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Prejaculation is an ejaculation control manual, created to help men last longer in bed. This online manual will teach you tricks and techniques that will enable you to dramatically increase your sexual stamina and last 3-10 times longer. According...
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Court Registry service provides their users with a comprehensive instant court records search. You can look up anyone that you want and Court Registry will provide you not only with their criminal history, but also with their business information,...
by Mike Pilinski
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Dealing With Your Fear Of Rejection reveals step-by-step method for gaining new confidence and skill in communicating with the women you like. The author of the program is a well-known relationship expert Mike Pilinski. According to Mike,...
by Lianna Marie
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Making Life With Alzheimer's Easier is an e-book that contains valuable information for family, friends, and caregivers of people suffering from Alzheimer's disease. This e-book contains tips, advice, and stories of author Lianna Marie and other...
by Tiffany Parker
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Instant Sexy Letters is a collection of 57 pre-written romantic letters. The letters are a great way of sparking intimacy and passion with your lover. You can send them via e-mail or print them out and put in an envelope. Instant Sexy Letters are...
by Michael Webb
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Getting Her Back... For Good is a new book from a best-selling author and an expert on romance and relationship Michael Webb. You probably already know who Michael Webb is. But if you don't, he's "The World's Most Romantic Man...
by Vin DiCarlo
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Are you sick and tired of being stuck in the friend zone? Do you wish you have more success and luck with women? Vin DiCarlo can show you what you can do to finally meet and attract the woman or women of your dreams in Pandora's Box - A Man'...
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Curl Your Toes is an e-book that will teach you simple lovemaking techniques that will blow your partner's mind. If you want to learn how to ignite the passion between you and your significant other and have multi-orgasmic, incredible sex every...