Clubbell Mass Evolution

by Shane Heins,

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Do you want to develop and gain strong and solid lean muscle mass? If so, Clubbell Mass Evolution by Shane Heins is perfect for you. This evolutionary muscle mass building program utilizes the Circular Strength Training system and the innovative tool, the Clubbell – both created by Scott Sonnon. With this 3-month program, you can master body awareness, burn fat while building muscle, develop strength, eliminate tension, avoid injury, have fun while training hard, and gain other benefits.

The complete Clubbell Mass Evolution includes the following components:

  • Implementation Components – This includes the training manual, which outlines everything you need to implement the program and the introductory training concepts video, which shows all that you need to follow the program safely and effectively.
  • Mind Set Prep Manual – For Total Transformation – This 12-page mind set prep workbook can help you clear your mind before you start this life-changing program.
  • 40 Clubbell Instructional Videos – This huge component includes individual exercises and combo routines that will help you build strength and develop complex abilities to achieve your fitness and muscle growth goals.
  • Warm-Up And Cool-Down Instructional Videos – With these easy-to-follow and in-depth videos, you will learn specific preparation and recovery info so you will remain pain and tension-free as you develop strength and build muscle.
  • Follow-along Videos – Each Clubbell workout throughout the 3 months includes a follow-along video to help you get into the groove faster.
  • Clubbell Mass Evolution Lifetime Member – You will get lifetime updates and access to the entire program.

You will also receive a couple of bonuses when you purchase Clubbell Mass Evolution.

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One of the best workout courses online
Kyle Porter (from Downs, USA) posted this review on December 30, 2013

I love everything about the Clubbell Mass Evolution. It brings variety to my workout program. It’s so hard to find resources on Clubbell and Clubbell workout routines so I got really excited when I found out that there are some on this website. I got two, and this is the one I like better. This has its focus on avoiding injury and being consistent with training. Some workout programs are too harsh on the body so it’s hard to follow the workout schedule without torturing yourself. The first time I tried Clubbell Mass Evolution, I only felt minor pains, and that was after being a couch potato for 2 months. When doing the exercises, I feel the strain in all the right places so I know that I’m doing effective exercises. Another thing I like about this is that they’re very generous when it comes to materials. You’ll get an eBook, a lot of videos, and amazing online support. I feel that I have a real clubbell expert helping me through the routines. They also have a mindset preparation part where you really get yourself in the mood for the workouts. That’s important for me because I used to jump from one workout program to another. With the help of their mind-prepping system, I was able to stick to a single workout program until I got the desired results. I think I’ll continue using the Clubbell Mass Evolution for a long time. It’s one of the best workout courses on the Internet.

So many awesome effects in one
posted this review on November 2, 2013

This is my second Clubbell training program, and this is far better than the other. The other one was too girly. It was too light for me. This is just right. It’s challenging, yet relaxing. It helps me clear my mind while torching fats and toning my body. It’s so many good things in one.

I'm always looking forward to Clubbell days
T. Grayson (from Rumsey, USA) posted this review on November 1, 2013

I first learned of the Clubbell from my friend. He loves it because it’s a unique exercise program, something we’ve never tried after almost a year of working out. At first, I thought the program was a bit awkward but when I mastered some of the basic exercises, I got hooked. I was originally a dumbbell person, but since I learned about Clubbell Mass Evolution, this got to the top of my list. I always look forward to Clubbell days. I still put some variety to my workout regimen. I don’t just focus on Clubbell but this is my favorite part of the week as of now.


I'm really enjoying the Clubbell Mass Evolution

So far, really enjoying the Clubbell Mass Evolution™. I’m using it with a small group of women who have worked with me for several months and are familiar with clubbells – but unfamiliar with the volume. Two of them are in their seventies!

Jolie K.

What a great program!

I thoroughly enjoyed every step. It is so intelligently designed for body and mind. The mantras keep me on track, keep me focused. The warm-ups and cool downs compliment the specific exercises of each cycle. The flow of Clubbell training is just plain fun and exciting! I always look forward to my workouts. And as such, I’m a bit sad that Clubbell Mass Evolution is finished. But now I’m on to the next step of learning more about what CST can bring to my life, with an incredible foundation built for me with CBME.

Sarah D.

Clubbell Mass Evolution is awe inspiring.

Quite possibly on of the best evolutions you could ever ask for!! Clubbell Mass Evolution is awe inspiring. I love the presentation! Shane has created a gem. I don’t think most people understand how great it is. I am beside myself to see this come to fruition.

Woody Brister

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