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by Deepak Chopra
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Like most people, there are probably so many things you want to do in your life, but you don’t know how to get started and what to do. With all your grownup responsibilities, it’s hard to live life with the passion you once had when you...
by Steve G. Jones
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Discover how you can learn and master creative visualization and turn your dreams into reality through My Visualization. This program/system, created by world-class clinical hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones, introduces the same techniques used by the...
by Edward Ezeanu
(57 votes)
Having been a confidence coach for 5 years, Edward Ezeanu knows the power of conversation confidence in giving you a happy and rewarding life. Being confident when conversing with other people is essential when going out on dates, making new friends...
by Dr. Joe Rubino
(7 votes)
More and more marriages in the USA are ending in divorce. Due to this, the need for competent relationship coaches has become even greater. If you want to make a living saving marriages and keeping families together, Certified Relationship Coaching...
by Jennie Wright
(18 votes)
Back To Life is a personal grief guidebook written by Jennie Wright, a nurse and Certified Grief Counselor. If you have experienced the painful loss of a loved one and you feel devastated and extremely depressed, this guidebook will help you heal....
by Charles Linden
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The Linden Method is a well-known method for eliminating anxiety disorders, panic attacks and phobias. The method was developed by an ex-anxiety sufferer Charles Linden. After years of living with a severe case of anxiety, he discovered a technique...
(6 votes)
Public speaking is a nerve-wracking experience, especially if done for the first time. If you want to learn how to manage your fear of public speaking, you need Public Speaking Cheat. This course is guaranteed to help you not only build your...
by Rachel Evans
(8 votes)
The Essential Guide to Autism features valuable information that enables to diagnose and manage autism.  These proven techniques allow you to maximize the potential of someone with autism and help them live a fulfilling, productive and happy...