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Happiness in a Nutshell is a collection of bestselling author and motivational speaker Andrew Matthews' most inspiring, motivational and funny quotes. Matthews travels the world giving speeches and helping people around the world live full and happy lives. One of his strengths is his ability to inspire people through the use of humor.

Happiness in a Nutshell can be your source of daily motivational and funny quotes that give that extra push to finish the day with a smile. If you can't sit in on one of his seminars, then this e-book is a great way to get his take on how to handle the challenges life hands you every day. Happiness in a Nutshell is designed to deliver a steady dose of witty quotes accompanied by Matthews' famous funny cartoon sketches. 

This e-book is a great way to brighten up an otherwise dismal day for you, your colleagues, friends or family members. It helps sum up life's issues "in a nutshell."

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Really love how funny this book turned out to be
posted this review on June 26, 2014

I love how fun this book is! It may not be enough to immediately turn your life around when you are in negative situations, but the funny quotes and insights should be able to give you a few minutes of peace and relaxation. I totally enjoyed the ideas here. Andrew never fails to tickle my funny bone while making me feel better about myself and my life. It’s always a lot better than those cheesy inspirational books that you see everywhere.

So many amazing insights!
posted this review on March 25, 2014

Happiness can be learned! That’s one important lesson I learned through Happiness in a Nutshell. A lot of people disregard their happiness for things that they “have” to do, but when you read this course, you’ll realize just what happiness truly is and how you can make it an everyday thing. I went through some tough points in my life, and now I’m thankful that I found this simple guide for being happy. This will be perfect for yuppies who have forgotten what life should be about. =)

This is helping me fight anxiety
posted this review on June 9, 2013

Happiness in a Nutshell is currently my favorite self-help book. I recently found out that I have anxiety. I couldn’t get to sleep at night, and I’m always palpitating. They say it could be because of pressure at work. I was aiming for a promotion before I was diagnosed of anxiety, but my doctor suggested that I take a leave from work, and do some therapeutic activities. I’ve always loved reading, so I’m taking my LOA to read as many books as I can, and to find the real meaning of happiness as well. I know that’s kind of a big goal but it’s comforting to understand now that I don’t have to earn so much to feel happy.

Happiness in a Nutshell gave me a very different look at happiness. This is the first time I thought of happiness as something that comes from the inside, and not something that we get when we achieve big things or when people praise us. This book helped me realize that real happiness is that one that we feel when we wake up in the morning feeling excited and positive about what’s ahead of us. It’s about doing what we love, and getting rewarded for it. I used to think that as long as I earn a lot and get “top employee” awards every year, I’d be happy. But my anxiety and this book helped me prove otherwise.

This is my stress reliever
posted this review on June 2, 2013

Happiness in a Nutshell serves as my therapy whenever I’m going through tough and stressful times. Andrew Matthews has a unique gift. His words are witty and inspiring at the same time. I hate cheesy inspirational lines, so when I saw sample pages on their website, I knew this is my kind of self-help book. I also like how realistic he is. His realism makes me realize that all of those things I’m experiencing that I think to be so big and life-changing, they’re just little things blown up by my worry. Whenever I need a bit of prodding and cheering up, I just turn to Happiness in a Nutshell. You wouldn’t believe how many times this simple book relieved my stress.

This is among the best inspirational books I've read
posted this review on May 5, 2013

This is one of the best inspirational books I’ve read in years. It really helped me set my mind on starting on being happy, and changing my life. I learned through this that happiness is a choice we make every morning. The moment we open our eyes, we must decide to be happy. We must not put our happiness in the hands of other people and circumstances. I wake up every morning fresher and brighter. I don’t need a solid 8 hours of sleep, I don’t need my sucky boss to be absent, I don’t need my husband to be less of a grumpy middle-aged man, I don’t need my children to be well-behaved, all I need is myself and that decision to enjoy the day no matter what. Just a warning, Andrew Matthews is quite addictive. After getting my hands on this book, I couldn’t help but buy other works by him. He’s really revolutionized inspirational products by being simple and fun.

It's a fun and insightful book
posted this review on April 5, 2013

Do checkout the sample pages on Andrew Matthew’s website. You’ll see some quotes there from the book along with the cute illustrations it has. Andrew has a lot of quotes that I tell younger people all the time. I’m a middle school teacher, so the words of wisdom help a lot when I’m encouraging students to do their best and to work harder on their goals. You don’t know how helpful these words are to kids! Also for me, I enjoy the quotes a lot too when I’m having grownup problems. It really helps me get rid of worry. That’s my main problem. I worry all the time. Since I got Happiness in a Nutshell, I started worrying less. It’s amazing what a simple book can do to your outlook and your life in general. I guess you already realize that I highly recommend this book. It’ll help you a lot during tough times for sure.

It will surely help people who want to be helped
Miles Edward (from Rose Hill, USA) posted this review on March 10, 2013

Happiness in a Nutshell helped me realize that no matter how busy I am, and however hellish life seems to be, there’ always room for happiness and sunshine. I think it depends on the person whether or not a book like this will be effective. Some people are too stubborn to accept that they need change in their lives, and I doubt this is going to be helpful for those people. The first step to reinventing your life and embracing happiness is accepting that there is something wrong or something that needs to be fixed.

I got Happiness in a Nutshell 2 years ago, but I just recently rediscovered it, read it, and felt the changes in my life because of its teaching. It’s a cutesy and entertaining book as you will see in the preview on the website. You won’t get bored reading it, but if it’s change you want in your life, you have to take action and make sure to live its teachings. That’s easier said than done. Good luck on your quest for happiness, and I hope you give Happiness in a Nutshell a chance. It might as well be your first step to fixing what needs to be fixed. Stay happy! =))

Andrew's witty quotes never fail to brighten my day
Carla Jocson (from Olathe, USA) posted this review on November 13, 2012

The witty quotes from this book never fail to brighten my day. Some of them are really short you can read them in seconds. Every morning when I get up I open the book and pick a random quote to ponder on. It’s like getting a good kick out of an “emotional coffee.” My mood gets better in an instant, and I look forward to the rest of the day with joy and gratefulness. I’ve heard a lot about Andrew Matthews from my mom because she has attended two of his seminars. I don’t have time for that yet, so this book should be enough for now. My desk is also filled with Andrew Matthews quotes because I just love looking at them in the middle of the day, and remembering the quote in the morning and how I felt, and it kinda like refreshes my feeling, and gets rid of all the negativities I’ve accumulated. This is a very interesting and inspiring read I wouldn’t mind recommending to everyone.

Very inspiring and motivational
Barbara Green (from Meadowview, USA) posted this review on September 21, 2012

I have a lot of books from Andrew Matthews and this is my favorite so far. I really like them all, but this one tops my list. I got this when I was really down and confused because I wasn’t happy at work. This helped me recover and it made me realize that there are so many ways to be happy if I just give life a chance to make me happy. It’s a self-help book, so you still need to help yourself, of course, but having Andrew’s insights really helps me regain the courage I need to look for and hold onto genuine happiness. I have only praises for this book, and I’ve gifted print copies of it to some of my friends who are going through tough times. I’m sure it helped them a lot too.

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