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H Miracle is a guide that reveals a natural solution for hemorrhoids. The author, Holly Hayden suffered from this condition herself. Then, she found out about a natural remedy that attacks the root cause of hemorrhoids. She applied it and her hemorrhoids were gone within days.

Holly Hayden wrote her natural recipe for hemorrhoids treatment in her guide the H Miracle. This comprehensive and easy-to-read guide will help you learn:

  • The 4-element diet that helps with hemorrhoids,
  • The reason why most creams and suppositories don’t work,
  • 5 root extracts that soothe inflammation and improve vein circulation,
  • Ways to shrink your hemorrhoids,
  • The H Miracle 60-second exercise that forever puts an end to constipation,
  • How to stop the bleeding from hemorrhoids,
  • Fruits and elements that can help you make sure that you never again suffer from hemorrhoids,
  • How to prevent anal leaking that can happen if your hemorrhoids become chronic,
  • And more…
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Fast safe and easy way to get rid of hemorrhoids
Martina Vance (from Mountain Home, USA) posted this review on July 15, 2014

H Miracle is totally a fast and easy way to get rid of hemorrhoids. I have learned so much about my sickness that my doctor did not discuss with me. I also learned that my diet plays a major role in me having hemorrhoids. It’s amazing that I found this because now, I already know the right way to eat, and the things that I should and should not do to avoid hemorrhoids. I’m extremely happy with the results that I got from this and I highly recommend the program to all hemorrhoid sufferers.

It really works so fast!
posted this review on July 8, 2014

I used to have hemorrhoids before, and I just didn’t care about it. But one time, I was constipated, and it got really bad. I was bleeding, and since I dreaded doing number 2, I didn’t want to eat much anymore. I kept on drinking a lot of water to feel better but that also didn’t work. H Miracle helped me deal with my hemorrhoids the easy and least embarrassing way. I didn’t want to go to a doctor then because I didn’t like the idea of having another people taking a peak at my treasure areas. Through the natural methods here, I was able to cure it so quickly. I just followed all of the instructions when it comes to eating and the stuff I need to use. I even do the exercises for stopping constipation in its tracks. The root extracts suggested here also helped in relieving the pain that I got from hemorrhoids. I think they were natural anti-inflammatory agents because they immediately got rid of the pain and the swelling. This guide in general is effective if you’re willing to follow all of the methods here. You just have to be disciplined with what you eat, your activities, and all other suggestions here should be followed. However, if it’s a really extreme case of hemorrhoids, I think it will be best to consult your doctor. You might have to go get surgery or something, so it’s better to get started on this early.

You don't even need a doctor's help
posted this review on May 17, 2014

H Miracle is great because it has natural hemorrhoid busting methods. You don’t need any kind of conventional medicines to get better. With the methods here, you only need to learn to change your eating habits and lifestyle. It was easy to find the root extracts here based on the ideas in the book. The diet is very easy to follow and it helps a lot. I saw results from this book after just a week of following the methods here and using the root extracts. The bleeding stopped after just 2 or 3 days of using the program. This is great. You don’t even have to go to the doctor.

The pain and bleeding was gone in days
posted this review on April 28, 2014

I got hemorrhoids because of childbirth. After my first baby, I started feeling pain and it started bleeding too. That’s why I tried the natural treatment methods here. I couldn’t take chemical treatments because I was breast feeding. I just tried the herbs here, and some other natural treatment techniques. It’s very easy but I had to wait for a few days before the bleeding and the pain went away. I’m not sure if this is faster than the conventional treatment, but I’d prefer this over synthetic treatments any day. It’s great finding natural cures that actually work. I think as a mom, I should start stocking up on this kind of treatment plan.

I cured my hemorrhoids without embarassing trips to the doctor
posted this review on April 27, 2014

H Miracle is great because you can cure your hemorrhoids through your diet alone. There are also some very special and very useful herbs and roots that you can use to make healing faster. I’ve used those roots from stopping bleeding to reducing inflammation and they’ve all worked wonderfully. I have come to the point of anal leaking before, but through the cures here, I got everything fixed without a doctor’s help. If you want to cure your hemorrhoids without embarrassing trips to the doctor, this should be a good idea.

