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by Shin Ohtake
(195 votes)
Max Workouts is a 150+ page workout manual by a formal competitive athlete and fitness trainer, Shin Ohtake. His main philosophy is that in order to increase your metabolism and build lean body mass you need to follow a short, yet intense workout...
by Christopher Westra
(3 votes)
Discover the secrets to having vibrant energy and a rejuvenated body that's in harmony with the earth in Christopher Westra's The Harmony Earth 30 Day Energy Diet. With this e-book, you'll learn to eat the proper food that your body needs, be in...
(162 votes)
Women's Weight Gain is a must-have e-book for all of you ladies who want to gain weight, have curves and achieve a sexy, hourglass figure. This e-book reveals weight gaining secrets for women that don't involve exhausting weight training and junk...
by Andrew Raposo
(9 votes)
Building killer abs is possible with the help of Fighter Abs System by Andrew Raposo. Andrew is a North American Muay Thai champion, Muay Thai boxing coach, and fitness and strength coach. Andrew always wanted ripped abs, but he had no idea what to...
by Jack Cascio
(55 votes)
Speed is an important quality for any athlete. In all kinds of sports, speed plays a major role in how well an athlete performs. If your game is being held down by your sluggish movements, or if you feel that you are being left out only because of...
by Geoff Hunt
(65 votes)
Tennis Elbow Secrets Revealed is an exercise program that will help you to naturally eliminate tennis elbow. Geoff Hunt, a physical fitness trainer, nutrition expert, and a former tennis elbow injury sufferer, put together 5 step-by-step...
by Jeff Cavaliere
(20 votes)
AthLean-X is a unique training program developed by celebrity fitness trainer Jeff Cavaliere. He packed all of his fat burning, muscle building, physique molding secrets into this program. They're the same ones he uses with his famous clients,...
by Tom Venuto
(69 votes)
Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is a weight loss system that was developed by Tom Venuto – a veteran bodybuilder, nutritionist, motivation coach and freelance writer. It is a 337 page manual (available as an instantly downloadable e-book), that...