Dr. Dog's Fast, Easy, Fun Behavior Solutions

by Dr. Dennis Fetko, www.drdogsbehaviorsolutions.com

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Dr. Dog's Fast, Easy, Fun Behavior Solutions by Dr. Dennis Fetko is an e-book that proves that anyone can change their dog's bad behavior. It is not only easy and fast but also fun. Dr. Fetko, also known as Dr. Dog, has years of experience training dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. He has helped K9 police and guard dogs, animals in rescue shelters, dog bite legal cases, and regular dog owners.

Dr. Dog's Fast, Easy, Fun Behavior Solutions provides you with real training techniques that have been proven by years of research. They are based on dog behavior research and knowledge of canine psychology and physiology. Their efficiency has been demonstrated with hundreds of dogs trained by Dr. Dog and owners like you.

The book explains how to speak to dogs in their language and how to explain what you want in a way that they understand without yelling, beating, or punishing. This is the only way to develop mutual understanding between you and your pet.

Dr. Dennis Fetko's advice will help anyone turn even the most stubborn and disobedient dog into a family member, a guard for your property, and a devoted friend for your children.

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Skipper is one of the best dogs ever now!
On-Site Review

Our dog, Skipper, came from the dog pound and as such she had many bad habits like chewing on everything and hyper excitability. After reading the book and working with her for two weeks only, I can say that we now have one of the best dogs ever and this was accomplished without breaking the animal’s spirit or independence. We now have the only dog in the neighborhood that believes she is getting a treat when we give her an ice cube...

San Diego, CA

I am a better dog-lover now
On-Site Review

Before, I had no control over my dogs. Outside, they pulled, barked, and jumped on people; inside, they whined, demanded constant attention, and behaved like spoiled brats.
Now we have all changed! We just returned from an enjoyable trip to the shopping center.
My dogs were relaxed and calm in the car, didn’t pull as we walked around, sat down obediently when I stopped, and never once barked! I was secure in my leadership position, happy to praise them when they earned it, and calmly in control.

I have learned to be a better dog-lover!

Esther L.,
San Diego

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