category: Education & Learning

by EarMaster ApS
(6 votes)
EarMaster School is professional interactive ear-training software intended for use in music schools and institutions. Hundreds of music teachers from all over the world are using EarMaster School as part of their ear training curriculum. Because of...
by Elite Minds Inc.
(5 votes)
RightWriter is unique software that will help turn you into a better writer. It analyzes your grammar so you can be sure your writing will be more polished and professional. RightWriter checks your writing for grammar mistakes, but it doesn't...
by Mirsad Hasic
(12 votes)
Are you a soccer player who wants to play your best at any position? Even if you work and play hard, you may need some help earning the different positions. That's exactly what Mirsad Hasic's The Ultimate Guide To Soccer Positions will teach you....
by Craig Parish
(21 votes)
Horse Training Secrets Revealed is a program that will teach you the secrets and techniques of legendary horsemen and horse trainers. It is a compilation of valuable, long-lost manuscripts discovered by author Craig Parish. This program provides...
by Tom Barnes
(7 votes)
Tom Barnes' eBay Fortune is an electronic guide that will teach you all about how to market and sell products on eBay. From setting up an eBay business with little to no capital to earning a decent passive income from it, this course covers it all....
by Tomas Beronson
(19 votes)
Tomas Beronson, a magnet, solar, wind and energy enthusiast reveals a powerful, proven and inexpensive technology that lets you produce your own energy and save money in his Magnet 4 Power: Build Your Own Magnet Power System e-book. This manual...
(13 votes)
HoJo Motor is a DIY free energy kit/handbook that contains the plans of a genius named Howard Johnson for building a magnetic motor that really works to produce free, clean, and safe electricity. This kit was awarded by the United States Patent and...
by Angelica M. Clemmer
(3 votes)
The Green Book Of Health is a must-have natural healing reference for beginner practitioners. Inside this manual by Angelica M. Clemmer, you'll learn natural healing techniques you can use to cure many different illnesses. Having this manual is like...