Craigslist For Small Businesses: Get Your Customers For Free

by Zhenya Vlasov,

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For most small businesses, marketing becomes a struggle because of the budget it requires. A lot of bigger and more established companies have, of course, bigger marketing budgets. It becomes very difficult for startup businesses to penetrate the market. If you want a backdoor to your chosen niche, Craigslist might just be what you’re looking for. This website allows you to post free ads, and since it’s got amazing traffic, you have a very big chance to get noticed. However, there is also so much competition on Craigslist, that you have to know the right techniques and strategies to use.

If you want to make it big through Craigslist, you need Craigslist For Small Businesses: Get Your Customers For Free by Zhenya Vlasov. Zhenya made Craigslist the foundation of his business, and over the years, he’s learned so many amazing Craigslist posting strategies. In this course, he teaches new business owners how to take full advantage of Craigslist marketing.

Craigslist For Small Businesses: Get Your Customers For Free is divided into two parts, which are the Introduction and the Blue Print. Here, you will learn why on Craigslist, quality is always better than quantity, and how you can beat the crap out of your competition through your well-optimized ads.

You don’t have to have a huge marketing budget to get your business noticed. All you need to do is to master the guerilla marketing strategy from Craigslist For Small Businesses: Get Your Customers For Free and you will surely be able to grow and expand your business in no time.

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Great course
On-Site Review

I'm enjoying your guide very much and I'm attempting to apply what I've learned from Zhenya. I'm working on tracking the number of people who have clicked on my ads - something that Craigslist doesn't offer.

Really enjoyed the last chapter "Business Development Beyond Craigslist". That concept of "life-time ads" never occurred to me but it is so obvious!

Anna Moretto,
Graphic Designer

On-Site Review

This guide will turn even the most boring and timid plumber into a brilliant PhD marketing genius in minutes even if you know nothing about marketing and sales. And if you hate prospecting and the very thought of marketing, then this guide is especially for you as it takes you through techniques and strategies of advertising on Craigslist that will make your clients come to you instead of you having to hunt them out all of the time.

Allen MacLeish from "The Great Plumber" Inc.

Leaves nothing to chance
On-Site Review

The "Craigslist for Small Busi- nesses" leaves nothing to chance - Zhenya actually tells you what to do and how to do it to get more clients.

The constant battle of finding different ways of building my accounting business was getting me down and was wasting a lot of time!

I decided to give Zhenya's guide a go. I can say without a doubt that this is the best material I have ever read about how to get more clients.

Paul Bobinski,

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