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Hypnosis Dowloads com offers more than 500 hypnosis downloads, including weight loss, relationships, sleep, stress management, and much more. All downloads are professionally recorded and come from the leading hypnotherapy educators in the UK.

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On the HypnosisDownloads com, you can also find different hypnosis dvds, CDs and guides. Hypnosis Unwrapped training DVD, for example, teaches you everything you need to know to use hypnosis safely and effectively. In this triple DVD, you get to learn every skill and technique, language pattern and intonation.

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For professional hypnotherapists, Hypnosis Downloads com offers a variety of hypnosis scripts. All scripts use indirect hypnotic language and can be adapted for working with individual clients.

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Most of these have great quality
posted this review on September 11, 2013

Most of the downloads I got here have great quality. Compared to other download websites, this has fewer fillers. Of course I still prefer premium downloads from hypnosis, manifestation, and NLP masters, but when I want simple downloads that are cheap yet relaxing and enjoyable, I go for Hypnosis Downloads. There are also disappointing ones, but I think it all depends on your taste and your personal needs. But if you think hypnoses audios are miraculous, you’re dead wrong. I mainly use these for relaxation purposes, and just as a confidence booster or a motivator. Pretty much like a friend talking me into going to the gym again or getting rid of that chick I keep chasing. But they’re not gonna solve problems for you.

More expensive than others but clearly a lot better
posted this review on August 31, 2013

If you’re willing to spend a bit of money for high-quality hypnosis audios, Hypnosis Downloads is the best choice. The audios here are more expensive than those on other websites, but these are really really high-quality. I’ve checked out a lot of audios here, and I noticed how much better they are than others that I got for free and for lower prices. These are obviously professionally made and you feel the effects right away. It still depends on how easily you absorb hypnotic suggestions but for me these are really quick. It’s worth the money if you really need results more than relaxation and soothing.

I got all 10 downloads I got from here
Evie S. (from Los Angeles, USA) posted this review on August 30, 2013

If you’re into hypnosis, I highly recommend this website. The audios here are better than others I’ve tried. A lot of people don’t see how helpful hypnosis audios are because they mistake cheap YouTube audios for the real stuff. Well, I thought the same thing before, and I was wrong. Real hypnosis audios are very effective. The ones I got here did what they were supposed to do. I’ve lost weight through hypnosis and got over a breakup as well. I can’t say that everyone will have the same response to the program, but it’s probably gonna be effective for most people. I’ve 10 downloads from this website right now, and I find them all very helpful. They are for different uses, but they’re all relaxing. That’s usually what you’re gonna notice first. You will feel more relaxed and less anxious even when you’re in tough situations. As you keep using the audios, you will feel its effects more and more. For tougher needs like weight loss, or those that have actual physical effects, you might need to wait a little longer for results.

There are hits and misses
posted this review on August 17, 2013

I’m rating this based on the average score I’m giving to all of the audios I currently have in my stash. There are some hits and some misses here, and it’s really pretty hard to tell right away which audios are good and which are bad because they don’t have individual reviews for each audio. The only sure way to know is to try. But yeah, to make this review more effective, I’ll just leave my top three here, which are Be Less Negative Pack, Feel lighter hypno-pack, and How to Deal with Difficult People. I tend to order in packs because it saves me money.

Happy with my first two downloads!
Honey O'neil (from Lusby, USA) posted this review on July 6, 2013

I got my first two hypnosis audios from this website the other week, and now this has become my go-to hypnosis source. I was totally converted! You can view a full list of their hypnosis audios on the website, but I’ll just tell you about the two I’ve tried last week, which are Be Frugal and Trust Yourself. I like Be Frugal better than Trust Yourself because it’s such a unique hypnosis audio, and it’s got unique thoughts in it as well. Trust Yourself is good, but it’s a bit more common than the other one. I’ve yet to try others, but for now I’m really pleased with the first two that I got.

Been a fan of this website for 3 years!
Rizza Clark (from Imbler, USA) posted this review on May 13, 2013

I like most of the Hypnosis Downloads I got from here. I’ve been a fan for 4 years. I’ve downloaded more than 20 hypnosis audios from them. They’re mostly addictive. I started with their weight loss hypnosis 3 years ago. I was trying to lose post-natal weight back then. I was already into hypnosis but the weight loss hypnosis here is the only one that I liked. The website looked crappy then, but I really liked the audio, so I kept buying more. I have other audios in my collection, but so far the ones from here are my favorites.

the best ones are from the self-help cat
posted this review on April 25, 2013

Hey! Just wanted to share that I found some of the best hypnosis audios here! It’s the perfect hypnosis database. It’s got so many ads everywhere. Weirdly enough, I saw this while looking at a fashion website. I clicked it and got some hypnoses from it. I love the whole idea of working from the inside of your brain outward. Makes making changes in your life easier. Check it out. The best ones are from the self-help category of course.

