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by Dominic & Samantha Milner
(8 votes)
Not a lot of people have weight loss knowledge and weight loss stories that are worth sharing. If you are a weight loss success or a fitness expert and you want to earn money and prestige by helping people reach their fitness goals, you need How To...
by Charles Linden
(18 votes)
The Linden Method is a well-known method for eliminating anxiety disorders, panic attacks and phobias. The method was developed by an ex-anxiety sufferer Charles Linden. After years of living with a severe case of anxiety, he discovered a technique...
by Pete Sisco
(19 votes)
Train Smart by Pete Sisco is a complete guide to static contraction training. It will show you how to activate as much muscle fibers as possible and stimulate them to grow in minimum required time. Train Smart ultra-short workout regime is focused...
by Dr. Isaac Boules
(23 votes)
Eat Weight Off is a fat-loss plan that helps you lose weight by eating more. According to this program, the main causes of excess weight are liver and thyroid that don't release enough fat-burning hormones into the body. Eat Weight Off will show...
by Helen aka The Dessert Angel
(19 votes)
Most weight loss diets eliminate sweets, such as cakes and pies. This is a big problem for overweight people who have a sweet tooth. Good thing there is now a way for sweet-lovers to lose weight without sacrificing their favorite foods.  The...
by Robert Campbell
(46 votes)
Banish Rosacea is a simple guide that will teach you how to eliminate root causes of rosacea in 2 easy steps. The guide is based on all-natural methods and ingredients that you can get at a local grocery store. Banish Rosacea works by clearing up...
by Laura Bruno
(6 votes)
The Lazy Raw Foodist's Guide is a must-have for every raw foodist who wants to eat a variety of healthy and delicious foods every day. The book contains 192 pages of raw diet information - nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual advice, tips on...
by Danielle May
(122 votes)
Medical researcher, nutritionist, and former sarcoidosis suffer Danielle May shares with other people her experiences, advice, and discovered treatment for sarcoidosis in Sarcoidosis Remission - Aden Protocol Resource Book. This e-book will teach...