural methods here for having this nutrient in my body. It’s very easy to find but you have to know the right resources and the right amounts of that food you need to eat to get the right amount of that nutrient in your body. Some of the information available here can be found in other websites, but not all. There are some information that are unique to this book and some of these information are very valuable. I think it’s worth my money but it would have been better if there were more bonuses with this. Like some recipe books and stuff like that. It would have been perfect with those.

My friend who's a nurse recommended this
posted this review on April 8, 2013

I learned about The Missing Ingredient For Good Health from my friend who’s a nurse. I know that she knows a lot about these things, so I trusted her and read the book. She said to just follow the instructions in the book on how to get the missing ingredient they were talking about here. Although there are a lot of natural sources mentioned. I choose to take it in supplement form as I’m not that conscious about what I eat. I just made sure to follow the don’ts here. The real reason why I suddenly got interested in these healthy stuff is because I’ve been feeling really bad lately. My health’s been down. But now, I feel like I’m recovering my health again. It’s really impressive, but I’m not sure if it will work the same way for everyone.

The information this contains is priceless
posted this review on April 8, 2013

The Missing Ingredient For Good Health is a very informative material on eating right, and the body’s nutritional needs. I used to take multivitamins and additional vitamin E for better skin, but I’ve stopped doing that now because my skin already looks good following only the approach in this book. It’s awesome how much your health can get reflected on the quality of your skin. I’m always glowing now, and I’ve become really different from what I used to be- sluggish and cranky. Now, I always feel happy and light. This “missing ingredient” can be found naturally in the foods that we eat, and you’ll learn from this book how you can get boatloads of it without changing your diet too much. You will also get some lifestyle suggestions that will help boost the effects of this “missing ingredient.” You can also get this in supplement form, but I prefer relying on natural methods only as I’m scared those supplements I used to take might have weakened my kidney and more supplements might cause it to breakdown.

It's very good information for parents
posted this review on February 23, 2013

My son was diagnosed with a developmental problem when he was 4. The doctor said that he’s malnourished because his stomach can’t absorb much nutrition, and that’s the cause for his developmental delay. I tried many things to help accelerate his progress, like getting him into therapy programs to help him catch up. At the age of 4, he still couldn’t talk, so we bring him to speech therapy classes regularly.

One of his doctors gave us this “enzyme” for him to take. It was expensive! It really hit the family budget. I found out through The Missing Ingredient For Good Health how to make my own. My son responded well to the enzyme, but he has better response to its natural alternative. He’s rarely grumpy now, and he’s energetic most of the time. Also, he doesn’t get sick as often. We’re already seeing results in his speech, but I attribute that to his wonderful therapist. I’m not sure how you will use The Missing Ingredient For Good Health, but I think there’s no harm in following it because it’s purely natural, and as you may already know, natural is good for the body.

I feel healthier and my skin and hair look better
posted this review on January 27, 2013

I’m not a medical professional, so I can’t give professional advice, but based on my personal experience, my resistance against sickness improved after following the eating and supplementation plan from this book. Before, I used to get colds all the time, and I felt weak and tired all the time, but after following the eating tips here, I’ve become more energetic and I rarely get sick. I’ve been following this for almost a year now, and it’s gained my trust, especially because it also seems to work for my son. I’ve a 7 year old son who used to be as sickly as I was, but he’s now very healthy. You can also see changes on your skin and hair. I don’t get acne anymore and my hair looks shinier. I think this is the ultimate plan for good health. You don’t need much to be healthy, really. Just following the tips here should be enough.

Informative book... perfect for moms
posted this review on January 21, 2013

My sister has been researching a lot about these enzymes, digestive health and stuff like that because her son has digestive problems and a lot other health issues that she wanted to resolve. Her son suffered from malnutrition because of digestive problems, and his development was also hindered. She told me about this book, and that it helped turn her son to a healthy boy. She told me that this will also be great for my kids even if they don’t have problems in their digestive system. I tried it because my son was sickly then, and he was having a hard time eating a balanced diet because of all the junk food he eats when he’s with friends. Quite surprisingly, the methods in this book helped my son recover. The Missing Ingredient For Good Health is a really helpful resource for moms. This will teach you proper supplementation, so you can make up for the nutrients your children don’t get from their modern diet.

