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Internet Secrets website contains firsthand information on how to make income using Google and Clickbank programs. Your access to this website will allow you to view and learn the strategies that Jean, the author, mastered for one year to make substantial residual income from home.

Internet Secrets is different from other programs that only teach people how to build a site and install Google Adsense account on it. In this program, Jean will personally create a website with 300+ pages ready to make money for you. These Web pages will display Adsense ads using your Adsense account as well as banners from top paying Clickbank merchants.

Trial Offer: $2.95 today + $49.50/week (starting after 7 days and ending after 2 payments)
We are offering you a chance to try Internet Secrets for $2.95 for 7 days. After that, If you decide that you want to continue using this product you will be billed $49.50 in two bi-weekly installments.
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posted this review on January 19, 2015

I truly believe that this is a Scam!  I ordered the program 13 weeks ago and I have received nothing!  Randy doesn't answer my questions and just sends me standard pre-printed emails.  I have asked for my money back but of course, no response.


Do not be taken in by this program.  Randy and Jean are sitting back collecting the money with no intentions of helping you!

Surprisingly simple
posted this review on September 26, 2013

It’s a simple way to make money from the Internet. The instructions are very easy to follow, but setup takes so much time, and if you’re an internet dummy, it might be more challenging than you imagine. The money is good, but not enough for me to leave my fulltime job.

I started making money on the 3rd month
posted this review on August 29, 2013

I’m leaving this review because I made a lot of money from Internet Secrets this month – my 3rd month of the program. The first month was really disappointing. I expected the money to come in right away as detailed in the sales page of this earning plan, but the money didn’t come until the 3rd month. I think the plan is good but the sales letter and some of the parts of the guide are misleading. They should be honest about how long you should wait and how patient you should be before you see results. The figures are also a bit exaggerated in my opinion. You won’t become a millionaire through this business alone, unless you make an entire internet empire, which at this point is impossible for me. All in all, you will make money from this program, but don’t expect too much. You will just end up getting disappointed. This is just enough for additional income because I believe its seasonal and simple changes to how the internet goes will terribly impact your business. It’s too risky to make this a fulltime source of income, although you can earn really good money some months like I did this month.

A lot of neat ways to make money
posted this review on January 2, 2013

Internet Secrets has some pretty neat ways of making money through affiliate marketing. It’s the least risky business you can try, and you can start with it with less than a hundred dollars. Jean is great at what she dos. My website was up in a week, and it looked professionally made. Not really that pretty, but it’s good enough to be trusted and generate some income for me. The first week alone, I already gained back everything I had to spend for the websites. Now, I’m earning more and more from it because I’ve already setup the entire business and I’m already driving more traffic to the website Jean setup for me. She also offers great customer service. She’s ok to chat about the business and how you can expand it, and she’s fine sharing more techniques. I’m glad I gave this a chance. It’s not overnight millions, but at least it’s good enough for a side income. Plus there’s not too  much work involved.

I highly recommend Jean
posted this review on December 1, 2012

Internet Secrets is perfect for people who are just starting to earn from the Internet. Earning online is easy if you learn from something like this, but if not, you’ll go bananas figuring stuff out on your own. I was like that when I was just getting started with my online business. Now, my business is full blast, thanks to everything I learned from Internet Secrets. Jean also did a great job setting up my website for me! Highly recommended service.

Very good source of side income
Lisa White (from Yucaipa, USA) posted this review on October 26, 2012

I’m a work at home mother. I write articles for several websites, but aside from writing I don’t know much about the Internet. It’s only a friend who introduced me to writing for the Internet, and that’s how I got started. Once while researching for a topic I was writing about, I found this program. I’ve seen many others in the past, but for some reason, this is the only one that caught my attention and convinced me to buy. It’s probably because I won’t be doing the dirty work of setting up a website. Jean’s setup my website in just 2 weeks, and now I’m earning good money from it. It’s not a fulltime income, but very good side income, and I don’t even have to do anything. I continue with my writing gigs and just check this Internet business from time to time.

Jean Google Clickbank Program
p4wealth (from London, United Kingdom) posted this review on March 31, 2010

This is a very wonderful program as far as I know . I joined the program few weeks ago and all my site are ready . they respond to request and they are very helpful . It certain you will make money . It s the best program I have ever seen that keeps to promise .

Internet Criminal should be the name!!
esco2esco (from Birmingham, UK) posted this review on March 25, 2010

What a scam!!!!!

At first seems very professional always replying to my emails and he along with explaining all the instructions to follow , structured well!

then a few weeks after setting up everything I get an email saying that he is having problems with the program so I shall get a refund as long as I send him my paypal confirmation of payment.

I do that and is promised my money refunded in few days.
I wait....nothing, so email back, he asks me so send the paypal email, I say have done already but i send it again....few weeks NOTHING STILL

i write an irate email asking what is his game? still nothing!!!!

I now know I wont get my money back from this scam merchant but Im not mad I am just going to go on a mission to poison his name and make sure as many people possible know about this scammer to drive the likes of him out of business and away from the internet if possible!

I Was Scammed
hsm1018 (from Temple, USA) posted this review on March 5, 2010

I looked at this program,and thought it looked like the real deal,but after I signed up,it became a nightmare.They promised to give you everything you need for x amount of dollars.They quickly took my money ,but did not set me up.They never answered their phone,and after much pressure,over a 2 month period,they said they have me set up,then they sent me an email stating that they want more money,and thats when I cut them off.Talk is cheap.Don't get scammed like I did.


A system that finally works for me

I have experienced lots of Internet business opportunities and I can honestly say that I have never come close to the money this system is making me every month.

Samuel Thurman,
Chicago, IL

Single moms must check this out.

I'm a single mother with three kids, and I was not pulling in enough income to support us. Now all that has changed! I am now making more money than I have ever dreamed. Soon I'm going to buy a new house, I'm so happy.

JoAnne Williams,
Bakersfield, CA

I'm glad I followed my first instinct.

My husband and I divorced a year ago, and I was left with nothing but bills to catch up on. I ran across this site, and a gut feeling told me this was my ticket to get back on my feet. I was skeptical at first, but I'm glad I followed my first instinct. So far I've made enough money to pay off some past loans, help my son through college, and buy a new car.

K. Thomas,
Atlanta, GA

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