Holistic healing for hemorrhoids
posted this review on June 27, 2013

H Miracle is great! I’ve been suffering from hemorrhoids for years. It was after giving birth to my 3rd baby. After that, I kept getting it from time to time. I had no idea what was causing it. I just got creams and meds from my doctors but I didn’t have a solid prevention plan to work with. I asked the doctor and she just said that I should just eat everything moderately, and try to live a healthier lifestyle. Well, I had no idea how that is done, so I got H Miracle. This book explained to me everything that I needed to do to get rid of hemorrhoids. It’s quite easy to follow. Actually, it’s just a way to eat and live healthy, and I think this is a “holistic healing” thing. It’s not just for hemorrhoids but for other body problems as well. I think the techniques here managed to cure my hemorrhoids completely and they seem to have boosted my metabolism too. I haven’t been having flare ups lately, and I don’t even use creams and pills anymore, just this healthy eating/living plan. 

Simple and natural methods for getting rid of hemorrhoids
posted this review on January 27, 2013

I’m glad I found this. I was using a lot of different products to get rid of my hemorrhoids when a forum I read introduced me to this book. It’s very informative, and it taught me a lot of natural methods to get rid of hemorrhoids. The methods are composed of simple changes in lifestyle, some diet changes, and some natural substances that can relieve pain and get rid of the condition permanently. Like all natural treatment methods, this takes some discipline. The effects are awesome though!

Took me less than a month to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently
posted this review on January 24, 2013

It’s embarrassing to be writing about hemorrhoids in a website like this, but it’s fine since you guys won’t know who I am anyway. I first had hemorrhoids 2 years ago, and since then, I’ve been having it on and off. There are times when I get it really bad that it bleeds on my underwear. H Miracle is the only one that helped me stop the attacks. I know it’s quite funny thinking about changing my lifestyle just because of it but after you’ve had hemorrhoids for a while, you’ll be willing to do everything to get rid of it. The methods in H Miracle are natural, so you really have to change some of your habits. And yes, a lot of the information I got here haven’t been discussed by my doctor for some reason. I just followed everything I learned here, and it only took me less than a month to see awesome results. I’d say I’ve fallen in love with this program because now it’s been so long since I last had an attack.

No attacks for quite a while...
posted this review on August 26, 2012

I love spicy food, but my hemorrhoids hate it! I’ve been desperate for a permanent cure for so long, since the ointments my doctor gives me do not work permanently. It’s like they just mask the symptoms, but after a while my h will be back terribly! With the cures I got from this book, I was able to say goodbye to my h for good! I make sure to eat the fruits stated in the book, and do the exercise regularly. It doesn’t take too much time to do, and it actually makes me feel good all over, so I do it everyday. I also follow the diet in this book most of the time, but there are times when I slip, and my h doesn’t come back anymore, so I think I’m cured. It’s like I’m just maintaining the effect, so I won’t get annoyed by it again. All in all, the stuff in this book works, and if you’re still being pestered by h until now, I suggest trying this out!

Glad I found this!
posted this review on July 19, 2012

I’ve tried ointments, pills, and different concoctions to get rid of my hemorrhoids, but none of them worked. It’s so painful and I was scared that it would lead to more horrifying conditions if I do not do anything about it right away. I’m glad I found this program from Holly Hayden. It’s fantastic… Worked in just a week, and my hemorrhoids hasn’t been around for 4 months now. I think I’ve finally found the only permanent cure for it!


Amazingly easy

My doc would only tell me surgery was the only option. I couldn't stand it. This stuff on the other hand, I tried the crystal soak remedy and on the second day, no bleeding ever again. It even shrunk the tissue and was amazingly easy.

Phil H.,
San Francisco

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