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by John Alexander
(21 votes)
Become An Alpha Male is based on the underground psychological principles of human attraction. Basically, these are the same principles that advertisers have used for decades to sell their products. The author, John Alexander, guarantees that...
(17 votes)
CIS in CIS Worldwide stands for Complete Investigation Services and that is exactly what you will get. CisWorldwide will enable you to search through over 300.000.000 records that include anything from arrest, conviction, incarceration, sex offender...
by Bob Grant
(69 votes)
What Husbands Can’t Resist will help you to have a fulfilling and successful marriage by better understanding your husband’s emotional triggers and needs. The author of this 115-page e-book is an acclaimed relationship expert, Bob Grant. In What...
by Robert Parsons
(33 votes)
Breakup Reversed is an e-book that will show you unconventional techniques for bringing back your ex and restoring your relationship. The book starts off by showing you how to get a relief from the emotional pain of a breakup; only after you start...
by Matt Huston
(15 votes)
If your boyfriend or husband has suddenly decided to leave you and now you want him back then ‘Get Him Back Forever' was written just for you. Get Him Back Forever is a guide on how to get your ex, not only to return to you, but want to...
by Mimi Tanner
(19 votes)
Calling Men, written by a relationships-author Mimi Tanner, is a guide to those first contacts that you have with the person you’re interested in. Basically, it teaches you how to handle calls and e-mails, so he’ll be even more attracted...
by James Bradley
(13 votes)
How To Be Irresistible To Women offers comprehensive information on meeting, attracting and dating women. The course contains over 5 hours of audio lessons, full transcripts and the original How To Be Irresistible To Women e-book. It will help you...
by David Van Arrick
(82 votes)
S.T.E.A.L.T.H. Hypnosis is a training system/course created by David Van Arrick that can teach you how to secretly hypnotize anyone without them knowing it. This course contains conversational hypnosis techniques that can make you super attractive...