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Luxury Wholesale Online is a subscription-based website which caters to wholesale buyers of luxury goods. For a minimal monthly subscription fee, one can already start accessing thousands of luxury brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Dior, Coach, Armani, Chanel and many other brands. And what’s more, these are being sold at wholesale and outlet prices, and if your timing is right, maybe at 70%-80% off retail prices. So, just imagine buying authentic designer handbags, shoes, purses, scarves, wallets, and clothes at less than a hundred dollars.

Yes, Luxury Wholesale Online even goes on sale. What makes it more fun is you can now start shopping right in the comfort of your own home. No more pushing and shoving, no more cat-fights over who got the shoes first, and no more waiting at long lines.  Luxury Wholesale Online gives the buyer a shopping experience like no other. All products are authentic, and after cutting-out a  middleman or two, the goods are now sold at a much lower rate. Members get the perks of getting the goods straight from the designer’s factory, goes through the jobbers then it goes directly to the buyer. No hassles, no expensive fees. Just like going through a catalog, you can take your pick from hundreds of new items, as well as styles from previous seasons. What makes Luxury Wholesale Online different from other sites is that their goods come from exclusive sources, and the products comes with their original dustbags, boxes and authenticity cards.

Price: $9.95 + $19.95/month
You will be charged $9.95 today and then additional $19.95 per month. You can cancel your subscription anytime.
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My experiences of Luxury Wholesale Shopping
posted this review on February 3, 2015

I love these types of membership programs. Its a cool concept and has really taken the internet by storm. I just joined this luxury membership program that my co-workers have been talking about, its called Luxury Wholesale Online. I got my wife a Real Gucci bag for $30 and she got a lot of attention when she visited me at work.

Surprisingly cheap products!
posted this review on October 23, 2014

This website has some surprisingly cheap products on their database. I was actually surprised when I found out how cheap the products were because I have checked out a similar website in the past, and it was nowhere as great as this. This one has a wider selection. There are more choices, and the choices are more amazing! I got 2 Gucci bags, 2 Pradas, and 1 Burberry. I’m a bag freak! I never would have been able to buy that many within just a year if not for Luxury Wholesale. I’m not rich, but I feel like a million bucks wearing those bags I got from the website. There are other stuff on there like shoes and accessories, but I’m not into them, so I have no idea if they’re as great as the bag selection. Go check it out! I guarantee you won’t regret shopping here instead of in the mall. Plus, you don’t have to join mall sale brawls to get what you want. It’s totally convenient, the price is great. There’s nothing more I can ask for.

posted this review on November 2, 2013

If you love branded products you will definitely love this website. These are branded stuff from all over the world, not just US. You can get stuff straight from factories and manufacturers, you will get old stocks, you will get rare items. You just have to be creative and you’ll surely et something good from this website. I discovered this while I was looking for an old Coach bag that I saw on Lookbook. It’s an older design so I couldn’t find it in stores anymore. I researched on where I can find limited edition designer products and this is what I found. I’d say I got more than I asked for. This is now my favorite source of limited edition items, old stocks at cheaper prices, and stuff from other countries. There are so many suppliers here. I’m now planning to start my own online business selling stuff I get from here.

The suppliers are definitely trustworthy
posted this review on July 1, 2013

I recently started an online shop selling designer items. I had a supplier before but she started charging me more and more after each transaction we had, probably because she noticed how well my business was doing. Luxury Wholesale Online Subscription helped me find other more reasonable suppliers. There are actually so many suppliers here for different products, like shoes and bags. I was able to expand my business from apparels only to accessories and a lot more. And these are all DESIGNER items. I get a lot of older stocks, but they still mostly look new. There are even rare finds here that I get to sell for thrice the original amount. It’s really fun shopping wholesale especially since it’s for business purposes. I don’t feel guilty feeding the addicted shopper in me because I know I’m going to earn money from it. Anyway, if you want the same business, Luxury Wholesale Online Subscription should be the first website you join.

Worth the investment!
posted this review on September 26, 2012

It’s great investing in a membership for this website. I’ve an eBay store and before I used to sell only my pre-loved designer products. I got them when I was single, and didn’t have kids to spend for, but when I started selling some of them, a lot of customers kept asking for more. I purchased some pre-loved items from friends and other online sellers with less fierce marketing techniques, but those stocks weren’t enough to keep the business running. This website is heaven sent. Since I got this, my store never ran out of stocks. Some of my newer clients can’t believe I’m selling brand new and authentic products because they’re so much cheaper than the usual prices. I even have to offer them a money back guarantee to convince them that my products are authentic. My eBay business is booming now, and I still get my stocks from here. If you’d like to try this kind of business, I suggest joining this website first. There are plenty of customers for us to share!

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