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by Dr. Frank B. Smoot
(31 votes)
Dr. Frank B Smoot, a Christian weight loss coach and counselor, brings you an e-book that will fundamentally shift your beliefs about yourself, your body and weight loss. Weight Loss God’s Way takes a completely different approach from other...
by Jim Katsoulis
(29 votes)
Program Yourself Thin is a complete multimedia weight loss course developed by master hypnotist and neuro-linguistic programming trainer Jim Katsoulis. It consists of e-books, videos, training classes and self-hypnosis sessions that will help you...
by Dr Suzanne Gudakunst
(15 votes)
In her e-book, Top Secret Fat Loss Secrets, Dr Suzanne Gudakunst explains the real reason why people are overweight. It may shock you, but it has nothing to do with overeating, lack of exercise, or willpower. The real reason why more and more people...
by Dominic & Samantha Milner
(8 votes)
Not a lot of people have weight loss knowledge and weight loss stories that are worth sharing. If you are a weight loss success or a fitness expert and you want to earn money and prestige by helping people reach their fitness goals, you need How To...
by Chris Gibson
(31 votes)
Rapid Weight Loss By The Numbers exposes the truth about weight loss and how anyone can get rid of excess pounds the fast, affordable and natural way. In this e-book, author Chris Gibson reveals the secrets that helped him lose 28 pounds in 3 weeks...
by Lynn VanDyke
(5 votes)
If you want to learn how to lose fat, improve muscle tone and develop a lean and healthy body, consider the expertise of master personal trainer and fitness nutritionist Lynn VanDyke. In her e-book Melt The Fat, you'll discover a proven fat loss...
by Joshua Hillis
(10 votes)
Discover how you can finally get rid of stubborn fat and achieve that lean, sexy body you've always wanted with Joshua Hillis's The Stubborn Seven Pounds. In this e-book, you'll learn the ultimate 8-week program designed to help you lose the fat and...
by Tina Jeffries
(1 votes)
Fat Free Fast is a simple fat loss system that works by manipulating the levels of the so-called ‘weight-loss’ hormone in your body. This hormone, thyroxine, is produced by your thyroid gland. Its main function is to regulate your...