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by Bob Grant
(9 votes)
Bob Grant, a well-known relationship therapist and coach, brings you his new book, How to Find the Man of Your Dreams. The guide contains proven step-by-step plan for finding the love of your life. Here's a short preview of what you'll learn in How...
by Jason King
(33 votes)
Friends Into Lovers reveals step-by-step plan to turning your female friend into your lover. The book will help you remove the things that are preventing you to become intimate with your special someone and show you how to make your dreams come true...
by Michelle Moss
(29 votes)
Pregnancy without pounds is written by a health coach and personal trainer Michelle Moss. Unlike all other pregnancy books on the market that primarily deal with the needs of the child, this one focuses mainly on the mom-to-be. Michelle promises...
by Nancy Wasson
(14 votes)
Nancy Wasson, Ph.D., has written ‘Keep Your Marriage' in an attempt to help people not only keep their marriages together, but strengthen their relationships and deepen their love to one another. Inside this relationship guide, she's...
by Rachel Davis
(35 votes)
Men, take note! There's finally a way for you to learn how to really talk to women and get dates! It's an e-book called Conversation King and it spills all of women's most private secrets. Author Rachel Davis gives it all to you. You'll learn women'...
by Woody O Wilcox
(16 votes)
Orgasmology is a private, members-only website, featuring over 230 better sex techniques. The information on the website is fun and educational. You will discover unique techniques that will help you make love for hours at a time and give your...
by Roberto Hogue
(15 votes)
Are you a woman wishing to attract your ideal man and build a successful relationship with him? The Art Of Irresistible: How To Seduce A Man And Captivate Him Forever by relationship coach Roberto Hogue is perfect for you. This 217-page e-book is...
by CR James
(23 votes)
Super Seduction Power (also known as Super Sex Power) reveals effective seduction techniques that anybody can use. The system is based on the fact that everybody has a seductive value. By applying the techniques from the guide, you’ll better...