Bony To Brawny

by Alain Gonzalez,

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Bony To Brawny by Alain Gonzalez is a muscle building program designed specifically for hard gainers. Due to certain problems in metabolism and genetics, some people find it almost impossible to pack on muscles. They can spend hundreds of hours at the gym and gulp down tubs of muscle building supplements and still not get the kind of body they want. According to Alain Gonzales, he is also a hard gainer, but once he discovered the proper way to build muscles for hard gainers, he was able to build 27 lbs in 2 weeks.

Bony To Brawny utilizes anabolic triggers to help hard gainers build muscles, without gaining fat. By using Alain’s unconventional weight lifting method, even those who have extremely fast metabolism will be able to build muscle without taking steroids. Since hard gainers have special needs, they need a special system, which Bony To Brawny provides.

Aside from the Bony to Brawny manual, you will get bonuses to make muscle building easier. Alain included a collection of exercise videos that are made for naturally skinny men. Also, he guarantees email coaching, so that you are sure to follow his routine exactly, and achieve the kind of success that he had.

If your naturally skinny body is killing your confidence, Bony To Brawny is a must-read for you before you hit the gym. Investing on Alain’s method is much better than throwing money away on dangerous supplements or expensive personal training.

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27 lbs. of muscle the first month alone
Darius Chang (from Wallaceton, USA) posted this review on January 28, 2013

I gained about 27 lbs. of muscle mass the first month on this program. I expect more now that I’m on my second month. It’s easier than other programs but the effects are better. I think this has been carefully studied for years.

The effects are quick and the program is easy to follow
posted this review on January 28, 2013

This is very effective for skinny guys who can’t workout with a trainer. If your body has metabolic problems like mine, like if you lose weight so easily, you can use this. I’ve had metabolic issues all my life. In fact, when I was in high school, I had to take supplements so I don’t go skin and bones. I first played around with weights when I was in college, and that gave me some mass but it’s still not the body I wanted. I stopped with muscle building just before graduation. Before I started with Bony To Brawny, I was almost back to my old 10-year old body. I was so thin then. I’ve been on this program for a month now, and I’ve already gained some muscles on my body. The effects I got from this one are faster than what I got when I was in college. So far, I’m very happy with the results I got from this. I’ll update when I find anything wrong in the long run. I’m still checking on plateauing and all, although the program has a way to fight it.

You will gain muscle mass very quickly
posted this review on January 28, 2013

This muscle building program is really quick. I’d just like to point out that this was made for hard gainers. It’s not for people who want to lose weight. I’ve wanted to gain muscle for so long but I didn’t want to hire a trainer because of the insane fees they charge. My friend told me that with my awful genes, it would be hard for me to gain muscles if I don’t have a trainer. Bony To Brawny changed that. The special system makes it possible to build muscles without having to take steroids. I’m scared of using anything like that, and I will never sacrifice my health for muscles, so it’s awesome that Bony to Brawny doesn’t promote its use. I’ve read a lot of articles, blogs, and free muscle building programs online, and I noticed that the methods here are unique. That’s probably what makes them work better than others. Anyway, I highly recommend giving this program a try. You might have to wait a few weeks to see results in the way you look, but if you monitor your weight, you’ll see results weekly.

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