Cichlid Fish Secrets

by Mike Logan,

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Cichlid Fish Secrets is an e-book that covers everything that you need to know about keeping and breeding healthy and happy cichlids. Caring for and raising this particular breed of fish can be frustrating, especially if you don't know that much about them. If you don't properly care for them, they will end up overly aggressive and will chase other fish as well as each other. But if you know how to keep them healthy and stress-free, they are very easy to care for.

Author Mike Logan talks about a variety of topics, including sources of cichlid stress, proper cichlid feeding and more. Cichlid Fish Secrets will also help you reduce your tank maintenance time without compromising its aesthetic appeal. He also teaches you how to properly match up the types of cichlid with the appropriate tank size, as well as how to diagnose, treat and cure the most dangerous fish diseases. Breeding is another topic Logan touches on.

Cichlid Fish Secrets is easy to read and straightforward. In just a few days, you'll become a cichlid expert!


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Very informative... awesome breeding strategies
posted this review on November 6, 2013

Cichlid Fish Secrets is better than others because it does not only cover fish care, it also covers breeding. I’m more into breeding information than fish care information. Breeding is what makes money when it comes to fish or any other animal for that matter. I am already breeding reptiles, and I’m now getting into breeding fish, cichlids and betas. I chose this book because I know Mike Logan from one of the most popular fish breeding and fish care forums on the internet. He gives some free advice on those forums, and he really knows what he’s doing. There are some basic fish care information here that are a waste for me because I already have some knowledge, but for absolute beginners, these will probably be very helpful.

Informative book for new tank owners
posted this review on January 6, 2013

I think this book is important if your taking care of cichlids the first time. They’re nice to take care of but they can be fragile, and you need to know the best environment they thrive in if your gonna put them in your tank. There are some information here too that work great for all kinds of fishes so its perfect if you got a tank and you have predominantly cichlids but other fish as well. You’ll learn a lot from here. From the most ideal tank setup to what to feed them to how to determine if they’re sick, and what you can do to sick fish. Unlike other animals it’s quite hard to know when your fish are sick. It’s also easy to miss the subtle changes in them if you don’t know what to watch out for. This book will teach you everything.

Complete resource on caring for cichlids
posted this review on January 5, 2013

Glad I got Cichlid Fish Secrets instead of going for random advice online. I found some advice online that contradict advice in this book. I’ve tested what I learned from this book, and they’re what worked for me. Not the ones I saw online for free. Fish are very fragile creatures. They die easily if you don’t know how to care for them well. Cichlid Fish Secrets is a must-read if you’re taking care of cichlids the first time. Different fish species have different needs too. Even if you’ve taken care of other fish before, cichlids might have some special needs you need to know about before you start caring for them. Cichlid Fish Secrets is a good resource to learn everything you need to know about this awesome fish. I’m sure you’ll enjoy caring for them more if you know what you’re doing.

Specific information and very easy to follow
posted this review on October 7, 2012

When I got my cichlid, I did research online on how to care for it properly. I’m quite OC when it comes to pet care, so I wanted to make sure I do everything right. The problem with doing research online is that you get a lot of crappy, contradicting information from other people who pretend to know so much about the subject. After a few days of digging through the rubbish, I just decided to spend a few bucks for this book. That proved to be a good decision because the book is very organized and informative. It really covers everything there is to know about cichlids, and what’s unique in them. It’s not just a general fish care book like others.


It's about time there was an easy to use all in one guide for ci

I just finished this book, and it was really helpful. It's about time there was an easy to use all in one guide for cichlids. There were some things that used to confuse me about cichlids, but not anymore thanks to this book!

Robert Barton,
Avery, Texas

This book helped me diagnose my fish

My fish were sick, and I had trouble figuring out what was wrong with them. This book helped me diagnose, treat, and cure what was actually a pretty common but dangerous fish disease. If it weren't for this book I would have been flushing them down the toilet for sure!

Barbara Reynolds,
Southampton, England

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