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by Michael Cross
(7 votes)
Are you on the verge of divorce? Do you think and feel that your marriage is not working? Let marriage expert Michael Cross, a.k.a. "The Marriage Savior" teach you what you can do to solve your marital crisis and experience marital bliss...
by Edward Ezeanu
(57 votes)
Having been a confidence coach for 5 years, Edward Ezeanu knows the power of conversation confidence in giving you a happy and rewarding life. Being confident when conversing with other people is essential when going out on dates, making new friends...
by Lee Jenkins
(43 votes)
The Female Orgasm Black Book, by Lee Jenkins, is a step-by-step system on how to give an orgasm to any woman. After years of research, reading sex books, watching videos and testing out different techniques, Jenkins combined all his tips and...
by Jason Ellis
(15 votes)
So many marriages are failing these days. A lot of people end their fairy tale romances in painful divorces that leave their children devastated. Luckily, there are some time-tested ways you can protect your marriage from breaking down. These are...
by John Laney
(19 votes)
Even if the situation seems hopeless, you can stop your breakup or divorce by following the advice in the e-book How To Get Your Love Back Now. In the book, relationship expert John Laney talks about a code you can learn called EQ, or Emotional...
(51 votes)
This is the second version of a popular e-book Rousing the Lion. It’s an instruction manual that teaches women how to attract and seduce a man, and how to keep him interested, inspire him, and motivate him, so he can become the best he can be...
by Christena Williams
(213 votes)
Getting Pregnant Bible will tell you everything you need to know to get your body ready to conceive and have a healthy and problem-free pregnancy. Inside Getting Pregnant Bible you will learn little known tips and techniques for getting pregnant,...
by F.J. Shark
(14 votes)
In the new edition of How To Be The Jerk Women Love, F.J. Shark reveals his proven tips and techniques that will help you attract and date the woman you like. His techniques are based on the fact that female behavior is largely predictable....