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by Andrew Raposo,

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Building killer abs is possible with the help of Fighter Abs System by Andrew Raposo. Andrew is a North American Muay Thai champion, Muay Thai boxing coach, and fitness and strength coach. Andrew always wanted ripped abs, but he had no idea what to do. Through his obsession, he discovered simple ab exercises that helped him develop his abs with less time and effort.

Fighter Abs System does not require a gym membership and any type of equipment. The exercises can be done in your living room and the workouts can be completed within 15 minutes. Instead of the usual boring ab workout routine, Fighter Abs System has 3 phases, which are the Foundation Phase, Fighter Core Strength Phase, and Final Competition Prep. The first phase prepares you for the workout plan by revamping the metabolism. The second phase, on the other hand, has more intense circuits that will start to carve the abs. The last phase targets the lower belly and defines the cuts in the abdominal area.

These phases are explained in a multimedia course, which includes 20 detailed workout videos, a workout plan, the complete fighter abs manual, and 2 bonuses. The bonuses included in the package are, Get Mobility Like a Fighter video and the Supplement Guide eBook, which amount to more than$70 if bought separately. Since Fighter Abs System comes in a multimedia format, it can be viewed on any device, including mobile phones.

Fighter Abs System can give you the rock-hard abs you’ve always wanted without pricey gym memberships. It is also easy to slip into your busy lifestyle because it takes only about 15-30 minutes.

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My abs look better now
On-Site Review

I will be the first one to admit that I hate cardio. The exercises in this program deliver extraordinary results. I have never seen anything like it. I am never bored with any of the workouts and I don’t have to worry about doing stupid cardio. My abs look better now than they have in my entire life. I now incorporate many of the exercises into my classes and my clients love it! Andrew did a fantastic job with this program.

Victoria Bannaster,
Group Exercise Instructor

Andrew is the man
On-Site Review

Andrew has proven to be THE MAN for achieving my fitness goals. As a model, I have very specific measurement requirements (hips half an inch too big and I’m out of the modeling industry). My previous trainers either played the game of kill-my-client-as-quickly-as-possible, which only damaged my physical and psychological state, or were too light throughout the workout. Both cases failed to get me the results I need. Within six weeks of doing the workouts that Andrew provided, I achieved my measurement goals and a long-time dream of becoming injury-free. I have never felt so strong. After living with scoliosis and playing competitive tennis since childhood, I had a number of injuries to deal with. The most notable was my lower back and shoulder (from all those serves), which caused me to quit tennis two years ago. These exercises strengthened my back and cleared all the physical discomfort I had been living with. I am now confident to step back on the tennis court, strut down international runways, and do ordinary day-to-day activities like carrying heavy groceries that I used to avoid.The training sessions are rigorous, but tailored to my abilities. The stronger I get, the harder the sessions. This only adds to the fun of overcoming challenges. The sets of exercises vary from session to session and keep things exciting. The program is a ton of fun! I should add that if you’re looking to get a flat stomach with abs, look no further. Andrew is the man to get you those results.

Kate Karpenko,
Professional Model

Andrew changed my outlook completely
On-Site Review

This program opened my eyes to real ab training. Before I met Andrew, I was doing countless reps of crunches to get my abs but when I started this program, I started to see a huge difference in a short time. It was unbelievable how fast I saw results. I also got my striking to a whole new level. My power is stronger than ever. Andrew completely changed my outlook on how I should train my abs. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants nice looking abs in the shortest amount of time.

Michael Durst,
Muay Thai Champion

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