Building The Complete Soccer Athlete: Train Like A Pro

by Josh Hewett,

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Building The Complete Soccer Athlete: Train Like A Pro is a soccer training program that will provide you with the tools and information that you will need to take your game to the higher level. Whether you're a soccer player or a coach, this up-to-date soccer fitness and conditioning training resource is perfect for you.

Through Building The Complete Soccer Athlete: Train Like A Pro, you will have the chance to learn from Athletic Director Josh Hewett and Technical Director Coach Clayton Rosario. They will take you by the hand and guide you as you train to improve your athletic skills. With this complete training program, you will discover a wide variety or technical drills with the ball, as well as speed, strength, and conditioning exercises that can help you develop a winning soccer performance.

With Building The Complete Soccer Athlete: Train Like A Pro, you will get 2.5 hours of valuable soccer training information. Inside this MP4 DVD, you will discover the most effective warm-up prior to training or competition, an intense strength training routine that will increase your resistance to injury, how to train for speed and power development, the way to train for endurance and flexibility, some agility drills, juggling drills, and much more. This program will also teach you sports psychology so you can train your brain for success; nutritional guidelines so you will know how to eat like a true successful athlete; and loads tips to develop the qualities that scouts are looking for.

Together with the Building The Complete Soccer Athlete: Train Like A Pro MP4, you will also receive a Complementary Training Booklet and the Develop Power For Soccer Report as bonuses.

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… has given me an "edge' on the competition…
On-Site Review

The technical training that I received from my father, Clayton, has given me an "edge' on the competition in the European environment. The high performance training with Josh gave me the strength and conditioning needed to perform at the highest youth level in France. I recommend this DVD to any player wanting to take their game to the next level!

Calvin Rosario

Very professional presentation.
On-Site Review

Some players say that talent can’t be taught: but this DVD shows that you CAN build an athlete! Following the guidance on this DVD has pushed my training to the next level. A few weeks after starting the program, I already notice a big improvement in my speed, agility, and technical ability on the field! The explanations and demonstrations were clear, so players of any age group and ability level should be able to understand and practice these drills and exercises.

Joshua Hanif,
Toronto, Ontario

...a professional grade quality DVD...
On-Site Review

I would just like to say that this product is the BEST presented DVD that I have ever received... A professional grade quality DVD , beautifully presented in the open out booklet style case along with the complementary Training Booklet .. I am ultra impressed. 11 out of 10 people !!

Glenn Williams,
Rockhampton, Australia

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