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by Craig Bassett
(4 votes)
If you're a guitarist who wants to master scales and improve your solo performances, then Guitar Scale Mastery Membership is a great resource for you. Through this membership web site, a professional guitarist teaches you methods designed to help...
by Tomaz Mencinger
(10 votes)
If you're a tennis player and you want to take your game to the next level, then the Tennis Strategy Encyclopedia is a great resource for you. This e-book was written by Tomaz Mencinger, an expert tennis player and coach. You'll learn...
(31 votes)
Student Plus is an online database of comprehensive manuals and test questions in digital formats on a wide range of subjects. These resources will help save you time and effort and enable you to better understand what you're studying and get...
by Brian Maroevich
(4 votes)
Drum Building Secrets will show you how to build a top-of-the-line drum set and save tons of money and time. This step-by-step guide was created by drummer Brian Maroevich to show other drummers a quick, affordable, and do-it-yourself way of...
by Patrick Jackson
(7 votes)
Learning Spanish Like Crazy (LSLC) is an audio-based language course that will teach you how to speak Spanish like they do in Latin America. Unlike most of the Spanish courses this days that teach the language as it's spoken in Spain, Learning...
by Ben Miller
(19 votes)
Electric engineer and energy specialist Ben Miller exposes the 100-year old energy device discovered and invented by a genius named, Nikola Tesla, through the Nikola Tesla Secret. With this system/kit, you will learn how to use 100% free energy to...
by L. Neale
(6 votes)
Do Satan's angels really exist? Who are these demons and what do they represent? If you have these questions in mind, The Demon Dictionary will give you the answers. Whether you're religious or not, this e-book will open your eyes and mind to the...
(21 votes)
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