Make Women Laugh

by Martin Merrill,

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Make Women Laugh is a step-by-step guide that will help you make any woman laugh and feel attracted to you. In his book, Martin Merrill reveals tested and proven techniques that create instant results. By using his methods, you can make women laugh, regardless of their education, personality, intelligence or cultural background.

With the help of Make Women Laugh you’ll be able to approach the person you like with new confidence and wit. Here’s a short preview of what you will learn in the Make Women Laugh e-book:

  • The single biggest difference between an average and funny guy,
  • How to converse interestingly and funny with any woman,
  • Powerful technique that will make a woman open up to you,
  • Why most pick up lines don’t work,
  • 4 basic strategies that can help you make women laugh,
  • How to leverage the power of the subconscious mind,
  • How to make humor an inner part of you,
  • Ways to take charge of conversation,
  • The type of joke you should always tell first,
  • One thing that can completely ruin your chances with a woman,
  • How you can become the funniest guy in the group,
  • And more…
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I enjoy all the attention!
posted this review on July 21, 2014

Make Women Laugh helped me become more popular with women, and I have to admit that I enjoy all the attention I get from girls. I thoroughly enjoy all the praises and all the laughter I get from the women in my office. I have also become more popular with the guys. When women want you, other guys automatically respect you. I am happy that I found Make Women Laugh, and I’m sure this will help be helpful for other men too who want to learn the fine art of seducing women through humor. Thumbs up!

Makes it easy to be the hot funny kinda guy
posted this review on January 16, 2013

Making women laugh is the easiest way to get them comfortable with you. Make Women Laugh taught me a lot of ways to make women laugh without looking like a clown. It’s being Adam Sandler kind of funny. It’s the hot funny type as my girlfriend puts it. This is a useful book! Try it.

You'll find lots of great ideas here
posted this review on January 6, 2013

It’s easiest to get a woman’s attention if you can make her laugh. It’s like big boobs for men, an instant way to get attention. Make Women Laugh is helpful if you want to be the funny guy. You’ll learn a lot of delivery tips and tricks here on building up excitement and all, but creativity and sense of humor are still important keys!

The book is really entertaining
posted this review on December 4, 2012

Make Women Laugh is an entertaining and informative book. I learned a lot about it, and my sense of humor is 10 or 20 times better now. I’m not that awkward dork I was before. It’s like everything comes naturally to me now. I can find something funny in any situation, and I’ve become a lot more witty too. Women like that! My sense of humor has become my asset now!

I'm sure you'll find it easy being the funny guy!
posted this review on October 19, 2012

I can’t believe it’s this easy to be the funny guy! I was formerly very unpopular with the ladies, but now a lot of them like me – no they love me! Girls in parties, and almost anywhere I go love having conversations with me and the feeling is just awesome.

Funny guys are really a hit with women!
posted this review on October 19, 2012

Having the ability to make women laugh is probably one of the things women look for in choosing a man. I  wasn’t a funny guy before, but I really wanted to be one because I’ve got a lot of friends who are not handsome but women chase after them because they’re funny. I downloaded several books on developing the kind of sense of humor that women want to see in men, and this is the best one I’ve read. Others are stand-up comedian-ish, which does not appeal sexy to women. Others are about being generally funny, which is something I think wouldn’t work well for women either. This one has one goal, and that is to attract women by making them laugh, so it’s exactly what I need to catch ‘em girls! Right now I’m dating 3 girls and they all know about each other, but I guess they’re fine with sharing. I’m not taking anyone seriously yet. Having fun with them is enough!

Helped me develop my sense of humor
posted this review on August 16, 2012

This is an entertaining read about why all guys should strive to be funny. It’s also got information on how to be the funny guy everyone wants to be. I’m an averagely funny guy, but only to girls I’m comfortable with like friends or officemates. When it comes to those I’ve just met, I really cannot crack a single joke. That’s too bad, since you gotta make an impression the first time you meet women, so it’s the perfect time to be funny. This book helped me overcome the negativities I have about being a joker in front of people I’ve just met. It’s given me so much more confidence in my sense of humor, and I’m making more friends now and getting more girls interested. It’s a great way to learn about being funny, not just with women but with everyone in general.

funny guys get the girls
posted this review on July 9, 2012

Back in high school, I had a friend who was very good with women. I always wondered why women get attracted to him because he isn’t that handsome. In fact I look better than him. As years went by, I realized that he makes women laugh so easily. He was the class clown in highs school, and that’s probably the reason why women loved being around him. When I asked him about it one drinking session, he confirmed my suspicion that women like him because he’s funny. I asked him for tips but he said it’s just his natural personality, and that it can’t be taught.

While I was randomly surfing the net, I saw this book, and purchased it right away. I practiced the techniques, and although I looked silly at first, I got better and better at them. When I tried some of the methods on women, they worked.  I am still practicing the more advanced techniques right now, as I’m sure they’ll help me get better women.


I highly recommend

A lot of other books will tell you that humor is important, but this book actually shows, step-by-step, how to become funny, even if you are currently as humorous as Saddam Hussain.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to become funny, regardless of their goals.

Sean Morrissy

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