I love this!
posted this review on April 22, 2013

Hypnosis Downloads is a great website! I love it! It’s got all the hypnosis that I need for different purposes. I don’t really need some of the hypnoses here, but they’re just fun to have especially since I love meditating. Most of the hypnoses I get from here are from the self-improvement category. Some of my favorites are Find Your Identity, Self Esteem in Relationships, and You’re Worth It. These help a lot when I’m stressed out, or when I’m feeling emotional pain. There are a lot others from the website that I enjoy listening to, but these are my favorites. There are hundred others you can choose from on the website. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy listening to them.

Most of the hypnoses are very effective
posted this review on March 17, 2013

I used the hypnoses in Hypnosis Downloads to quit smoking. I’ve always wanted to quit but it’s really difficult. I don’t have enough willpower to do it. I work in an environment of smokers and heavy drinkers, and sometimes the temptations get to me. I realized that the only way to be free from smoking is to alter my mindset, to change the way I think. It’s probably because my conscious mind doesn’t want to smoke anymore, but my subconscious still thinks it’s a cool thing to do. With Hypnosis Downloads, I got to alter my subconscious as well so that even when I have a lot of people around me smoking, I don’t get tempted to do the same. I highly recommend 10 Steps to Become a Non-smoker for those who are new to this website. This is something that will really change the way you think about smoking, and you’ll finally be free from the temptation.

I liked the hypnosis audios I got from here
posted this review on March 15, 2013

So glad I found hypnosis downloads. The audios on this website have got really high quality. Most of them are impressive. I’ve got 2 from the Enjoy Life category, 2 from Personal Productivity, and I got one for my daughter from the Pregnancy section. I’ve downloaded all of these audios in less than a month of being a Hypnosis Downloads fan. My favorite has to be Eyes of a Child. It helps me relax after a long day, and it never fails to make me feel lighter and more carefree all the time. It’s like being a child again, and not having to care about the world. The feeling’s amazing!

The website is famous for a good reason
posted this review on February 24, 2013

This website is popular for a reason. The quality of the audios is awesome, and the website is easy to navigate too. You can find audios for almost any need too, so you don’t have to keep looking elsewhere.

the audios affect my mood a lot!
posted this review on February 4, 2013

Hypnosis Downloads is everywhere these days, and that’s why it’s just now that I remembered to leave this comment. I found Hypnosis Downloads on this website two years ago. It looked different then. It was just a simple website then, but probably because of the quality of the audios, a lot of people supported it and it quickly grew into a really nice, professional looking website, that’s actually a large database of high quality hypnosis audios. Now that’s quite a long description isn’t it? All I want to share is that I really love all the audios I’ve downloaded from this website so far. I haven’t tried their audios for special needs yet, but their feel good audios are guaranteed amazing! I listen to them before dozing off, and while relaxing at work, and they always keep me revved up. When I’m feeling a bit sleepy at work I listen to some of their audios, and I get positive, happy and alert again. The hypnoses here really influence me a lot. I highly recommend downloading some!

Perfect for stress relief
posted this review on January 27, 2013

I love hypnosis downloads! I’ve tried 3 of their audios and loved each one to bits! They’re so clear and soothing I can listen to them and doze off to their sound. They’re also effective for what they say they will do. I got the one for boosting confidence, and I really felt it working on my life. It’s amazing feeling this confident now. I’m trying some of their weight loss audios next after I’m done with these 2 other happiness hypnoses I’ve downloaded. These audios are perfect stress relievers!

Clear audios that do exactly what they say they'll do
Francis Crafton (from Toivola, USA) posted this review on January 26, 2013

I like Hypnosis Downloads because it’s got very specific hypnosis audios. These audios have titles that tell you exactly what they’re for and what they can do to you. I have a lot of audios from here covering different categories and needs. Sometimes when I’m feeling low, I just go ahead and download something from here, and keep listening to it, and I feel better. The audios you will find here are of high-quality. They’re so easy to listen to, and they really do what they say they will do. When they say they’ll make you feel happy, they will, and when they say they will help you lose weight they will. It all works in the mind. These aren’t just some random recordings. They’re carefully studied and crafted audios that have an impact on the way you think. They communicate directly to your subconscious. I listen to these audios during bedtime, and most of the time, I just sleep with them playing in my ear. Some audios I listen to when I feel stressed out at work. You can also read more about the hypnotherapists behind these audios if you are having second thoughts about buying.

