Calling Men

by Mimi Tanner,

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Calling Men, written by a relationships-author Mimi Tanner, is a guide to those first contacts that you have with the person you’re interested in. Basically, it teaches you how to handle calls and e-mails, so he’ll be even more attracted to you. In Calling Men you will learn:

  • What makes a man attracted to woman,
  • Reasons why men don’t call,
  • When you benefit from not calling him,
  • How to handle text and instant messages,
  • How to get him to ask for your number,
  • And more…
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Feels great getting to date the guys you like
posted this review on April 6, 2014

I liked this guy in the office before but I had no idea what to do and how to approach him because he was one of the most popular guys in the office. That’s why I got this guide from Mimi. I’d read so many good things about Mimi before, but I had been too naïve to settle for relationship guides until I liked that guy in the office so much and I thought there wouldn’t be anything wrong in trying. I learned so much from here, and was able to date Mr. Hot Guy briefly. Now, I can approach any man I like and I usually succeed in getting them to like me. It feels great!

There are so many practical tips here
posted this review on September 21, 2013

I’m already in my late 20s but I still don’t know much about dating and attraction. Mimi Tanner’s Calling Men taught me a lot of important dating lessons. I’m trying to follow Mimi’s teachings but at my age, it’s already a little difficult to keep everything in mind. There are also a lot of practical tips here that I’ve already known about for a long time, but had no idea they were that important. I’m dating someone now, and it seems like everything’s going well. I’m still crossing my fingers!

Finally dating a guy I deserve
Rira Elwood (from Farmington, USA) posted this review on August 12, 2013

Gone are the days of wondering why my friends all got boyfriends while I’m still single and desperate. I’m definitely prettier and I carry myself better than most of my friends, but I couldn’t attract a guy the way they could. They said I might be very intimidating because of the “confidence” that I got. I always thought being confident is such a good thing, so I couldn’t imagine why it could be a negative side of attracting men. Anyway, Mimi’s tips enlightened me about the psychology of men. I was surprised with some of my “discoveries,” but I went ahead and listened to Mimi, which is again, out of desperation. I kept on following her tips and tricks until I started attracting a guy in the office, and then a couple of guys, until I became the apple of their eye and the envy of others girls in the office. I was really surprised how effective Mimi’s tips are! I’m dating a really hot guy now, and it’s all because of Mimi’s help. Thanks girl!

The psychological tactics here are great
posted this review on July 18, 2013

Calling Men is absolutely fantastic! This time, I believe that love is really a game. There are some set rules you need to follow to get a man to fall for you and to keep him in love. It’s great. It’s like having step-by-step instructions on seducing men. And you don’t even have to bare everything in front of him, it’s a very psychological method to snag men. You also don’t need to have a really sexy bod or killer looks to get men to fall in love with you. Once you learn the techniques here, you’d be surprised with how much you’re missing.

A peak into the male dating psychology
posted this review on June 28, 2013

I like how practical this book is. It isn’t about dating like crazy. It’s about knowing how men think, and knowing how to respond to them. It’s like a guidebook on the male dating psychology. It’s kinda like a pickup method for women. I haven’t been dating for a long time because I was in a long-term relationship, so this helps a lot. I’ve been following the tips here for replying to emails, answering calls, making calls, and a lot more. It really helps a lot. Takes away so much guesswork and I don’t even feel like I’m making the first move or something.

You'll learn everything about men here
posted this review on June 27, 2013

After my latest breakup, I realized that I might be doing something wrong. All of my last 3 relationships ended up with me getting dumped. It wasn’t like they’re bad men, they all seemed like keepers the first few months and then eventually, they changed, cooled down, lost interest. I thought I might be doing something wrong. Calling Men confirmed all of those doubts. I was indeed doing most of the things that women do wrong. After learning tips and tricks from Calling Men, my dating life changed. I exert less effort on men now, but I get better response from them. It’s so easy once you know the right formula for keeping men attracted. You don’t even have to be young and pretty. I’m a slightly overweight 30 something single mom, but I get men as young as 23 asking me out on dates. It’s all about playing with their head, and I’m not talking about sex here. If you’re curious, just read Calling Men. You’ll learn everything here.

The psychological tips are awesome!
posted this review on May 18, 2013

I was a fat kid growing up, so I never really dated back in high school. The only date I got was back during the prom when my best gay friend asked me out. When I started being conscious about my weight and put in the effort to be fit, I looked better than average, and men finally notice me. I get a lot of proposals for dates, some text messages, and some calls, but my lack of experience in dating usually drive men away. They’d start out really interested in me, but for some reason, they freak out, and leave. I had no idea what mistakes I was making. I’m quite bubbly, fun to talk to, fun to be around (from my training as a fat kid, you have to be funny when you’re fat), but that didn’t keep them interested. They’d just stop calling one day and vanish.

When I finally had the chance to read Calling Men, I was shocked at all the mistakes I was making. I think I was doing half of it all wrong, or even more. I thought I was being attractive by being perky and fun, but that’s not enough, and there are cases when that’s gonna put men off. I learned all the techniques from this book. These are based on psychology, and they’ve been tested in so many cases. They can add my case to their success stories. I’m currently dating a handsome old classmate I never thought would notice me.

I don't get dumped anymore
posted this review on May 9, 2013

I used to always get dumped by men. I’d get maybe one or two dates, and then he’d just stop calling and showing any sign of interest at all. I learned from Calling Men what I’ve been doing wrong the whole time. I learned the right way to make men fall in love with me, and not want to leave me. I’ve been dating several men since learning the tricks here, and I’m enjoying life a lot more now than I ever did.

Tips on subtle flirting
Roanne C. (from Vance, USA) posted this review on September 3, 2012

It’s a great guide that has doable tips on flirting with men the subtle way. Guys won’t even know you’re flirting, but they’d feel that you’re genuinely interested. Excellent book!

If not for Mimi's help, I'd never have a boyfriend
Honey Marr (from Cleveland, USA) posted this review on July 29, 2012

Before I got Mimi’s book, I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I’ve had a lot of men that were obviously interested in me in the past, but then after a while, they stopped texting or calling. Some of them were even officemates, and in the office, they’d act as though there was nothing sweet or special between us. When I got this book, I found out everything I was doing wrong, and those that are total turnoffs for men. It’s really an eye opener for me. I think it’s the ultimate sec ret to making men head over heels in love with you. It’s really an interesting and informative read. If not for this book I’d probably never have a boyfriend.

Mimi is one of my favourite relationship authors
AE9876 (from Manchester, UK) posted this review on May 7, 2010

I have every product Mimi Tanner has written. One of them she sent me for free after I made some kind comments to one of her newsletter emails. If you are wondering whether to buy anything she writes I would suggest you sign up to her emails first. The information in those alone is off the scale in terms of usefulness. I keep them all in a folder and refer back to them. I am currently sending relevant ones on to a friend to help her with a particular situation.

You can buy from Mimi with confidence. I happen to know she is a real live person absolutely dedicated to her work. She does have some support staff but I have had the pleasure of personal correspondence with her from time to time. I have learnt this year that she has lost both her parents. From things she has said in the past, a refund guarantee is upheld. I certainly haven't asked for one. I am sorry to gush - I know you would think I am linked to her in some way. I can assure you I am not. I live in the UK and am just a great fan of her work - she has never let me down. This book gives you everything you need in every eventuality about contacting guys when you really are unsure. Think along the lines of 'Rules' but with a reality check for the age we live in. Think specicific, real, useful, step by step guidance.

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