Zero Limits (Live from Maui)

by Dr. Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len,

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Zero Limits (Live from Maui) is a set of videos that will help you remove barriers and limitations that prevent you from achieving your goals from your mind.

This course is created by Dr. Joe Vitale who's also the writer of the best seller, "The Secret". Zero Limits is a sort of a continuation of The Secret. It contains clearer concepts, new wisdoms, and deeper understanding on how to make your dreams into a reality with unlimited possibilities. Within this course, Dr. Hew Len also explains an ancient Hawaiian healing method called, "ho'oponopono". Dr. Joe and Dr. Hew show you how to eradicate negative vibes and attract positive energies in order to achieve what you really wish for in all aspects of your life.

Instead of paying thousands of dollars paid by those who watched the 2-day weekend seminar in Maui, you can now watch those videos online, or download them to a PC, laptop or any other media player that you have. The package consists of eight downloadable files in .wmv format. You also receive a bonus of 2 CD's in .mp3 format called, "Dinner With the Divine".

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