I'm confident in this secret nutrient
posted this review on January 13, 2013

The Missing Ingredient For Good Health is a very informative book. Since I incorporated more of this “secret nutrient” into my diet, I noticed that I got less sickly. I was really sickly before. I used to get colds and flu every now and then. I use up my sick leaves all the time and I really make good use of our health card. I’ve been researching on the best ways to maintain good health when I found this book. I read a lot of good feedbacks about it, so I went ahead and tried. When I told my husband about its effects on me, he said it could just be placebo effect, but then when I also let him try it, he also noticed so much improvement in his health and energy levels. He’s gotten back to playing sports now because he can already handle stress at work better, and he always feels energized after work and during the weekends. I am now confident in the power of this “secret nutrient.”

It seems to be reversing aging
posted this review on October 21, 2012

I think the information in this little book is priceless. I didn’t realize I was missing this nutrient from my diet until I read this book. After that, I tried following the instructions here on getting that nutrient sufficiently, and surprisingly, I noticed a change in my health condition in just a short time. I used to be very moody because of my aches and pains all over my body but because of this little gem and the secret nutrient it introduces, I managed to get rid of the pains, and have an altogether better mood and outlook. I’m 54 by the way, so I’m increasingly becoming unhealthy. This knowledge of the new nutrient seems to slow-down, and even reverse the aging process for me. If you are getting the same results, please leave a comment here so that others may know.

For holistic wellness
posted this review on October 10, 2012

The book is informative enough for 100 dollars and yet it’s sold for only 20 dollars, so I think there really is nothing to complain about. As simple as the “missing nutrient” is, it has done wonders for my health and my life in general. If you believe that to have a good mind, you need to have a good body first, then this is definitely gonna work for you for holistic improvement. I’ve followed this book religiously for 2 months now, and the changes have been awesome! I don’t feel sluggish the entire day, and I can even be at my best performance even when I get a ton of paperwork to do. I am less  moody too, something my husband is very happy about. For a 52-yr old woman, this book is a rare find. It’s made me feel 20 again!

useful information
posted this review on July 6, 2012

I’m so glad I found this book. I’ve been suffering from numerous body pains and sluggishness before, but I never though malnutrition is to blame. I eat enough, the same as what the average person eats, so I never thought it possible for me to suffer from the problem. It’s great to finally have a clear guide to follow on which foods I should, and should not eat. I am now avoiding the processed foods stated in the book, and replacing them with healthier, natural foods that have the nutrients I need.


I could stand erect, next to my bed, without having to bend over

I was unable to straighten my leg at the knee or to lower my thigh, due to spasms in the calf muscles and the hip flexor. My wife picked me up and took me to a hospital emergency room where I got pain medication and muscle relaxers. I was told to stay in bed for two weeks. By Thursday [three days later] I did not have any reduction in symptoms and literally had to crawl to the lavatory. That is when I took the missing ingredient... I took the pills on that Monday and when I woke up Tuesday morning I had literally lost almost all of the pain. I could stand erect, next to my bed, without having to bend over. The reduction in pain was remarkable.


I am completely functional and feeling good

Before the new supplement, I would just run out of energy having to deal with constant head pain. I would be wiped out by six in the evening... After starting the supplements, I was completely functional and feeling good, even as late as ten o'clock at night. So I would sit in a chair and, being incredibly aware that my head did not hurt, think about what I should do next. What should I do now... now that I have four extra hours every day?!

Karen DeFelice
Lifelong Migraine Sufferer

My Surgery is cancelled now!!

I've been taking Zantac and other drugs without much relief... I was scheduled for surgery when I started to use the Missing Ingredient. I use it with meals and even when I have a snack... I'm able to live pain-free now.

Iron Ridge, Wisconsin

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