This has already earned my trust and respect
posted this review on January 26, 2013

I’ve read a lot of articles and forum posts recommending HypnosisDownloads.com, so I gave it a try. I downloaded one of the audios in their Weight Loss section because I was trying to lose some postpartum weight then. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl, my first, a few months ago, and I couldn’t stop myself from gaining weight after that. My first audio was Low Carb Diet, and I observed myself for a week. I noticed that I didn’t crave carbs as much as I used to before, so I kept on listening to the audio. After a month, I’ve already lost 15lbs. just because of cutting down on carbs. After that, I downloaded Stop Comfort Eating, which also helped me cut down on snacking, and control my portions. I think you just have to pinpoint your problem and get the audio that will fix it best. For me, I know that I tend to eat a lot when I’m being emotional so that’s what I got. After a month, when I was feeling low on motivations, and I was being pulled back to eating a lot, that was the holidays, I got Weight Loss Motivation and Think Thin. I liked all 4 audios that I downloaded from this website. They really contributed a lot to my weight loss. I tried many times to do it without the help of these hypnoses but it was next to impossible. I don’t usually recommend products especially those from online, but Hypnosis Downloads has earned my trust and respect.

The best hypnosis database I've seen
posted this review on January 18, 2013

Hypnosis Downloads is the best hypnosis database I’ve ever come across. It’s got the best audios and they are really effective for what they say they will do. I’ve tried several of their audios, and my favorite has to be their audios in the enjoy life and self-esteem sections. I have self-esteem issues, I’ve had it since I was in middle school. I didn’t enjoy middle school and high school much because of my low self-esteem. Sometimes, I’d also get anxiety. As I grew up, my anxiety went away, but my self-esteem and confidence issues stayed. I’ve been with Hypnosis Downloads for more than a year now. I’ve tried Your Life Story, Building Self Esteem, Inferiority Complex, Self Acceptance, and the latest is Self Esteem in Relationships because I recently got a boyfriend. This is my first serious relationship, so I’m still learning the ins and outs of being in one. I try my best not to rely too much on the audios. I know that I have to help myself too. I just let them be my safety nets for when I’m about to go back to my old self. They really work for me. I don’t know how or why, but they do, and I hope you try them too. They might make the awesome changes in your life that you’ve been waiting for.

High-quality hypnosis audios
posted this review on January 13, 2013

If you want high quality hypnosis audios across different topics, Hypnosis Downloads is the only website you’ll ever need. It’s an awesome website and they hypnoses in it are reasonably priced too. I’m happy with all my purchases so far. I think no other hypnosis database compares to this when it comes to the quality of its audios.

There are so many high-quality audios in here
posted this review on January 13, 2013

Hypnosis Downloads is great. It’s got a lot of high quality hypnosis audios that you won’t find anywhere else. Most of their products are exclusive hypnosis audios so you will surely get your money’s worth. They also cover a lot of needs like for sports, for confidence, for weight loss, for kicking a habit, and a lot more. I usually just listen to relaxation hypnosis. They clear my mind and get me ready for the day. Just recently, I discovered the use of hypnosis for better memory and information retention. I’ve been using it since. I like how it works on me. I’ve been having trouble remembering stuff for school recently, and this has helped me a lot. I don’t get as stressed out at in school anymore, and work is usually fine too. Yep, hypnoses are great for working students. They help you focus on one task at a time, and help you accomplish tasks more quickly too. I highly recommend Hypnosis Downloads. I’m sure they will help you cope with your busy lifestyle better.

High quality, low price
posted this review on January 11, 2013

Hypnosis Downloads.com is a great website for building up your hypnosis collection. Some girls collect makeup, others collect clothes, I collect hypnosis audios and I’m mighty proud of it. I have a few hundreds in my collection now, and a lot of them I got from this website. This is one of my 2 favorite hypnosis websites. I won’t be mentioning the other one here, but you can find it on this site as well. Just browse for similar products. What I like about the audios here is that they are very clear. The quality is great, and they’re not as expensive as others. I won’t say they’re cheap, but you get more than your money’s worth from them. They also do what they say they will do. They’re not just random audios you listen to when you’re bored. They’re very functional. If you’re still settling for free hypnosis audios, it’s time for you to try at least one from here. I’m sure you’ll notice the difference right away, and you’ll never go back.

