Math Worksheet Collection

by Tim Wei,

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Math Worksheet Collection is a tool that will make learning and practicing math fun. It consists of 2 e-books - the Math Riddle Book and Secret Code Math. They're designed for parents (especially homeschool parents) and teachers looking for unique, effective and fun ways to help children learn math and keep their skills sharp.

Math Worksheet Collection covers a variety of math topics, including column addition, subtracting across zero, mental addition and subtraction, place value, multiplication and division basics and much more. In the Math Riddle Book, kids have to complete a set of math problems to decode the answer to a fun riddle. They will learn and laugh with this e-book. In Secret Code Math, kids will use picture-symbol keys to solve a math problem. These e-books are good supplements to any math learning programs they have in school.

Math Worksheet Collection is an effective way for kids to build their math skills. It's a tool that kids, their parents and their teachers can enjoy.

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I love the worksheets
On-Site Review

I thank Tim for compiling the Math Riddle Book. I'm a long term sub and my students love them and so do their parents. When I use them (which is not every day, of course) they get excited about doing their homework. What I love about the worksheets is that they are essentially self-correcting. I started using them with the subtraction concept of 'borrowing across zero' because I knew that some kids were struggling with the concept. Since they had to get the correct answer in order to solve the puzzle, they kept re-working their problems until they were correct rather than just adopting a 'get it done and I don't care if it's correct' attitude. I did notice that the erasures in the first 5 problems were considerably greater than in the subsequent problems indicating that they 'got it'.

Anne H.

It was a great investment
On-Site Review

I homeschool my kids (7 and 8 years old) and was looking for a good math curriculum supplement. They need the math practice with subtraction, but subtraction drills in our workbooks got boring after kids love the riddles. It was a great investment.

Dawn G.

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