Deadlift Dynamite

by Andy Bolton and Pavel Tsatsouline,

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Powerlifting legend Andy Bolton and world-renowned strength coach Pavel Tsatsouline share their expertise with others through Deaflift Dynamite. Whether you are a powerlifter or someone who just wants to become stronger and more muscular, this e-book is perfect for you. It will show you exactly “how to master the king of all strength exercises.”

Deadlift Dynamite features a progressive program of proven methods of getting bigger and stronger. With these methods, you can build supreme strength, massive muscle, and explosive power the fast, effective, safe, and the World Champion's way. This e-book is jam-packed with 263 pages of tips, techniques, and other info to help you build muscle and strength and achieve optimal health and longevity.

Inside Deadlift Dynamite, you will learn why deadlift is the most important exercise you can do if your goal is ultimate strength and size, how mastering the deadlift can explode your jump, the best bridge technique to boost your deadlift lockout, tips for supercharging your pressing power, what to do to maximize your bench numbers, and how to fix common squat problems. You will also discover the drills to improve your pre-tensing skills, how to eat for max strength and size, cycling tips for intermediate and advanced lifters, the 5 keys to the perfect pull, ways to overcome your dealift plateau, the dead swing that is perfect for powerlifters, the secrets for strengthening your abs, the best upper-body pulling exercises, the benefits of the kettlebell RKC arm bar, the steps to a bullet-proof mind set, and much more.

You will also receive a couple of bonuses when you purchase Deadlift Dynamite.

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For those who want to work out with freedom
posted this review on March 31, 2014

There are so many deadlift courses out there, but this one is my favorite because of its simplicity and effectiveness. I’ve seen my capacity improve just by following the program here. It wasn’t easy at first training without a trainer, but once I got the hang of it, it was actually better, since I can work out whenever and wherever I want. My mindset has also improved a lot when I applied the techniques here. I’ve gotten so much more confidence out of nowhere, and I really push myself to the limit now. I highly recommend Deadlift Dynamite for those who want to work out with freedom.

I'm improving faster than those girls in the gym who have traine
M. Patterson (from Redkey, USA) posted this review on March 24, 2014

As a beginner, I definitely enjoyed Deadlift Dynamite because it’s got step-by-step instructions on mastering the deadlift. The plan is very gradual, so I never suffered any serious injury while on this program, not even once. I just had to follow the plan to the T. I’ve been on this plan for almost a year now. I was a total beginner when I found this, and I’ve just gotten in love with deadlifts. I tried a lot of courses that were made especially for women but I did not like them. I don’t like being treated like a weakling, so I jumped into this program even if I knew that it was for men. I didn’t regret it because it did help me improve a lot. The plan is very detailed. It may sound a bit too technical for other beginners, but it was fine with me. I liked learning all the terminologies, and really grasping the entire concept of the deadlift. From the first section, alone, you will surely know that the program is worth your time and effort. In the gym, my form and strength always get praised. A lot of coaches have offered me their services, but for now, I’m happy with this and two other fitness and bodybuilding courses that I’m using. So far, I can see myself improving faster than other women in the gym who work with trainers. I also save a lot of money. Trainers are expensive, but this one is really cheap so its’ the smart choice.

This is one of the best workout programs I've seen
posted this review on June 29, 2013

The core of this course is deadlift, but it’s also got a lot other tricks up its sleeve. It’s not really a complete workout program but it’s quite close to that. A lot of fitness experts don’t just use this for their workout programs, they actually recommend it too. I’m one of the people in our gym who were lucky enough to find out about this first. It’s a well-illustrated guide so I got to do the program on my own. I didn’t need a trainer for it. In fact, now, I’m guiding newer users of this program in our gym. There are also a lot of tips for deadlift beginners here. There are plenty of stepping stones for those who are just getting started. The most basic skills and tricks to master before getting started with deadlift are explained in detail. Plus, there are the precautionary measures to take before getting started so beginners don’t end up getting injured. It’s really one of the best workout courses I’ve seen on the internet so far.

My deadlifts impress other gym-goers
Mike Fraser (from Boaz, USA) posted this review on June 22, 2013

My deadlifts definitely impress other gym-goers where I workout. I started out a weakling. Some women in the gym could carry heavier weights than I could. A lot of them used to tease me saying that they’d help me so I don’t break my back. Those days are long gone and that’s all because of Deadlift Dynamite. This focuses only on improving your deadlift, so you need other guides for a complete body workout. That’s the downside here, but if you’re only after deadlifts then this is better because it’s a focused program. There are some tips on bench press and squats, but they’re minimal and they basically work towards helping you improve your deadlift. I really like the beginner’s plan here. The part where they discuss how to get started on becoming stronger. The other thing I like about this book is the part where they explain how to avoid injuries. I workout without a trainer, so that factor is really important for me. I’m always at risk of having injuries because of working out alone. Because of what I learned from here, I’ve already minimized those chances.


Deadlift Dynamite is quite simply required reading.


Andy Bolton is to the Deadlift what Tiger Woods is to Golf, Michael Jordan is to Basketball and what Roger Federer is to Tennis. He’s the first guy to Deadlift 1000lb, so there’s simply no better person you could ever learn how to Deadlift from.

If you’re new to the deadlift – Deadlift Dynamite will show you how to Deadlift with proper form so you gain strength and muscle without hurting your lower back.

If you’re already an experienced deadlifter, expect to discover new techniques and cues to take your deadlift to the next level. I’ve been Deadlifting for a couple of years, pulled 3x my own body-weight and yet I still picked up several tips to apply to my own training.

Andy and I have talked before and he knows what he’s talking about. If you consider yourself a serious lifter with serious goals, Deadlift Dynamite is quite simply required reading.



As a long time fan of both Pavel and Andy Bolton, I was thrilled when I received Deadlift Dynamite.

It’s very well written and easy to apply, so I immediately recommended it to my team of trainers. Likewise, I recommend it to all strength training enthusiasts and coaches alike.

Jack Lovett

A must have resource

Deadlift Dynamite provides you with all the tools for peak performance in the King of lifts. Whether you are a novice or elite lifter this book is a must have resource. If you want to learn from the best, get this book!

Jon Bruney

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