Home of high-quality hypnosis materials
posted this review on December 30, 2012

If you’re looking for high quality hypnosis downloads, Hypnosis Downloads.com is perfect! There are so many audios covering different needs. I first used this to help get rid of my anxiety. I didn’t want to go to a doctor then, so I tried the soothing audios here. After that effectively got rid of my anxiety, I tried other audios from their collection. I’ve now tried so many audios from them. They’re of varying qualities but most of them are good. You can always return those that you don’t like. Their customer support is great, so you shouldn’t have problems with that. I don’t recommend the CDs because they’re too expensive. It’s better to download the audios from the website. It’s cheaper and faster that way. There are also some hypnotherapy courses and scripts on their website if you’re interested in learning how to do it. It’s a complete website of hypnosis materials, so it’s really worth visiting.

I'm hooked!
posted this review on November 24, 2012

At first I was skeptical about buying hypnoses from this website because they’re more expensive than others. I get hypnoses for free sometimes, and some are really cheap ones, so when I saw the hypnoses here, it took me a lot of time deciding whether or not to buy them. I decided to try just one, for relaxation, and my, the quality is really different from cheapo hypnoses audios! The voice is very soothing, there are no stupid background noises, and it’s really relaxing. Exactly the way I wanted it to be. I just found myself downloading one audio right after the other. I now have a large collection of hypnoses from this website, and I like them all. I never went back to cheap or even free hypnosis audios after this because they just don’t deliver. Just check it out and try. I’m sure you’ll be hooked too!

Effective but a bit steep
Donald W. (from LA, USA) posted this review on November 1, 2012


I have two audio packs from this website, the one for social skills and the other one for attracting women. They’re both great. So far I don’t have any complaints about them except that they’re a little steep for my taste. I used to love free hypnoses from YouTube, but they didn’t get me anywhere, so I was forced to buy. If they can offer these products for like 50% off the current price, I’d say they’re perfect. They’re effective, but 30 bucks for each pack is just too much for me. But if you’re willing to spend that much money for effective hypnoses audios, then go ahead and get all you want from the database. I think they’re all of high-quality.

High quality audios for cheaps
posted this review on August 23, 2012

There are so many hypnosis downloads from this website, and they are all of high quality. There’s one for every need in their large database, so there’s definitely a lot you will find useful for yourself. The downloads are also affordable, considering their quality and their effectiveness. I tried the weight loss audios from the website, and I’ve been losing weight steadily since I got started. It’s surprising how quick the results are. I listen to the audios every chance I got, and my, I feel goo after each session! I’m sure you’ve tried free hypnosis audios before, they do not come close to the ones you will find in this website. Certainly deserves 10 stars!

Great audios and topnotch support
posted this review on July 17, 2012

I like this website. The hypnoses are great. They’re effective for me. I’ve used other audios before, but after finding this website, I never went back. They have so many collections to choose from, and I liked most of what I downloaded. I started with their basic ones, including the instructional audio about using hypnosis, and after that I couldn’t help downloading more. I initially used their audios to overcome grief after my divorce. Now, I use them for almost anything in my life I wish to improve. I feel more at peace after listening to their audios. My confidence and stress management have also become better. Those are indications that they are effective.

With regard to their customer support, it’s topnotch. There was a time when I had problems downloading, and their support was helpful. I’m very happy with this site and I recommend it to everyone.

Response to JimDerby from Hypnosis Downloads
posted this review on December 2, 2011

Hi Jim

I'm the customer support manager at Hypnosis Downloads and I've just come across your review.  I'm sorry if you had a bad experience with our company.

I'm not sure why your refund wasn't processed when you asked - the only reason it wouldn't be (at the time you purchased) would be if your refund request was received outwith our 90-day refund guarantee period, or we didn't receive your email.  You can read our refund policy here: www.hypnosisdownloads.com/help-center/delivery-refunds

We changed the policy on 23rd August 2011 and it is now restricted to one refund per customer (you'll see from the refund policy that this may be waived for customers with an established order history of non-refunded purchases over a period of 6 months or longer).  However, at the time you purchased from us this wouldn't have affected you.

In relation to your comment regarding poor quality, we work hard to ensure every download is of the highest quality audio.  We ask customers to contact us if they notice any quality issues which we will arrange to have fixed immediately.  We also have an upgrade program in place, where we upgrade an old download each month in line with current research and new understandings about how the mind works.

It would be great if you could get in touch and let me know which download was of poor quality - here's a link to our contact page:  http://support.unk.com/hd

All the best

Kirstin, Support Manager, Hypnosis Downloads

not a good site
JimDerby (from Derbyshire, UK) posted this review on December 13, 2009

didn't refund me when required, poor quality sessions, pref instant hypnosis

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